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  1. League of Learning 8-16-2018

    Will be there of course might try top today.
  2. MadCast Karaoke Night

    I come but I cant think of a decent theme.
  3. Intro - Rohanski

    Welcome and good luck
  4. League of Learning 8-9-2018

    Im gonna be there
  5. PbtA PbP Out of Character Thread

    Alright just thought i would ask.
  6. PbtA PbP Out of Character Thread

    @MadCast: VoShay Would it be to late for me to participate in Dungeon World?
  7. Intro: StargazerLili

    Thanks. I might take you up on that offer cause i play ARAM to unwind from rift games.
  8. Intro: StargazerLili

    Its fine i really resourceful enough to search a bit.
  9. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Player Name: StargazerLilli Level: 53 Preferred Roles: Mid or Adc. Can also Support. Rank: Unknown (Plan on doing my rank matches very soon and will update it.) I am signing up as a free agent I am willing to be captain. I might not be good at it though.
  10. Intro: StargazerLili

    Thanks a lot. Looking forward to playing with you sometime.
  11. Intro: StargazerLili

    Yes. I would like to apply to vecome a full member. Sry for not being a bit clearer on that.
  12. Intro: StargazerLili

    Thanks Telamon
  13. Intro: StargazerLili

    Thank you! 😄
  14. Intro: StargazerLili

    I recently joined the discord so I'll be watching there. As well as you can get a hold of me on league easily. I'm really looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people.
  15. Intro: StargazerLili

    Hoi! I'm StargazerLilli but please call me Lilli. I'm 20 years old and a huge nerd. I'm a huge artist and been trying to get my name put for it. I play a bunch of DnD and league. I also play overwatch on xbox one. I love playing with other people and taking advice and generally applying it. Even though I have only been playing league for a year. Really short amount of time. I have taught about three new people the basic of league and a few tips and tricks and really enjoyed doing so. I dont have any animals but I love majority of animals. I tend to pretty shy at first apperence but if you get me on a topic I know I will go on for as long as you let me. Even though i can be opinionated at times I'll always listen to what others have to say. I'm almost always down for just chatting and a game of league. I found madcast through a friend of my on league. Temptedangel was talking about it and i wanted to check it out. I have played league for about a year now and fell in love with the game. I resently got back from a long break of not having league at all and is great to get back into it. I do a lot of practice for rank all the time by myself and understand a lot of mechanical aspects of champions. Im just bad at putting it into practice. Im looking to become a full member cause i would love to play lot more people. I play mainly mid-lane mages and miss fortune but want to learn a long list of champions. Im really motivate and work hard. Im tend to be on the more passive side about being social but ill try to be more on top of being online and available. My time on league usually runs from 3:00 am CDT to around 8:00 pm CDT with four to five 30 mins breaks. I read through madcast CoC already and I fully abide by it already. P.S. I do want to apologize for any spelling or grammer mistakes as im terrible at both.