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  1. Rito at it again

    I've seen a couple of videos of her on mid lane, and her laning phase is atrocious. Being unable to aa during ult also hurts her. I think she has better matchups on top lane free farming until lvl 11.
  2. Free game until Friday 22. Multiplayer game. Let me know if you get it so we can try it out together.
  3. Furry friends post

    That title scared me for a second @MadCast: The Öutcast This is ghost, and something extra.
  4. February Film Drinking Game

    I would like to suggest blazing saddles for movie nights. Also any Monty Python movie you see fit.
  5. Spellbreak

    Another Battle Royale game, but this time you kill people with magic. The game its currently in its alpha version, but so far it has been really fun to play. They just released duo parties so I wanted to know if there's anyone currently playing it. If you don't have it, but are interested you can go to their web page, and apply to be part of the alpha program(its free). Some videos about the game: Teaser. About the game, and how to play. Highlights video. Official Youtube channel.
  6. New info added to the main text. Timers, and summoner spells.
  7. League of Learning (1-31-19) 9EST

    Cheat sheet:
  8. Also proguides if you want to take courses for specific lanes.
  9. Community JackBox 2/1 @ 7pm

    Lets go!. Download the game people its free until february 7.
  10. I will post some links i've found helpful during my long, painful, hard stuck gold league career. New, or old players having difficulties in ranked games could benefit from this obvious/not so obvious knowledge. If more people want to contribute with something they have found useful please do so. Builds, runes, and champions: Check this links if you want information on how to build specific champions, what runes to use, and what counters what each patch. Remember to use this as a guideline on what to do, if you don't feel comfortable doing the same thing everyone else try, and experiment by yourself., and championgg do basically the same thing they both give you information about what different elos are building for each champion, skill path, runes to take, counters, and some other miscellaneous information. Personally I prefer I find it easier on the eye, but if you want more in depth information(miscellaneous info more than anything) you may prefer Both pages can also link you to if you want to see what the pros are doing. Be careful when you check probuilds, professional players like to pull some shenanigans in their games that won't necessarily translate well into solo Q. Searching for opponents information: Use this if you want to see what type of player you are laning against, the general strength of the enemy team, or you just want to make fun of the iron IV enemy jungler. Porofessor is my to go page to check who am I playing against in ranked games. Youtubers, and tutorial videos: If you are more of a visual learner there are plenty of high elo players making tutorial style videos to help you understand the game. -Top lane: Jay Sea: Challenger Oceania, tryndamere one trick. Good for learning wave management, and priority in lane. -Jungle: IWillDominate: Challenger Na(Former professional player). His "how to dominate" series is really good if you want to learn about jungle timing, when to apply pressure, and how to play around objectives/lanes in real time. Warning: He may be a little intense in some videos. Foxdrop: Diamond EUW. Instead of full on gameplay he gives you short tip videos. You can learn about jungle pathing, the latest korean builds, and I like his accent. Mid lane, adc, and support I have no idea, help me fill this if you know any. General knowledge videos: Some videos that could make your life easier(in game) if you didn't have knowledge of it. -Attack move for range champions. -Using the tilde key to attack enemies hiding behind turrets. -Learns how to time summoner spells. Courtesy of Support Welfare for league of learning. Timers cheat sheet:
  11. Game is free until February 7. This is a really fun pack of games to play with friends, if enough people have it we could even get some events going.
  12. Great Games Go!

    Pretty fun game even though we had a thresh jungle literally running it down mid. Shout out to @damehasclass for keeping her cool, and helping me maintain my sanity during game.
  13. Sea of Thieves- $1.00!

    So many free games!. We need to get @MadCast: The Prince in this.
  14. Sea of Thieves- $1.00!

    Thank you for the info Useful!. By the way @MadCast: Kitty Stark you can also use a 14 days free trial, so you don't even have to pay $1.
  15. MadCast Tabletop One Shots- FATE Edition, Jan 19th 4PM EST

    I'll try to join you guys tomorrow. Any setting besides wild west is good for me. If I get to seduce people even better.