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  1. Alan Wake, and For Honor Free until August 9.
  2. "Rebel Galaxy" free on the Epic Store.
  3. Enter the Gungeon free on the Epic Store.
  4. How dare you comparing me to that. His shirt if not tight enough, and has greasy hair.
  5. Kingdom New Lands free on the Epic Store.
  6. City of brass free on the Epic Store.
  7. I wonder if Shen would be able to ult either champion during Mordekaise'r ult, making a 2v1 in both scenarios.
  8. By proclaim of you majesty Zubon, @MadCast: QuantaMentat kneecaps have been eliminated. Unfortunatly this wasn't enough to kill him, as he survive with wounded status.
  9. I broke @MadCast: QuantaMentat kneecaps in a duel, and he survived with wounded status.
  10. Kireina Zubon follows the path of the Touten. He is hot and he knows it, he has a cheery demeanor, manicured looks, and happy eyes which makes it even more terrifying when you find yourself getting mercilessly clubbed by his kanabo. As a bodyguard for whoever can afford him(currently Touten's leader Mansu) he uses a strong fighting style to overwhelm his enemies.
  11. World of Goo free on the Epic Store
  12. I think one month is more than enough to grasp the feeling of the game and have an idea if you will enjoy it long term. Having two games shoudn't be an issue either, one of the games will end up attracting the most people regardless of time.
  13. Oh that actually looks fun. I'm down to try that.