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  1. JackBox Party Pack Event~

    I'll be there if I'm available at the time.
  2. Spanish Words.

    Today's word: Danza/Baile(noun), and Bailar/Danzar(verb) While "Dance" can be used both as a verb, and a noun. Spanish has two different conjugations for it (Baile/Danza. Bailar/Danzar). As per usual the use of "baile", or "danza" will depend mostly on geographical location, and/or context. I dance Yo bailo - Yo danzo You dance Tu bailas - Tu danzas - Usted Baila (Formal) He/She dances El/Ella baila - El /Ella danza We dance Nosotros bailamos - Nosotros danzamos Vosotros bailais - Vosotros danzais They dance Ellos bailan - Ellos danzan In a sentence: I dance everyday - Yo bailo todos los dias/Yo danzo todos los dias. He dances when he is happy - El baila cuando esta feliz/El danza cuando esta feliz. I love dancing under the stars - Yo amo bailar bajo las estrellas/ Yo amo danzar bajo las estrellas. Last night's dance was beautiful - El baile de anoche fue hermoso/La danza de anoche fue hermosa. Side note: In most countries/regions baile/bailar is used as the informal version or danza/danzar, while in some others baile/bailar has replaced danza/danzar entirely. Side note 2: Danzar/Baile - Bailar/Danzar can still be use interchangeably in most scenarios.
  3. Spanish Words.

    In honor to @MadCast: The Öutcast. Word of the day: Pato(noun). Ducks are aquatic birds - Patos son aves acuaticas Do you want to buy a duck? - Tu quieres comprar un pato? (Informal) - Usted quisiera comprar un pato? (Formal) The duck was delicious - El pato estaba delicioso "Pato" could also be slang for "little bitch", and/or a derogatory term for "homosexual" in some Spanish-speaking countries, so be careful with the context when you use this word. Example: You are such a little bich - Tu si eres pato Stop being so gay - Deja de ser tan pato. Side note: The severity of this term changes depending on context, and/or country, but its better for non-native speakers to avoid it unless 100% comfortable with the language, and the person you are using it on.
  4. Blind match games to play the new champ

    I'll join. Let me know when will it be once you have enough people.
  5. Spanish Words.

    I don't know about french, but in spanish "vos", and "tu" are considered informal. "Usted" is what you would use in a formal settings. "Vos", and "Tu" are interchangeable, and it depends on the place you are visiting. I'm so ashamed. I can't believe I forgot that magnificent sentence.
  6. Spanish Words.

    Word of the day: Amor/Amar Amor(noun) means Love, while amar(verb) means "to love" I love Yo amo You love Tu amas/Usted ama He loves El ama She loves Ella ama It loves We love Nosotros amamos They love Ellos aman Vosotros amais Side note: Spanish has two "you" pronouns, "Usted" is the formal form, while "Tu" is informal. Side note 2: The "it" pronoun does not exist in spanish. Instead it is replaced by "lo", "la", or "es"depending on the word, sentence, and/or context. Side note 3: The "vosotros" pronoun, also called "voseo" is a different type of pronoun more commonly used in Castilian spanish(From Spain), and it basically means "you all". Its quite the nightmarish pronoun for non-native speakers, so lets stay away from it(no one really uses it anyways). Sentence examples: I love you - Yo te amo I love pineapple pizza - Yo amo la pizza de piña I will love you for the rest of my live - Yo te amare (Future Tense) por el resto de mi vida. That's it for today. If I made any mistake please let me know; my english is not the best.
  7. Spanish Words.

    Greetings. I'll be using this forum thread to share with everyone some spanish words, and its meaning. I will be updating it daily/weekly depending on my availability/indolence. If someone has any specific inquiry, or request about a word let me know.
  8. MadCast Welcomes: doublestufforeo

    Welcome double.
  9. League of Legends Patch 8.23 (Pre-season)

    Getting gold from turrets has never been so easy, big fan. I'm also ready hate on every dark harvest abuser, until I decide to exploit it myself.
  10. Colorful Mage!

    Nice I hope the release it before the end of year. The music gave me an Indian vibe I wonder how will it look.
  11. Icarus's Mahler Experience

    Great pieces Icarus. I hope you can share the videos with us. Good luck.
  12. Icarus's Mahler Experience

    Gliere Horn Concerto. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova Mahler's 2nd Symphony
  13. November's Drinking game

    Okay. I'll try to make it. 8:00pm sounds good.
  14. November's Drinking game

    At what time would it be?
  15. Dauntless

    Yes. DO IT!.