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  1. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Oof that is short notice. I'll try to be there though. At what time exactly?
  2. Magic The Gathering Arena

    I'll focus on daily quests for now. As peer @MadCast: Support Welfare W/B lifelink deck I must say you are a monster Sir.
  3. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Oh nice support, I didn't know you play Magic. I think I'll do the same, get more cards before trying any event. What decks are you using?
  4. Magic The Gathering Arena

    This match took me FOREVER. End up winning though; Reassembling skeleton+Ravenous Harpy+Act of Treason saved me from his heavy hitters. @MadCast: bigdommer @MadCast: LTTelamon @MadCast: Sleepcoma Right now I have 7k gold, so I just wanted to know if I should be buying packs, try some singleton, or just keep saving. What do you guys think?.
  5. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Omg please tell me you didn't get all those recovery password messages. And thank you everyone again for the congratulations.
  6. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Nice!. Thank you for having me. I have read, and agree to the full membership terms.
  7. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Okay so I just finish the tutorial, are there any tips you guys can give me?
  8. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    Congratulations Simaniac.
  9. New Hero Spotlight (Mal'Ganis).

    Mal'Ganis Spotlight I don't know enough about this game to tell how good he is, but he seems pretty fun. He reminds me of League of Legends Riven for some reason; maybe its just the 3 dash/stun Q. What do you think?.
  10. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Yes, Halloween themed drinking games.
  11. Magic The Gathering Arena

    So nostalgic; I"ll give it a shot.
  12. Great Games Go!

    No tank pike?. I'm disappointed Wabbitz 7/10.
  13. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

  14. Movie Tuesdays! (Monday was taken...)

    I'm up for movie night.
  15. LoL Patch 8.19

    I'm not feeling those pyke buffs, he's going to be even more snowbally now. J4 had a nice buff. Faster clearing, and more dueling potential in the early game is going to be great.