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  1. Week 7 Juanes - Volverte a ver See you again.
  2. First time the shop gives me something I want(Zed, Camille, and Shen).
  3. I'm willing to take our relationship to the next level if you gift me one of those @MadCast: doublestufforeo. PS: I will seduce our team to victory.
  4. "The witness" free on the Epic Store
  5. Week 6 Marc Anthony - Valio la Pena It was worth it.
  6. Just a reminder this event will take place tomorrow 3/28, 8pm EST. I look forward to see you all there.
  7. Takoma free to get until March 24, 2019.
  8. I nominate @MadCast: The Öutcast for the Fellowship Commendation award. He kept his cool during a couple of rough game and help to de-escalate a bad situation during one of them while maintaining a friendly demeanor.
  9. As fun and rewarding playing Summoner's Rift is sometimes is nice to just relax and have a couple of ARAM's with your friends. Not only does it still requires a good amount of skill, but the luck factor adds an extra bit of fun to each match, you also get the opportunity to use the "I don't how to use this champion" excuse if you are doing poorly without being judged (I sure know I will be using it). The event will take place on Friday 3/29 starting at 8pm EST with the help and permission of our dear SFM @MadCast: Epic. Bring drinks, snacks, and be ready to have fun with all the attendees, just remember to be mindful of everyone else and have good discord etiquette.
  10. Week 4 La Oreja de Van Gogh - Rosas Roses
  11. Do you have a date and idea of how much time will each session take? @MadCast: StargazerLilli