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    Denver, CO
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    Gaming; League of Legends - Hearthstone - L4D2 - Borderlands 2 - Portal 2 - Minecraft.

    Love to travel and see the world it has to offer, love different cultures, and learning about them, especially through their foods. Huge nature guy as well, hiking, trees, stargazing, the works.

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    I'm the Big Gulp you get from behind the 7-11.
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  1. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    So I'd just like to update that I'm pretty proud of myself for making it through some mental struggles this week with work, and just being generally overwhelmed. I catered an event tonight for 50 people all by myself, and it took a lot out of me, not only physically, but mentally as well. I'm going to crash for a good bit, I planned on it afterwards, not just rest, but just allow myself to re-coop. Hope everyone is doing well. If you see me online, hit me up for a game or some chat. Lord knows I need a distraction.
  2. Intro - ArnimTheGreat

    Welcome! I'm also a candidate, we've played together a couple of times already, but I hope you find the community to your liking! They're a pretty rad group, at least from what I've seen, and I've only been at it a few weeks now!
  3. Cooking on a budget

    Hey MadCasters, Oreo here! I know a lot of poeple, (myself included), aren't financially in the best positions of their lives. So I wanted to start a thread and share some ideas for those who need advice on how to cook for a lower income household. I'd also like to point out before I dive into this if you are in need of financial help with food do not be afraid to look up your local food banks, a lot of them will be run by churches, or some sort of community center. You can also check out the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps,) in your state. I know how hard it is to ask for help, trust me I've been there. Which is exactly why I think this thread would be beneficial. One of my favorite recipes if you have the money for the protein is called a Mississippi Mud Roast. You make it in the crock pot, its one of those set it and forget it types of meals, and it yields a lot of food. Whether you're an individual who wants one good meal to heat up throughout the week, or need to feed a family. It's a wonderfully versatile dish. So if you have any recipes you want to add, or just want to sporadically stop by I'll add a few later. I have a lot of these types of recipes from my college days, I'll input them as I can! I do request that you keep them in Google docs, as it could get a bit hectic scrolling through a lot of recipes on here, clogging up the page.
  4. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    Figured I'd share my story as well, especially since @MadCast: Kitty Stark is my mentor. We actually just spoke about this a few days ago. So I currently suffer from a slew of problems, some currently undiagnosed as I'm 24 and still going through the mental health battle, and fighting what's showing as it happens. My family has a wonderful mental health record (sarcasm,) and I'm so absolutely terrified that I'm going to end up like them. What's been diagnosed so far has just been anxiety and severe depression. What's new to me is that I'm most likely bipolar type-2 with the symptoms that are currently showing. They started, quite literally, on my 24th birthday, and lost me my favorite job I've ever had. It's affected my life in so many different ways I can't recount. In my gaming my mental disorders have caused me to approach things differently. Before I joined Madcast I was very much a casual ARAM/Rift player with the intention of getting gold for my season reward, and then back to having fun again. I didn't like taking things too seriously as it really sparked my issues of not thinking I was good enough, and just general severe self deprecation. When I started my candidacy it seemed to spark my interest in getting better at the game, but not in a good way. It felt more like a social pressure, the cutoff for League of Learning higher ELO being Gold 3, and being deemed "lesser" (my mind's words, not anyone else's please don't misconstrue that,) made me want to get better in a much more competitive way. I hadn't been very successful in my life's endeavors lately, (unemployment, relationship issues, just in general feeling worthless.) I was so set that this was a goal I could easily achieve, especially with the help of the other members. Unfortunately it became on obsession for me, to the point to where I was no longer having fun. I was getting very negative in matches, and that's not normal for me. I had to take a step back and go back to playing games for the sake of having fun. So while I love Madcast for it's community, I had to realize that I can't participate in being competitive. I'd still happily attend League of Learning for the sake of knowledge and growing. My sights just have to be set on the fact that I'm a perfectly normal player. I turn my all chat off in matches, and sometimes just mute my chat in general and respond to pings, because I've learned with these new symptoms and trying to "work" with them that I get very agitated easily. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's something I thought I'd share in case anyone else has any issues that they're trying to understand. You're not alone. I suffer on a daily basis, and not just in gaming. I suffer through work, love, and everything life can possibly throw at you. I didn't think I was going to make it to the age of 16, then again at 18, and again at 21. Now I'm 24 years old, and doing a lot better, I no longer look at birthdays as another milestone to work past, but an achievement in my days, that I haven't given up. Don't really know where to go from that shit hole, but hey, that's me! If you need anyone to talk to about anything I'm happy to be a comfort for someone. I don't always have advice, but I can be a good ear for your problems. Sometimes all it takes is someone to talk to. Please don't be afraid to reach out on Discord if you're ever having a bad time, or just need to reach out. I know I don't seem like the nicest person, but I promise once you get past my voice, and the fact that I sigh with almost every breath, I'm a wonderful guy who just wants to make sure others are okay. - Caleb
  5. League of Learning Feedback

    In my opinion last night showed how the people in this community really care and actually want to learn. We went from our first game in the Low ELO group getting absolutely shit on, to then putting together a game that was not only competitive, but was something that taught me more about the game than just attack moving. I definitely liked the "homework" assignments prior to the match, and the discussion beforehand. I do agree with being more focused on the topic after the match itself, as it does feel like we could naturally progress into a breakdown after that. Though I did enjoy what we broke down and the topics covered after the second match. Everyone played admirably, and everyone picked it back up after a really bad first match. My critique was more the balancing of teams than it was anything. I understand we had people have to drop down from the higher ELO group because it was full, but it really did make a huge impact on our first match. Again, really enjoyed the second one, the progression was wonderful, having a shot caller was great, and just all in all a good learning experience.
  6. intro; doublestufforeo

    I'd like to apply for full membership.
  7. intro; doublestufforeo

    Suh dude? My name is Caleb (IGN: Doublestufforeo) and I was referred here by MadCast Epic. We played some League this evening, and enjoyed the pretty chill vibe of the discord, and the players we had. General games I like to play on the PC mainly include League, Hearthstone, Minecraft, and a various assortment of Steam games. When I'm not gaming here, I'm most likely on the Playstation swinging around as Spiderman, or playing God of Boi. Pretty laissez-fare gamer here, nothing too crazy. I do get competitive when the time calls for it, but I don't ever get aggressive and don't enjoy playing with people who are. I'm pretty monotone and sound like the gay version of Dyrus. Pretty active from 6pm EST on into the early mornings. Hit me up if you ever want to play! - Oreo