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    Denver, CO
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    Gaming; League of Legends - Hearthstone - L4D2 - Borderlands 2 - Portal 2 - Minecraft.

    Love to travel and see the world it has to offer, love different cultures, and learning about them, especially through their foods. Huge nature guy as well, hiking, trees, stargazing, the works.

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    I'm the Big Gulp you get from behind the 7-11.
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  1. League of Learning Feedback

    It doesn't necessarily have to be a sign up though. We were sitting in that lobby for 30+ minutes before the games started. While yes it was fun to get some ARAMS in beforehand. Maybe we can just start assigning things there and filling roles and secondaries as they come in beforehand so that we can do a quick pow-wow and then continuing on into the matches.
  2. Movies, movies, movies

    Ha, gay! 😂 Seriously though, agreed.
  3. League of Learning Feedback

    My biggest critique is unfortunately how long it takes to get a match started. I would love to see some sort of sign up beforehand implemented with preferred roles and attendance (e.g. game 1, game 2). It took 15 minutes to get started today, and it's always a little odd getting everyone together and into a role they enjoy. I'm not saying we didn't get there, but it's something that could be drastically reduced. I feel that if we can sign up for MCL, we can sign up in advance for LoL as well.
  4. MadCast Promotes: Kitty Stark

    Yay! I knew you could do it! Congrats Kitty! You deserve it.
  5. RFM Application: Kitty Stark

    Good luck, I'd love to see you get it!
  6. League of Learning 11-28-2018

    Just a headsup, but you have the topic set to 11-28, today is 11-29. I might be there, just depends on if I can stay awake long enough.
  7. MadCast Welcomes: doublestufforeo

    I made gay Dyrus happen! Woo! I have read and agree to the Terms of Full Membership.
  8. "Shooty Gunny Movies"

    Hey everyone, post your favorite "shooty gunny movies" for @MadCast: Kitty Stark to watch.
  9. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

    We're already friends prince. lol
  10. Period Pieces

    You are a saint.
  11. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

    Post here what you're excited for! For myself I spent less than $15 on a portable battery pack so that my iPhone 6 that's been on it's last leg for a while now can hold out until I can afford something newer. Bonus points that it's a great emergency preparedness item to have in any situation. (Can you tell I originate from Florida? xD) Double bonus points that it lets me play Pokemon Go longer!
  12. Period Pieces

    So recently I've really been getting into videos of what times used to be like and how technology has progressed. One of my favorites to look at is the telephone and where it got it's rooting. If anyone has any more period pieces to share, I'd love to watch them. It's absolutely fascinating to me. Not just technology, I love watching the society standards in these days as well. Looking at society standards in regards to class, race, sex, etc.
  13. Favorite LCS Team; NA or EU

    I've always been a C9 fan myself, but only because I started following what was popular, and now just enjoy watching them play. To be fair though I enjoy watching all of them play. That Tokyo team this year was awesome.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving MadCast!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If anyone is alone on the holiday, I'll be on discord playing League. You don't have to play if you just want someone to talk to, but I'm here if you would like.
  15. League of Legends Patch 8.23 (Pre-season)

    Shaco has never felt so good.