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  1. Year In Review

  2. League of Learning Feedback

    My biggest critique tonight, again, how long the games take to start. The first match and the second both took ~15 minutes to fire up. People tend to show up at the event exactly when it's prescribed to start, and it just kind of makes us wait until last minute to get a count. Maybe implementing some sort of system where you change your nickname in Discord prior to what your rank and roles are might be beneficial? Just trying to streamline this, as 30 minutes of sitting around doing nothing doesn't really make for a fun night. Past that we did have wonderful after game conversations, and addressed issues in a professional manner. My request to the MadCast community though is give some respect to @MadCast: Support Welfare for running the event, and give him the time to speak his peace instead of having a bunch of side bar conversations. It would help immensely if we all just buckled down for 5 minutes, stopped talking over each other, and got the ball rolling. Doublestuff "just my two cents" Oreo
  3. Look at my foster cat, Pierre!

    I love cats, I love every kind of cat.

    yaaaaaaas, in monotone of course.

    "oreo's voice."

    We need a potato of shame for sure.
  7. Don't Starve Together?

    I have it if you want to play.
  8. Intro - Tyrone/Qrow

    I'm down to play as well if you want. I'm Doublestufforeo on League. I'm in the discord a lot as well. Just hit me up.
  9. League of Learning (1-10-19)

    Who else besides Warwick can solo dragon at spawn?
  10. Intro - Staff Sausage

    Awesome opossum, welcome!
  11. A graphics request for my shitposting

    You are amazing! Thank you!
  12. A graphics request for my shitposting

    I'm looking for someone with more experience than myself as I don't have the equipment to do it. Would someone be so kind as to cut from around 1:10 - 1:15 and 1:26 to 1:33 for me in this video: I want the part that sounds like "bitch nana solo" (probably offending Koreans everywhere with my awful hearing) but it translates to shining solo. I plan to use it for League of Legends when people ask if I wanna duo with them this season. 😂
  13. Darkest Epic

    Dibs the plague doctor.
  14. Atlas so far

    Just look at No Man's Sky. They made major strides ... what ... a year after launch? Even with a full game half off it still died. You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Count me out cause this ain't it coach. For those who enjoy the game keep rocking it, I really hope they update it all, and soon for you.
  15. Meal Prep

    I ugly laughed at this, so hard.
  16. A holiday message from me, for you

    Happy Holidays you goob! <3
  17. I made a human.

  18. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    Lurama, no. The acidity of the tomato with the acidity of the pineapple do not mix well together at all. The sauce isn't "salty" at all. I'm tired of that image being shared over and over when it's absolutely awful.
  19. Let's Play!

    So at the moment there are quite a few wonderful Steam sales happening and I think it's a great time to get the community involved in new games! For instance, Left 4 Dead 2 is only $2 USD right now. That game can support up to 8 players in a lobby at a time. I also thoroughly enjoy Borderlands 2, which you can get that, plus the entirety of the DLC's, and the Pre-Sequel for $15 USD. Another personal favorite of mine is Portal 2, while it only holds 2 people in a game, it's also only $2 USD, and would make for a wonderful game to be had, especially for those who haven't played it yet. It's always wonderful to go through and play the puzzles after so long away, plus it's got a huge community base that makes maps! I'd love to hear your ideas for games that you'd love to see our community get into, and hopefully they'll be a reasonable price for the holidays so we can all come together a little more!
  20. I missed you guys

    Welcome back, I didn't know you beforehand, but it was fun playing a game with you and helping you shake off some of the rust. Hit me up if you wanna play sometime.
  21. Share Your Gaming Music

    As the title says, share your bops. I've been obsessed with Andrew Applepie lately (whose name I have a hard time typing for some reason.)
  22. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    The thing is though, is it's not traditional pizza. For instance if I were to make a pineapple pizza I'd start with a good dough, and instead of a marinara base I'd season with crushed red pepper, and salt onto my dough with some good olive oil. You can then add a good salty melty cheese to place on top of it, and start assembling sort of like Margherita, maybe add some hazelnuts, proscuitto, sopressata, etc. I'd do a nice wilted arugula when it comes out, and add my pineapple with some char grill marks on it to bring out another layer of flavor. It's all about working with the ingredients you have and building a proper flavor profile. The Hawaiian pizza is a cheap way of doing salty + sweet. I just absolutely despise that they put such an acidic fruit, on top of such an acidic base. I think that clashes so horribly. It actually is an open-faced sandwich though by definition. It was a huge debate when I was in college. (Culinary Arts major).
  23. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    Pizza is an open-faced sandwich.
  24. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    So I'm against pineapple on pizza on the condition that it's that canned crap thats been dumped without straining into some 1/8th pan, to sit in the prep area for hours past its life. To then have all it's nasty juices all over my pizza before it bakes. I ain't about that life. Pineapple on pizza is great, if you do it with fresh pineapple, AFTER BAKING. The only cooking method that you should be using on pineapple for pizza is grilling to bring out a nice char and a whole new layer of flavor to your pizza. If you aren't cutting fresh pineapple, I won't stand for it. I'd rather you deliver me a whole pizza, with a whole fresh pineapple to cut on my own to top it, than to suffer the shit that comes out of that can. Canned fruits are wrong. Fight me.