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  1. I love these unique kits. It must be hard to make new champions that don't feel like recycled version of others. Sure she has elements that are sort of like Shaco and Leblanc but also very unique. I think she'll be fun to play and probably very hard to balance.
  2. Hey y'all. I love reading new patch notes. Preseason notes just got released today. Patch will go live tomorrow (11/20) You can read the patch notes here: Let's talk about some of the changes and theorize how it will change the game. Here's some thoughts I had about some of the changes. Just the first things I had reactions to. But first, I wanted to laugh at Riot's notion that these changes are smaller in scope than previous pre-seasons. I think they're massive. Huge changes to the game meta incoming: Lissandra New passive. Mana regen growth increased. Q, W costs decreased. W damage decreased. Short E dashes are faster. R ratio decreased. She's going to be insane in late game teamfights. At level 18 every one of her frozen explosions does 520 + .3 ability power and slows for 25%. It's like a brand passive. Huge damage and a slow is going to be absolutely amazing for closing out fights. They nerfed her upfront damage a little bit but they upped her mobility with the 'e' changes. She'll be able to avoid ganks better and escape unfavorable skirmishes more reliably. I'm expecting her to be a strong pick until she gets nerfs. I think her passive should be triggered when she kills an enemy, not when they die near her. Turrets Plating and other changes This is such a huge change and I think it's going to be a little unpredictable but here's how I think it will shake out: Usually, especially in botlane, "winning the lane" hard usually nets you first turret and then you go and roam. With this change, you stay in your lane, but your enemy laners are forced to stay with you. I think the result is that someone who is rewarded for a strong laning phase will come out of it WAY stronger and the capacity for individual carry will skyrocket. Imagine the difference between a 3-0 draven at 11 minutes and a 8-0 draven at 16. Imagine a Nasus or a Veigar that gets to be way stronger by the time team fighting and roaming are more important. Especially because if you win your lane hard enough, you are rewarded with the plating gold, with kill/assist gold, and by punishing your enemies and furthering the gap simply by making their life hard. It's going to suck be stuck in lanes like this when you are losing. And another much needed change: they are making turrets stronger to punish divers. Thank fucking god. Gonna have to see how effective this actually is but hopefully it means you can't get flanked by someone who just walks directly through your turret, taking 3 shots and still having 80% hp at level 8. Jungling Scaling xp lower, dragon spawns later, objectives respawn more frequently In short I think this is going to make early game gankers the most important thing to play again, especially in combination with the above turret changes. Pushing the first dragon spawn from 2:30 to 5 leaves a huge gap where junglers can do something without even having to think about dragon. This sucks for junglers who are great at taking objectives and dragon control. The scaling xp change is also just a straight up nerf to those types of junglers, who are often good at farming and tend to look to get really strong just by being present and active. It's going to be incredibly beneficial for junglers to look to gank, take a turret plate with their laners, and then go back to farming. Minions Essentially, they are stronger Riot wants to cut down on turtling, relying on waveclear to keep enemy at bay until they get Baron. I think their minion changes are too much. They wanted teams that were CLEARLY going to win be able to close games quicker but I think this is just going to make teams that have any edge at all win quicker. It's going to feel shitty. Also, I wonder if the minion hp increases is going to make it harder for laners to cs early game, as they will have to re-learn how much of the hp bar being left indicates they can last hit a minion. Rune stats Stats from runes decoupled from tree selection Awesome quality of life improvement. Definitely should have happened before. It's going to expose some niche OP edge cases before being changed. Updated rune: Celerity Nerfed, only amplifies MS bonuses, does not give adaptive force I'm sad to see this change but their reasoning is totally sound. This was way too good. Now it is niche. It works well for some champs but isn't a must pick. More in line with what runes were supposed to be. Hecarim will always take this. Janna will always take this. Rammus might take this. I think in many cases it's going to be unnecessary but it has certain windows of usefulness now. still wondering exactly what qualifies as a movement speed bonus. Is it only active items or spell effects? Or is the base MS increase from buying t2 boots affected as well? Updated rune: Dark Harvest Many changes This is going to be fucking broken. As a support main I can't see any reason I wouldn't take this every single game. The hp% proc needs to be way lower and it shouldn't proc off of any damage. Combined with a longer laning phase, this is going to be out of control as it gets to late with the reset timer going to 1.5. I do like the direction they're moving this towards, where it feels less mini-gamey by removing the soul pickups. But it's also going back to a kind of farming of invisible power style they keep trying to get away from. Botlane is going to be able to abuse this heavily because of constant poking and two different champs to get procs off of. Updated Summoner Spell: Teleport Pretty significant change. I think at higher ELOs this is going to be a net positive for teleport users. They tend to be smarter about when and where they choose to teleport. At the same time, it means that if you see an enemy teleport coming, you never have to guess what they'll do. You can always react knowing they WILL show up (unless they get CC'd or die). I'm definitely curious to see how this goes. Combined with longer laning phases and the turret changes, I think this is going to result in more solo laners taking combat summoners instead. That's all for now. I might be back later to talk about some of the things I glossed over or didn't have much to say about during this first pass. Let me know what you think about the patch!
  3. Holy cow awesome. I'm so shit at this game. Congrats dude.
  4. Hey sorry I missed this yesterday. Can't wait for the next one.
  5. Hey y'all I totally thought this was MadCats not MadCast. If anyone else can relate to my dyslexia put your hdans up! I played League with some of your members a few weeks ago and had a really good time. I don't remember their names but it was a double-stuffed blasterino if you know what I'm saying. I'm pretty good at League of Legends and I like to play with other people. Outside of that, I really like animal or nature-themed trivia, I prefer pants to shorts (wassup winter welcome to my world), if I get a fruit salad that's composed of only melons, honeydew, apples, and grapes I will throw it out. I won the spelling bee in 4th grade, I get sick every February, and I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of US Politics. I shred 2-3x the amount of required cheese for any meal that requires it. Usually this is an accident. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be chicken saag, dogs are better than cats but cats are alright, too. Cat puns are my favorite kind, I think they're pawesome. And that's why I think I should be a Mad Cats Mad Caster. Thanks for your time and for reading about me. Swipe left if you want to meet mcjagger for a date and swipe right if you also want to meet mcjagger for a date. I'd also like to apply for membership please and thank you.