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  1. League of Learning Feedback

    I tend to agree with Kyro and I love the discussions after the games and would hate to see those trimmed down because that is loads of fun for me analyzing what our mistakes or strengths were.
  2. League of Learning Feedback

    I know that usually this thread is left for critiques from what I have seen but I just wanted to say I thought the last topic was fantastic and we had some really competitive games last night but very little to no negativity DURING the game. At least on the teams that I was on. It is super refreshing to be that competitive and have everyone be cool headed.
  3. Movies, movies, movies

    "Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, MS" Just saw this a couple of months ago. Love it! I would watch Sam Rockwell eat cereal in a room alone though.
  4. "Shooty Gunny Movies"

    Holy smokes this movie. I love it so much. Great suggestion.
  5. Gencon

    That would be amazing!! Last time I went we were eating at the food trucks and at the mall area and I would much prefer something that is a little nicer. Everyone we asked was just like "eat at the food trucks they are great" but I would rather sit down after walking around at the con all day.
  6. Gencon

    Heck yeah! I have an avid gaming group I play with but we basically live in the BGG room. What do you usually do when you go? There just seems to be so much you can do we always seem to end up settling just playing new stuff as much as we can.
  7. Favorite LCS Team; NA or EU

    I gotta stick with Epic on this one. My DXracer is also an SKT chair and with Mata on the team this year. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am hyped! Let's go SKT!
  8. Gencon

    Hey guys! I am an avid gencon attendee. I started in gencon 50 and went last year and have plans for next year! Do any of you guys go? Do you do meetups? If you have never gone, live near Indiana, and have ANY interest in board games I totally suggest you guys go! They have tons of stuff there not just board games. Cosplay, D&D groups, a huge artist gallery. Heck my friends made chainmail stuff the first year we went. It is super fun!
  9. Favorite LCS Team; NA or EU

  10. Colorful Mage!

    It looks like she a chameleon! That ult looks pretty wacky. Also 3 seconds on that snare. I don't think there are any other 3 second CC in the game. I wonder how long that will last.
  11. League of Learning Feedback

    I think this is a great call out. I know sometimes we try to rush into games and don't get to plan. Especially in the second game. This can end up having an adverse effect because teams are going in blind without a plan.
  12. Colorful Mage!

    It's happening!!!
  13. I started a new hobby recently! (Miniature Painting)

    Ooooo. I used to play tons of warmachine. Skorne was my main faction because giant elephant gorillas. (How could you not like it?) I play infinity now though and will have to get some pics of my army. Here are a couple of my guys from my Skorne. A cataphract, a Bronzeback, and a Titan gladiator.
  14. League of Learning Feedback

    I agree with Push here. Maybe it could be interesting to have the jungler one week speak about how they thought the lanes were doing and why he picked them as targets? Most of the reasons I have seen people lose lane the last couple of weeks or at least the reasons they say they lost is that "I got hit by this gank and it was downhill from there." I know I have used it before. Having people have a deeper understanding of "What was the mindset of the jungler" might have a deeper conversation.
  15. Low Carb | Keto Recipes

    Holy smokes! This is so good! I started keto in March and have lost a ton of weight. I made fathead pizza for the first time awhile back and it was amazing. I gotta try your tex-mex casserole