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  1. Tonight I was reminded how much fun it is to make people smile. I have a lot of wholesome memes saved and if anyone is aware of MrPuckett, he posts them daily on imgur
  2. I have it downloaded so hmu whenever you're playing
  3. This is the same cat I was fostering all last semester, Bourbon. She’s a smart sweetie who’s only 2, and I’m hoping I can adopt her (but that’s up to my mother).
  4. I'll show up late but would love to spectate at the very least
  5. As am I, which one are you in?
  6. Hello! I have read and agree to the terms. Also, I would like to be MadCast: Qrow (so no Tyrone). Excited to be part of the community!
  7. Ah so cute! Yeah Pierre is a temp foster. My mom doesn't do pets so I'm taking advantage of college living in a house off campus.
  8. I just remembered that this game exists and is hilarious, that'd be cool if we got together to play it every now and then.
  9. Yeah man, that's cool. Drumline is totally a close family. I'm sad I've got one semester left with them. Also piano is technically percussion!
  10. Anyone else wanna play? Also hi I'm Tyrone, currently in candidacy here. Shoot me a message if you like
  11. Does anyone know more about the game? Also hi, I'm Tyrone, currently in candidacy here. How's it going?
  12. Any other cats? Also hi I’m Tyrone, I’m in candidacy here. How’s it going? Go comment on my thread if you like cats!
  13. Cool to see another candidate, hope to play with you sometime