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  1. MadCast welcomes MadCast: Tyrone/Qrow

    Hello! I have read and agree to the terms. Also, I would like to be MadCast: Qrow (so no Tyrone). Excited to be part of the community!
  2. Look at my foster cat, Pierre!

    Ah so cute! Yeah Pierre is a temp foster. My mom doesn't do pets so I'm taking advantage of college living in a house off campus.
  3. I just remembered that this game exists and is hilarious, that'd be cool if we got together to play it every now and then.
  4. Who here are musicians?

    Yeah man, that's cool. Drumline is totally a close family. I'm sad I've got one semester left with them. Also piano is technically percussion!
  5. Don't Starve Together?

    Anyone else wanna play? Also hi I'm Tyrone, currently in candidacy here. Shoot me a message if you like
  6. Does anyone know more about the game? Also hi, I'm Tyrone, currently in candidacy here. How's it going?
  7. Look at my foster cat, Pierre!

    Any other cats? Also hi I’m Tyrone, I’m in candidacy here. How’s it going? Go comment on my thread if you like cats!
  8. Intro - Staff Sausage

    Cool to see another candidate, hope to play with you sometime
  9. Intro - Tyrone/Qrow

    For sure! That'd be great
  10. Who here are musicians?

    Major! How've you been? what is the Carnyx?
  11. Who here are musicians?

    I've been playing music for 13 years and percussion for 10. I'm the drumline captain at my college and in various other ensembles. Who else plays music for fun or in ensembles?
  12. Unstable Unicorns

    I just got this card game for Christmas and am excited to see how it plays out. Has anyone heard of it? What are some of y'all's favorite card games? I'm also in candidacy right now so feel free to message me for a chat
  13. Anyone want to practice some combos?

    Hey guys! I'm currently in candidacy here and am wondering if anyone wants to try various combos of heroes and see how it goes. Tyrone#1739 is my tag
  14. Playoffs have arrived!

    I anyone else as excited as I am? I grew up a Patriots fan, so I've got that going for me, and I live in Nola, so I've got the Saints going for me which is also nice. I would love a Pats/Saints Bowl but I think it will end up Chiefs/Saints. Thoughts?
  15. Intro - Tyrone/Qrow

    Hey there! A while ago I played with MadCast: Epic in a game who introduced me to MC. Now one of my friends MadCast: TheMajor is also in this community and I would like to apply for full membership as well. I'm a senior in college right now and play Overwatch (Tyrone#1739) and LoL (RWBY Qrow). I am a music and psychology major.