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  1. MadCast Rocket League Extravaganza Explosion

    Yo this sounds like fun. Count me in, I would just need to know around what time it's happening at.
  2. Introduction - The Deity

    Sure! I'd be more than happy to join. Will the rules be explained when it begins? I'm reading the link you posted so I can understand the game, and to be completely honest I'm lost.
  3. Introduction - The Deity

    Greetings and salutations potentially new friendos! I'm somewhat new here as I've been gaming with a few people from the discord server for about a week. My name on Discord is formally Chizuhara, but was changed to match my account here. My IG name for League of Legends, the game I've been playing the most with the residents of MadCast, is Hinote Astral. My IG name for Steam is Ch1zuhara which is also my Twitch stream name. I'd like to consider myself as rather comical but not for everyone hence why I always try to not offend anyone. That aside, I may seem like a social butterfly but I've actually got really bad social anxiety and mindset wise always put way too much into what others think of me. So far it's been a blast learning from you guys in League night, playing with all the different personalities and play styles, and honestly just enjoying the very much needed company. I look forward to meeting everyone whether be by one after the other, or in groups! It's an absolute pleasure to meet everyone, and I'd adore to take the chance to also state that I'm also formally applying to join MadCast as a fully fledged member! Thank you for reading the intro and have a wonderful and prosperous day.