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  1. Yesterday, was the first experience in League I had in that manner period. I learned some things I will hopefully be able to carry forward, like needing to be more confident in my damage. More than that though, it was fun, like really fun, I knew that there were players above my own elo, and usually that's just not fun, but that wasnt the case here. I can't remember that I had genuine non-stress fun in League, so thank you. Thanks for memeing - Mike
  2. Hello all, and welcome to my introduction, to be fair, I did not look at any others intros to try and see what to type, but that might turn out better, just plain ol' me. My ign on most things is ReptileMike, but you can just call me Mike, believe it or not its taken in some places, my name was MikeZilla3000 for a while, but i decided to change it and get rid of the numbers. I wanted to keep Zilla or reptiles or dinosaurs in my name, because it was one of first passions, and to this day still really like them. Godzilla rules. As for now, I'm a fan of League, Apex, and Destiny 2, although I'm having a hard time finding a reason to play destiny lately. Plenty of other games have held there spot as a favorite from time to time. God of War, Minecraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Pokemon, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Civilization. I'm all over the place and will try almost anything. My favorite pokemon is Grumpig, if you don't know who that is I don't blame you, almost no one does. I'm also currently working on trying to stream at a regular pace, I'm building a computer and work area now. I'm on almost every night. I really just want to be able to make people around me happy for a little bit, have them enjoy a few minutes if they've had a rough day, or hope that I can add on to a good day they are already having. I'm into all kinds of stuff and it just won't all come to mind now. What I've seen of this community so far, has really impressed me, and I would love to be apart of something like that. So I know the process, and I do hope, if you'll have me, I'd be glad to join. Oh also just saw the rules, I found this on the league forms, and once i dug into the site and discord, I saw it was a lot more than league, and that's really refreshing. Thanks for memeing -Mike