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  1. This person right here, I like them
  2. Yea totems are pretty strong still this league, as are the new spells they added to the game. Feel free to send me a friend request ingame @ Shamuskie so I can guild add you and get you involved with @MadCast: Lunalesk and the rest of us! If you have questions feel free to ask as well.
  3. Will Funday Monday ensue after townhall then I assume?
  4. Just wanted to comment here that I really enjoyed tonight's games, felt they went over really well and teams were very balanced and fun to play compared to previous weeks (not that others weren't) and this was probably the best league of learning event I've been a part of so far. Wanna shout out @MadCast: Support Welfarefor doing a great job this week, and pushing a good topic that I believe was received well.
  5. That depends, is it deathmatch a la office space style? Cuz I definitely have popcorn for that!
  6. Hello all, There are games such as Path of Exile, Anthem and others that are gaining popularity (Or have popularity with people that is now being brought into the light) and I thought this might be the ideal time for us to make a list of games that we think could stand to have roles in discord so that we can @ people with announcements for certain games rather than having to use a catch all role or role from another game to try to find who all is interested in that game. I personally have found that there's a lot of interest in Path of Exile lately and am planning on doing some theory crafting tonight for builds for the new league that drops this Friday, and for me it would be easier to do an @PathofExile to let these people know if/when I'll be on, not to mention maybe having our own Path of Exile voice channel in Discord so we don't use up another channel that might be needed for something else. I also know I'll be on prolly 16-20 hours a day this coming weekend when the expansion hits so I wanna be somewhere where I can be available to new and old players alike while I'm playing and streaming. If there are other games people want to see have their own roles, like Anthem, Rocket League, or Apex Legends, please list them here so that they can all be looked at. Edit: As of writing this, Epic posted in Discord that he'd be willing to look into this, so if you list what you're looking for here, I imagine he'll be nice enough to add it in. Also, thanks @MadCast: Kitty Stark for reminding me to use the forums for this instead of pinging everyone like a newb, and @MadCast: Epic for such a quick response.
  7. I just don't feel like buying consoles anymore, if I can't have it on PC, then I won't play it, or I'll find someone who has it and play it there...
  8. I just can't bring myself to do that, must find a way to get this on PC instead
  9. Shoutout to all the new people who came and joined us for League of Learning last night! Had fun and got to learn some stuff, even after the inhouse games when we did some premade stuff. Mainly that I suck with Thresh hooks and should stick to Lux q's buuuuuutttttt it's all good. @MadCast: WazapI hate your Ez play, I liked mine in ARAM much much more
  10. Yea the new league starts March 8th
  11. If you add me on Steam, I'll be playing when the new league drops, plus I'm also in the madcast group on steam so you can find me there. Definitely wouldn't mind teaching some new people about PoE straight up from league start.
  12. What, was laughing at Braum mid lane too much for you?! lmao, no worries man, we'll still have some fun tonight!
  13. Hey man, I've had fun playing with ya! Hit me up anytime, I'm down to play with ya more!
  14. Hey thanks, I should be around a bit tonight for some games! Look forward to it!