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  1. I would be behind this choice, free to play games are always a good solid option imho, and this seems like it has a good background and community.
  2. Glad to see you stop by, just wanting to confirm this: Are you officially wanting to apply for candidacy for full membership with us? If so, reply to this and let us know
  3. I'm actually thinking it might be necro this league for me, I'm sold on the golem.
  4. With the announcement of the new Path of Exile: Blight league, I am holding another OPEN DOOR in preparation for the new league just like I did last league. This is for new and returning players who would like to give this new league a go, and have questions, comments, concerns, or simply wanna try out the game in the standard league a bit and get some advice before the new league starts. This is also a great time for myself and @MadCast: A1C_Ju to help everyone with getting things set up, like downloading the game (either standalone client or steam version, both are free), configuring loot filters, planning builds with Path of Building, and other various things. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please drop by Saturday August 24th or Sunday August 25th between 9pm - 11pm est. I will be around both nights, and other knowledgeable people from our Path of Exile community may be as well. *************************************************************************************************************************** Also, I had mentioned to a few people that I might run a for fun private league for a 10 period prior to league start. However, do to work and time constraints, I can't make this happen. For that, I apologize, however, anyone who needs to do some build testing, can still do so in standard or Legion leagues, and I have characters in both that can run around with you when I have time. With that being said, I look forward to seeing everyone on either Saturday August 24th or Sunday August 25th between 9pm - 11pm est.
  5. Hey everyone! GGG has just released their announcement of their newest expansion and challenge leagues called Blight, and so far there seems to be a lot of exciting new content and class/ascendancy reworks, new skill gems, items, and just fun stuff all around. The release trailer for it can be found here: And the official page with all the juicy information you need can be found here: This new content drops on Sept 6th 2019 @ 4pm est. Hope you're ready to slash your way to 100! (Or 90, cuz truthfully, most of us reroll new chars by then lol)
  6. @MadCast: Munsa is already putting something together for this, it'll be after TH on 9/9
  7. Welcome! Are you looking to pursue full membership now or going to wait? Just looking for some clarification as your post is kinda back and forth.
  8. I'm planning on attending as long as work doesn't interfere.
  9. So who's awesome enough to make a spreadsheet for everyone?
  10. Oh snap you're right, I didn't notice this was from May... /facepalm, but the great thing about the internet is...I can find this movie tonight, grab some beer, and watch it anyways
  11. I haven't seen that one yet DSO, and whaddya know, I'm off saturday. So I will join you.
  12. I fucking love it Coach, you guys are doing some serious work that will go a long ways into making both communities super happy!