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  1. I've seen you progressing and I'm happy you're enjoying it Sotarkadin! Feel free to hit me up in game at CraidenCritCyclone if you'd like a guild add and any additional help, tips, advice in game ok?
  2. Resource link here to this post :
  3. For those who haven't had time yet or are still thinking about checking the new league Legion, feel free to check out this post I did with all the resources you need to get started: I've made a subsection for PoE on discord so please keep all your posts, comments, questions and concerns restricted to that chat channel so we don't flood other games chat. Also, anyone that get an insane drop, please feel free to share in discord chat as well with screenshots. I'm sure if I have an Exalt drop day 1 like last league I will definitely be ss'ing it! Also, for those going hard right from launch, make sure you don't forget to eat/drink, your characters may not need to but you do.
  4. I ate only half a Tombstone pizza last night instead of a full one, now if only I could motivate myself to actively work that half off... All jokes aside, as quite a few people know, I'm a cook and I just transitioned to a new job a couple weeks ago and I've had some long days and nights, and I'm just glad that I found somewhere that is mildly stress free and the people I work with are way cooler than what I'm normally used to. DSO and I had talked about this before, and it makes a huge difference, so I'm happy today to enjoy my three days off because I'm not dreading going back to work after the three days are over....
  5. Plays like those, you're gonna need to start renaming your clips to #brutalMaokai and tag them NSFW, Pushover.
  6. I definitely had a good straight up chuckle @MadCast: Dez... Just wait til you fight Izaro in the Labrynth
  7. There's a lot more changes on there than I originally thought...especially some of the channeling + blind nodes
  8. Dev Openarl has update Path of Building with the new passive tree (has not done the new skills yet), so you can start working on builds, however gems may be a few more days. In the mean time we can at least start theory crafting build trees for the builds we're looking at playing, so when I get home from closing tonight and tomorrow night, I'll be on in other games doing some build planning and theory crafting for anyone who needs some help. Other veterans will most likely be around to help during that time and other times as well.
  9. until
    Last chance for peep's to get questions answered and make sure their stuff is all set up.
  10. Hey guys, Launch is a week from today, (Friday June 7th), so tomorrow night (Saturday June 1st) we're having a 2nd open door for Path of Exile to basically follow up on any remaining questions people might have, and make sure everyone who plans to play (even if just to try out the new league) has downloaded the game and isn't having any major issues. If there are, we can iron them out then so when it comes to launch, we can all just jump on and play. I will also demonstrate and go through the offline build planner program known as Path of Building if anyone was curious as to how that worked. This 2nd open door will start at 8:00pm est just like last week, and will run til 11:00pm est this week cuz I have to be up early for work the next day. Look forward to seeing everyone there!
  11. You can always fix your skill tree btw. I don't know if they mentioned this to you, but there's a currency called "Regret Orb" that gives you a 1 skill point refund. So if you fuck up badly, just gather up a bunch of em, use em and fix your tree.
  12. 10/10, got a good laugh out of this, thanks DSO.
  13. I honestly prefer BBQ sauce, I can put that on everything. But honestly, for those of you who don't work in the restaurant industry and don't see how some of your favorite sauces are made, you'd be surprised how a majority of them are made of sour cream or mayo or some combination of the's actually pretty disgusting.
  14. Good luck bro, I hope to see you back in green!
  15. Dude that looks broken as fuck...
  16. I'm really happy with all the people that showed up last night, feel like we made some good progress. Just an FYI, we're doing another Open Door next Saturday night at 8pm est for anyone that is still wanting to get on and test the waters or ask more questions or even just wants to work on some build stuff. For anyone that hasn't hopped on and gotten a guild add and would like to before the league starts on the 7th, dm me and let me know on discord so we can do that.
  17. You can be a casual and still play, there's room for everyone to play how they want. Those of us who plan to play hardcore will be on most days and can help those who aren't on as much.
  18. This Saturday night I'd like to do an Open Door Meeting with anyone and everyone interested in playing Path of Exile's new league Legion. What this means is this: Path of Exile can be a big, complex, and overwhelming experience the first time you play it which may throw some people off, so I'd like to get myself, @MadCast: A1C_Ju, @MadCast: Lunalesk, @MadCast: FancyPants and other regulars (sorry if I don't list you here!) on in a chat room to basically allow anyone with questions, concerns, build ideas, or just general help setting up the game and learning mechanics a chance to do so in a chill setting and with enough time before the league launches on the 7th. This way people aren't rushing last minute on the day of league launch trying to get set up and figure out what they're doing, they can just hop on and join up with the group and play. I'm going to start this at 8pm est and let it be open til 12am est so that it accommodates varying schedules. I will be on in the designated Path of Exile chat channel under other games and I encourage everyone to come down and field whatever questions/comments/concerns you have. I'm also thinking about streaming some gameplay for those who'd like to see it, so I hope to see everyone there. Edit: For anyone who can't make this Saturday, we will also do this next Saturday at the same time as well.