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  1. I would love to join for this but I will be at work til at least 4pm that day. So let me know how it is!
  2. Know that feeling bro, glad to get some games in with you last night, win lose or draw, always fun playing with ya!
  3. New Bladestorm Reveal:
  4. A little insight into the melee changes and design changes from one of the founders Baeclast #40
  5. Path of Exile's new league Legion is a huge melee rework and a bunch of new content. This new league starts on June 7th and I'm placing links below, for people who want to check out the game, the resources and start working on a build or figuring out something works. Anyone who has questions feel free to pm me or @MadCast: A1C_Ju in discord or here in this post. Going to be making an official in-game MadCast guild so that anyone who plays has a place to come and play with others and learn the game. Resource links: Legion Trailer Path of Exile Main Page Path of Exile Reddit Page Path of Exile Wiki Page Path of Exile Trade Site Path of Exile Item Mod Database Path of Building - Offline Build Planner Download GGG post tracker - Keep's you up to date on developers' posts
  6. I'd like to apply for an RFM position because with the new league of Path of Exile coming out June 7th, I plan on trying to build and expand our existing Path of Exile community into a much larger group. This will be accomplished by running weekly events, bringing in new members to the community, as well existing members, and teaching them the fundamentals of the game and how to build characters and optimize their gear/skills. This is also gonna entail the creation and maintenance of an official in-game MadCast guild. And at this point if we're gonna have an official guild in the game, then honestly it needs to be run by whoever is leading the Path of Exile community and that person needs to be in a leadership role, such as an RFM/SFM/Staff. I'm currently preparing another post as I'm working on this one, to put in the other games forum about the new league of Path of Exile and a bunch of resources for people to check out as well as any and all info they might need should they consider to check the game out. I also plan on including other known players, like MadCast: A1C_Ju and MadCast: FancyPants, so that they can help me with running groups and events. Currently, I'm planning on being online at league launch on June 7th all through the 9th, and then at least 8-10 hours a day the first 2-3 weeks of the new league so that I can help out as much as possible. As far as events go, I'm thinking about trying to use saturday night as our event night to do map runs, boss kills, and other general farming and stuff that people might need. This game is pretty easy to get on, do some stuff, and get off. You don't have to wait for que's to get into matches or anything like that, so setting up events would be a bit easier than something like League of Legends imho. On a side note: Even if I'm not chosen as an RFM, this is still something I plan on pursuing and doing regardless. I want to grow the Path of Exile community we already have because I feel like it'll help MadCast as a whole and it's a game I love and have a passion for. Path of Exile has been breaking 250,000 - 300,000 people online for it's last couple of league launches and imho it'd be foolish not to take this opportunity to not only help expose our current members to a fun game, but to bring in members outside of the community and show them what we can offer not just in this game but as a community in general.
  7. In-game name: MadCast Craiden Position(s): Support Main, Top off role, can mid or ADC if last resort, Rank: Bronze 1 highest rank currently, silver 1 back in 2014 Availability/Time Zone: Normally available after 8pm est most days Downsides: I'm average at cs'ing Upsides: I'm clutch
  8. Grats dude, told ya you'd make it, now let's build the Path of Exile community
  9. I'd give you advice, but I "do" use the non-stick stuff...sooo....
  10. Welcome, and if you're really looking to get the most out of the MadCast community, do consider applying for candidacy. Look forward to playing with ya soon.
  11. I think this is something that needs to be discussed heavily at the next townhall for sure, because I feel like this can really help us expand MadCast as a whole. Also, I would be willing to help whoever does end up running this, because as A1C said, I think this is something that needs structure but it's a decent sized project for one person and I think there should be at least 3 people on it to help keep it fair and unbias, as well as being able to explore multiple avenues and options.
  12. Yesssss finally!! Told ya you'd make it @Hitori!
  13. Haha, no it's just that if we had some official posts and such about it, it might actually bring more people to the game and our discord, even from outside the community. Kind of how I'm looking at the next Path of Exile release in June.
  14. If you need someone in bronze to rank with, I'd be willing to play with ya, I usually play late in the evening so just hit me up in discord.
  15. I've been of this mindset as well simply cuz I bounce around a lot when I don't wanna play League or Path of Exile's new expansion isn't out yet. That's why I, and plenty of others, are posting stuff in the other games chat for people to check out. However, that doesn't mean this is a bad idea either. Especially if we find something free or super low cost and officially back it and say "Hey guys/gals, this our featured game of the month" and put an option on everyone either trying that game out, or leading another community event instead to get people involved.
  16. Glad to have you on board finally, I really enjoy playing with and learning more stuff about top lane as well!
  17. Glad to see you apply, and enjoy playing with you. I did lol a little at your intro, so props to you sir!
  18. This was quite the interesting game, I think we know why Jinx is a hyper carry eh Cam? Also, @MadCast: Silencer playing some Sona there!
  19. Talked to you already the other day, but glad you finally decided to go for membership, now we can grow the PoE community together!
  20. This is a very good topic, something we all think about but need to communicate more for sure.