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  1. I own an online marketing company. Would like to support the community by having my team make a custom website. Who do I talk to about this? Cheers, Corbiticus Maximus
  2. As you can tell by my IGN, my name is Richard. League of Legends is my game. IRL, I'm the founder of a multinational marketing firm and a sales/marketing strategist. Online, I'm a gamer that enjoys PVP and highly competitive games. If you find yourself to be playing a match of whatever with me, I will likely be in one of the following frames of mind: a) Filthy Casual Mode - win or lose, I'm just drinking and enjoying the ride - talking about that time I did that thing in that place which was really awesome b) Sweaty Try Hard Mode - really focused on winning, and extremely quiet on comms except for necessary intel sharing I don't like to be in the spotlight, so expect me to just contribute accordingly and be a team member. The Legend Himself, Corbiticus Maximus