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    Hey y'all, Thanks for the warm welcome! About damn time eh? p.s. Quanta you're no longer allowed to make any posts in this forum as your post count is currently 1337.
  2. Hey y'all, My name is DJ. I'm 22 years old and I'm a student at UNH studying computer science. I was pulled into Madcast one day by Silencer and GeneralSub while playing Rocket League and I've been around since. This is my application for full membership. I'd love to see the 'Other Games' section grow. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences during my stay here and I attribute that to all the friends I've met so far. Thanks. Discord: A1C_Ju League of Legends: Sports Apex Legends: jws1250 Rocket League: Ascent Path of Exile: (Whatever I feel like during league start)