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  1. If anyone would like to try out builds and stuff before this new patch goes live, I have around 200 ex sitting in my inventory from this previous league and I'd be more than happy to fund your gear. I don't play standard so I really don't have a use for the leftover currency after each league. If you have any questions, Craiden and I could answer most of them and direct you to the correct resources if we're unable to answer your questions. Come check us out this weekend!
  2. safe clip
  3. One thing I'd like to mention is that if you choose to play a pokey champ against a melee champ with limited mobility, auto attack as much as possible early game. When I used to play a lot, I used to pick saw a lot of people picking Teemo or Kennen top lane just for the sake of playing a "counter" to Darius or Nasus but not utilizing my their advantage early game and eventually losing when bruisers pop off mid-game. Also any top laners down for some Lee Sin 1v1?
  4. I can make the latter happen ;)
  5. "I don't really have any friends"
  6. I'm moving into my new apartment this Friday. In celebration, I will join you. Miss u buddy
  7. I played on KBM for the first 250 hours of my Rocket League career. When I finally made the switch to a controller, I spent the first week experimenting. At first I made my own binding to get familiar with the buttons as I've never used a controller before in my life. Then I spent a few days trying out different pros' bindings, to see what I liked the most. At the end I took Squishy's and modified it a little for my liking. It's honestly up to you, but mess around a little to get a taste of everything so that you don't get used to a binding you feel is suboptimal.
  8. I'm so sorry I just saw a green name and I couldn't find the post anymore and just 😭
  9. I believe it'll be brought up on the 29th when we have that Madcast expansion team chat that I think either Vosh or Mike EDIT: IT WAS PRINCE set up.
  10. I'd love to help out as well. And destroy you in 1v1 while I call it a learning experience.