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  1. I’d just like to point out to the non-believers here that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary categorizes hotdogs as sandwiches. Please remember to keep the discussion civil. I understand that the truth may hurt.
  2. I’m HYPED. Anyone that loves the ARPG genre such as the Diablo franchise, Grimdawn, Torchlight, etc. will LOVE Path of Exile. Its reminiscent of Diablo 2, with modern graphics and smoothness of an AAA title. Easy to grasp, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a simple game. Path of Exile offers an incredible amount of depth and lore. New League starts on June 7th, which means full wipe of currency and items, and also a fresh character start for everyone. It’s the best time to start playing so if you’re interested in joining myself, Craiden, Luna, Silencer, uT, Fancy, and hopefully the other regulars, give us a PM and we’ll help you throughout your stay with the Path of Exile community. 🙂
  3. Just wondering if hotdogs are sandwiches
  4. Allow me to compile my 4 month associate and 1 month candidacy period into one thread. I'd like to first and foremost nominate @MadCast: Shattered and @MadCast: Silencer for Recruiter Commendation. These two idiots are the reason I ended up here. Even if it were by pure chance that I stumbled into Madcast, Shattered and Silencer are the reason I stuck around until I met a lot of the other people here. They put up with my shit almost daily for 5 months. That's better than at least 50% of my relationships. I'd like to make a quick shoutout to @MadCast: Epic for reaching out to me one morning to ask me when I was going to apply to be a full member. Even though we had no previous correspondences, he saw that I was active on the discord and reached out to me. I'd nominate you as well but at this point, what badge do you not have? I understand Shattered already has one; if there's a counter for it, let this be a +1 to that counter so that he may eventually get the Recruiter Bronze Oakleaf. In regards to @MadCast: Shattered, I'd like to nominate him for the Server Idler Commendation badge. I can't even remember all of the times I opened up Discord to see Shattered chillin' in a room by himself either watching hockey or playing random games. I'll join to keep his lonely ass company, and then Silencer will come out of the woodworks, and eventually we get a group of guys just hanging out. This exact situation has happened countless times. Also for @MadCast: Silencer, I'd like to nominate him for the Graphic Artistry Award. I believe he's made Snolotus' Apex Legends banner, and also picked up the role of creating the League of Legends Open Tourney logo that's coming up. I'd also like to nominate @MadCast: CoachRivers for the Master Event Planner badge. For everything he's done for the Madcast's Rocket League community, but for the purposes of the badge, for running Rocket League Mafia event weekly for the past month or two now. On top of these scheduled events, whenever we have enough people we'll set up an impromptu RLMafia session. I believe he easily deserves it. Thank you.
  5. Please excuse me while I necro this post. Did we ever reach a conclusion on this topic? It would certainly result in the growth of our community. As a member that was brought into MCG through the Others Games section and its people, this idea seems worth giving a shot.
  6. Chat restricted for 3 seconds. Thanks for the warm welcomes!
  7. Has anyone fully read this yet ”Please join me in congratulating Madcast: Shattered as our newest...” @MadCast: Shattered
  8. I’ve read and I accept the Terms of Full Membership. Thanks fellas, couldn’t have done it without you.
  9. EPIC DO IT I can't wait to shove some trash talk down your classy ass throat ------------------------------------------------ @MadCast: CoachRivers, this has come so far from that first spontaneous experimental game. Bot version 1 was great and much faster compared to that website we used at first but you brought bot version 2 with a lot more quality of life and other features we wanted. Thank you for your time, effort, and dedication that you've put into this project. p.s. My team loved playing Mafia with us so they're willing to fill spots whenever we need.
  10. This body is a temple but one of those temples in Thailand where they let monkeys throw shit around
  11. @MadCast: Silencer Logo looks fucking sick Excited to try the new bot out Coach
  12. I just picked this game up for $20 tonight because my friends have been pestering me to do so. It's a 3rd person shooter rogue lite game in which different characters have different abilities. First game that my friend and I started lasted 90 minutes. Does anyone else want to give it a shot? Link to steam:
  13. I refuse to even look at a pizza without a whole pineapple on it
  14. 1. The Rotating Featured Game doesn't have to be and shouldn't expected to be participated by everyone. Even if older and well known games are picked, I for one (and probably others as well) would be more willing to try out a game that I've been wanting to for years if it had Madcast backing. I've never played Borderlands and always wanted to but never enough to buy the game. If I knew I would have my friends to play with as well, I would definitely pick it up. 2. I feel that the game suggested should probably have a brief description. For instance if we had suggested Apex Legends before it came out, whoever suggested it should inform the others what kind of a game it is to make sure people make (partially) informed decision when they're voting on games. 3. There doesn't necessarily have to be a veteran for the game -- brand new games (such as Apex) wouldn't have any veterans before the game is released. 4. In terms of basic accessibility requirements, I feel like voting itself would take care of that issue. If people weren't willing to spend $60 on a game, it probably wouldn't be voted up. 5. The polls should only run for a week, maybe even 5 days (from Monday to Friday) to allow for (whoever's in charge of this) to tally up the total on Saturday and Sunday and create a learning event for perhaps the following week. This should allow for people to have a week of notice in advance and for some to get a basic grasp of the game to help out people during that event. 6. There probably should be someone in charge of the overall program so that it runs smoothly. I'm sure we'll figure it out. These are just my thoughts on the spot. I'm sure there are ways to improve the ideas -- I just wanted to throw some ideas out there to help whoever ends up in charge of this. In regards to this, we could start the poll on the 3rd or the 4th week, depending on how long it takes for members to get around to it. Voting on the last week of the month would be preferable* but I understand not everyone would be able to get on at some point in that week. *So that the current rotating featured game had enough time to be experienced by everyone who wished to.