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  1. I'm all for CS:GO being the tie breaker.
  2. For $1000 there's easily better PCs you could build than that one. If you have over $700 to spend and you're looking for a Desktop it's always cheaper to custom build one yourself. Here's a PC I came up with that's $70 over budget but: Better CPU Much better GPU 2x the RAM Better SSD (Used M.2 as opposed to regular SSD) If you really needed to cut down the $70 you could easily do so by finding cheaper but similar components like motherboard, case, same ram but different company, etc.
  3. Nimdar challenged and got 3-0'd No other takers so far @MadCast: Nimdar post your postmatch SSs
  4. If you use an autosniper you’ll immediately be disqualified
  5. Hey all, I'm hosting a Rocket League challenge for all Rocket League players in MadCast. If anyone is able to beat me in a best of 5 1v1 match, I will be giving you a $20 Steam gift card. The rules are as follows: 1. Only members and candidates of MadCast can enter. 2. You must message me on Discord (MadCast: Ascent) to set up the time. 3. The games will be played in a private match on a US-East server. 4. Each player only gets 2 attempts at this challenge. 5. You must take screenshots of each game at the end of each match and upload them to this thread. 6. If there are multiple winners, the prize will be split evenly among the winners. 7. The deadline for this challenge is 0000 EST, 25 Oct 2019. Edit 2: 8. If a person decides to become a candidate to challenge me and they win, I will withhold the prize until the end of their candidacy (regardless of if they become an FM or not) in order to discourage becoming a candidate just for the prize and backing out of candidacy. Best of luck to all of you, especially Mike since he's going to need it. Ascent Edit 1: I will amend this post as I see fit in order for the challenge to proceed smoothly.
  6. Check out Slay the Spire. I'm not too big on card games but STS is pretty much GOTY material.
  7. Congrats Quanta!! Also it's pretty cool to be nominated, thanks RFMs.
  8. how much did you pay them to throw