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  1. posting a delicious looking pizza with hidden fruit while trying to justify it with the mysterious tomato fruit! Hidden Hitler has arrived on the boards! We must investigate him before it is to late.
  2. Fruit cake is the Devil! im not anti pinnacle pizza but would not order it myself. I’ll save the pinnacle for the grill!
  3. I like that tip in the first video about seeing how close the circles are to each other showing that combat action is currently taking place. The second video reminded me to use my F-keys to check out other teammates. I often fall into clicking on that portion of the map to see what’s going on. Doing the F-keys is more efficient. Third video is nice with mapping but he talks fast so I will have to rewatch it again, a few times, to actually let what he is suggesting sink in. In general I use a lot of the same areas planning on where my initial wards will be placed during loading screen. Factoring how we most likely will/should be playing. There jungles capabilities and power spikes etc. Another thing I noticed too is ward positions in the bushes. Not just randomly tossing them in, but positioning them so they can give the most vision around corners etc. its also nice to hear a reminder that ADC should be helping ward as well. one thing I didn’t hear in the videos that I think should be part of map awareness is knowing when you don’t have vision. Realizing you don’t know where the enemy jungle or another champ is. Acknowledging your lack of current map awareness can help prevent you from over extending or being ready for a gank while purposely (baiting) over extending.
  4. I sent you an lol friend invite last night. Hopefully I will get some time to play with you guys soon.
  5. This is our 12 year old Pug Bingo. He is getting up in age and normally just wants to be on a lap soaking up all the attention he can get.
  6. Sounds great. I will look for you in discord after I get it set up.
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I will have to check and see if I still have discord. If not it’s a quick download and I can get setup on there. I haven’t used it “fully” since playing on some retro-wow servers. i would say add PhacoEmulsifier as the main. It won’t take that long too build up a solid champion base. During the week I tend to play on that account more since I can progress faster.
  8. Good morning MadCast’s! I came across your post on the league of Legends recruitment thread. I would like to apply for full membership. My name is John and I have two accounts. The first one, PhacoEmulsifier, is currently silver and climbing as a one trick Sona. I’ve held this account since season three but in reality I only played for a few months back then and just reactivated the account a few months ago. So even though it’s old it’s pretty empty of champions having like 30 or so. The second account, Optifreak72 is Bronze 3. This is the one I started prior to the season 9 start. I messed up on it and tried to gain ranks in all rolls while not really being great at some rolls. So I was stuck at bronze 4 with probably iron mmr. 12 lp win 20 lp loss bad. I’ve since fixed that and am starting to gain more lp than I lose. This account probably has 60 or so champions. I still Sona on it a good deal when I want to gain rank but really want to use it more for other rolls and supports. Like thresh Morgana and Alistar. with the secondary roll being as a jungle. My goal in joining MadCast’s would be to Find others that I can duo with and hopefully reduce the chances of trolls killing games. Find like minded people to chat with, and also learn the game and expand my champion core more through things like the training night etc. Really I’d like to find a team to play with as well but with my current schedule I know that’s not a really option other than we need a filler for a bit. i am a Veteran of the US Army. One of the things that attracted me too MadCast’s is the pro military posting on the lol boards. I currently work with the VA as a Biomedical Engineer. Basically I work with the medical equipment, planning, research, purchase, recommendation, maintenance as well as other facility issues. I currently live in Michigan with my fiancé who has two college age children that are in and out of the house all the time.