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  1. Was told this is multi-player now, or at least coop so was saving it for the imminent buodingnof the wife's machine! Last time we played together it was don't starve and she obsessed so looking forward to this! Thanks heard of it but not looked in to it, will do!
  2. Cheers Craiden! I've been looking at Darkest Dungeon and played a bit a while back. Baldurs gate is an interesting one, I wonder if Pillar of Eternity works as well? Currently have just installed Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Terraria, Bastion and Jade Empire.
  3. Just got a Surface Pro 5/5th Gen/2017 and looking through my steam backlog. Am thinking for my upcoming flight, Eufloria, FTL (Played to death but yay), bastion, Borderlands GOTY Enhanced and Jade Empire. I have a TouchPad, gaming mouse and a stylus but wont be trying to stretch to games like Skyrim or Dishonored without a fan to assist with the thermal throttling so going for lighter games for this trip, I also don't have a controller. Interested if anyone else is gaming on a Surface Pro, what your go to games are and any other advice you may have! Cheers and apologies if this is the wrong board! Did do a search for surface gaming posts but havent seen any since 2015