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  1. Bronze 1 support main Adc secondary Looking for duo
  2. I has a question for the pineapple haters... If its not meant to go on pizza, then why does literally every pizza place offer it as a topping? And don't give me that "its fruit" crap... tomatoes are fruits. #EqualRightsForToppings
  3. That's pretty awesome! Keep polishing those skills and you'll go far, my friend!
  4. I tend to favor the marvel universe. I LOVE Batman but for the most part DC just isn't my cup of tea
  5. Everyone's got a superhero preference. Where do your loyalties lie? Are you a DC fanatic? A diehard Marvel enthusiast? Which floats your superhero boat and why!?
  6. You're a terrible individual and should feel bad about it. (But we know you don't) 😂
  7. No ketchup if not on a breakfast sandwich. If on a sandwich, either with or without ketchup doesn't bother me. Lol
  8. I don't think so. It seems to remove both from the game making them untargetable.
  9. That ultimate seems REALLY broken. I know its intended use is to single someone out to kill them... but it will be easily abused to remove any single immediate threat in any circumstance... like doublestuforeo said contesting a jg objective such as dragon or baron... boop... the enemy jg is gone and cant smite.
  10. I plan to join you guys for league of learning on Thursdays!!! Feel free to throw some pointers at me along the way though!!!!!!! Yeah i heard. I knew it was an old post so i wasn't sure if he was still with the community or not. But i figured it couldn't hurt to find out!!!
  11. I would love to work with you on my support game. If you're still around I could use the coaching!