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  1. it may not be new, but I have a lot of fun in Star Trek Online.
  2. 1 new show not sure if its on neflix yet is Helix.. Pretty good show. Also check out Almost Human and Intelligence.
  3. Been playing it and I gotta say I really like it. Specially while in the titan I did some of the tutorials then left to do something and decided not to finsh them lol
  4. I like the classic Jose and I have a bottle of Hornitos in the freezer
  5. Hope everyone had a good Xmas if you celebrate it. Be safe have a happy new year.
  6. Poor Xbox One. Gotta admit the slow motion graphics of the det cord is awesome. Best thing to ever happen to an Xbox IMO lol Ok I posted before finishing the video.. The end is awesome lol. This is just as good.
  7. a few days late But Happy Birthday.
  8. Paul Walker dead at 40 yrs old. You knew him as Brian O'Conner from the movies Fast and Furious. However sad, its Ironic that he died in a car crash.
  9. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and that you have a safe Black Friday sale if you plan to shop. If your one of the people who sat outside in the cold just to get in 1st.. then I Applaud you and feel sorry for you cause its WAY!!!! too cold for me to do that crap lol.
  10. Doesn't get any better than this for me At work right now @ Geeksquad City.. Attending a lan party Some of the prizes include 40" LED TV. Apple Ipad and others
  11. Can't wait.. Even though I won't make it to the OCT 7th or this event I'll definately be on the saturday after playing