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  1. I saw Ghostface and Method Man in Chicago. It was amazing. A group that really got my intention was Dead Prez. They have this song called Hell Yea that's good.
  2. Candidate Banjo here! I am from Indiana and grew up on classic rock. I am also in my 30's. I started to expand to bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath. In my mid teens I found punk music. Not the whiny stuff, the good stuff. Bands like Misfits, Black Flag, and Suicidal Tendencies. I had the mohawk and shitty attitude to match it. I didn't know much about rap but I'll get to that. Also, all this time growing up, I never stopped listening to a certain genre, I just added to my collection. I think it is because I play music. weird punk phase lasted until the end of high school. When I got to college, I heard Old Crow Medicine Show and it made me feel shit I had never felt before. I started this band that revolved around Americana/Folk/Country and played some big shows before I joined the Air Force. It was this time I saw/heard an amazing connection between hip hop and folk. They're both very melodic and speak some of the same truths. I know it sounds crazy... So traditionally, a folk/bluegrass will play around one mic and take turns soloing. This is the same for freestyling. My friends and I would get in a circle, put on an instrumental, and take turns spitting that HAWT FIRE. This isn't my only connection either. The story that is told is also similar. A lot of traditional folk songs are about protest songs, murder ballads, contraband, and love songs. I listen to almost all music. The one thing I could never get behind is stadium/commercial country. To me, it is overproduced and too flashy. Lastly, I have always believed that you are doing yourself a disservice not listening to more genres, especially musicians. Any input is welcome! I wanted to post this to find out what music you go to and what you stay away from in relation to what you grew up on.
  3. I voted for the first time because I wanted to complain. Which has made me more involved in politics. I think saying that people don't have a right to complain is counterproductive. People complaining is a good conversation starter that will lead to a vote.
  4. You know, I have only been hanging around the MadCast Discord for a short while, but I am constantly in awe of how awesome the community is. Not only do you post a truly educational thread on gay rights and where we are now compared to just 50 years ago, but you open the floor for others to speak which is above and beyond. I just got out of the Air Force after 10 years and I feel like the military will always be behind. Racism and bigotry is what I have had to deal with my entire career and I am a straight white male. Thank you for posting this! It is instances like this that I can educate my kids and set a good example.
  5. I think pineapple pizza is absolutely disgusting, but I believe people should do or eat what they like. I voted yes only because there are TOO many people trying to decide for others.
  6. Hello, I would love to play. My name is 666BANJO.
  7. Yes, I would like to apply to become a full member. Thank you for the consideration.


    Banjo here. If anyone wants to play a truly challenging modpack. I have a server up for OmniFactory. If you are interested, please add me on discord (BANJO RL #2392). It is a really hard modpack that is based on GregTech.
  9. Hello! I am BANJO, I have been playing Rocket League with some cool MadCast members, but I would love to play Minecraft with ya'll too. Please add me to whitelist. Name is 666BANJO
  10. Hello all! I am BANJO, I'm from Indiana and play....the BANJO. Games that I play are Rocket League (Champ 2), League of Legends (wood tier), Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto. I have already been very active for the last 2 months; just haven't applied yet. I wanted to wait until I knew the people in MadCast were people that I would play with often. I usually join the MadCast discord as soon as I logon. If anyone would like to play or get to know me more, add me on steam @