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  1. Dead Prez also sings the song Hip Hop which is really good.
  2. I really wish this fight went past five seconds because I would have like to have seen a submission from one of them but it was defiantly exciting.
  3. Did anyone watch the fights from UFC 239 that happens last Saturday 7/6/19? The main event was kind of a boring fight, but the under card was great and full of knockouts. If there is some interest out there I can post the results from the fights. Notable fights to discuss without spoilers Nunes v Holm Askren vs Masvidal (fight ended in 5 secs, Literally fastest KO is UFC history) Rockhold vs Blachowicz Chiesa vs Sanchez
  4. I have been listening to a lot of alternative rock or poor man's jam bands lately. What I mean by this is older stuff from O.A.R because everything after all sides is shit imo. Dave Matthews Band is up there for me too. A really good indie band that never really signed with a label is a band called Dispatch, they have kept the same sound throughout there entire run. Songs I would recommend by them are The General, Flying Horses, Two Coins, Railway, Elias, and Outloud (if you want anymore listen to their album called Gut the Van). I was raised on classic rock from the 60s to the 80s so I like alot of that music as well. I also agree with Al Shifra on listening to the lyrical rappers, J.Cole is great along with logic, but you cannot forget about biggie and Wu Tang (aint nothing to fuck with) . A lot of Kanye's early stuff is good as well and you have to throw Kid Cudi into that mix. When i play games or write papers for school I like to listen to mashups which is more EDMish, i would recommend White Panda's the pawprint or Two Friends Big Bootie Mix 13. If you would like links let me know.
  5. Unfortunately i will not be able to attend this week coach, going home for the 4th.
  6. Pineapple does not belong on pizza that is all.
  7. "Also, how you gonna say you got no friends when DJ be taking care of your gear every league?! Least give that man some cookies or something!" Someone told me to be funny about the intro thread, but i guess the sarcasm didn't land.
  8. Hello Madcast, I am uT Nitrogen. I am from Buffalo, New York and currently residing in Cleveland Ohio for school. Some games that I play are Rocket League (Forever Diamond), League of Legends (aram only), Path of Exile, and whatever else is fun. I have been pretty active the last couple of months on Madcast participating in the RL Mafia events and the Path of Exile leagues. I don't really have any friends and this seems like a great community to be a part of. If anyone wants to get to know me I am usually hanging out the the PoE channel or with the rocket league guys, you can also add me on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122220644/ Edit: This is my application for a full membership