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  1. Oh darn, I forgot to submit my clips guess I'll wait for the next challenge.
  2. Please add Nimdar and UR_DA_Mail_Man to the whitelist. -[C] Nimdar
  3. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you've come to the right place. Pokémon showdown is a website game that is very fun for when you have nothing to do. When you were playing normal Pokémon you probably wanted the best Pokémon team there is well you can create your very own team with customizable Ivs/Evs and even control their abilities. and the best part is that you can challenge anyone that is online with a name. Or you can have your team go against another team in the online matchmaking system which has an MMR system implied as well. So if you want to try it out for yourself then check it out here: -[C] Nimdar
  4. Can't wait for mafia tonight! Hopefully it won't be like last week with the bot being down.
  5. There's only 2 ways of not backflipping. The first way is to not backflip and actually hitting the Ariel. The second is to adjust your Dodge dead zones from 0.36 to 0.40 (but it's all for what you think is reasonable because it's Your settings) Requested By: Madcast: Dez
  6. If you don't know how to Trade then you've come to the right place! First what you wanna do is to want an end goal item for example a White octane. Second your gonna wanna look at the price of it first by going to : Third go on: -the most top left box enter the item you want, on the top most right box you can select if you want a certain paint with that item, and the bottom left box if for the platform your gonna be trading on and that should be steam, and lastly the bottom middle box is for if you want this item and want to buy it or you have this item and want to sell it, and don't bother with the top middle box unless you have striker certification. 4th go through your inventory and sell all the junk you have to try and get as many keys as you can to get the end goal item. 5th make sure there not a scammer or if their going to waste your time because the usual scams are ( if your going for a white item before you click accept trade make sure it's still a white item and not a grey one) (if they have less then 850 hours don't even bother with your time.) (if your not sure if their gonna waste your time or not check their comments usually a trader with 850 hours has 2 or more pages of +reps) 6th trade the key amount the person wants for your item press the contact on steam button down below their trade and friend them message them what you have and what you want 7th invite them to a party and TRADE! If you have any questions just contact me on discord I'll be happy to help with any trades. -[C] Nimdar
  8. Me and my friends recently have seen a Seth bling video about how random blocks when broken would turn into some other random block in Minecraft for example a dirt block would turn into a cyan glazed terracotta block, and you can check out the video yourself it's pretty interesting. -[C] Nimdar
  9. I played Pokémon GO the first week it came out and it was a very exciting game but in like a month it got repetitive so I went to my pc, and that's when I was hooked on Rocket league so I abandoned the game, I have been playing Pokémon GO actively in the last month or so, and I wanted to know if anyone else here plays it so that we can be friends on the game. Trainer code: 6293 2301 4206 -[C] Nimdar
  10. I do not have the replay file as I didn't see this too be a good clip. You said that you should post a safe clip and a really good clip, so I posted my safe clip. but don't worry a better clip will be on it's way!
  12. Hello to all that read this. I am Nimdar. I'm from Wisconsin and I play mainly Rocket league(champ 3-GC, still bad at mafia) , but I also once in a while play Minecraft (modded), I've been in the server for about 6 months, but have only been active for the last 2 months, I've played with most of the people in the rocket league part of Madcast But would like to meet the parts of Madcast I haven't seen yet, I usually get on the server whenever I can and Yes, This is my Full Member application intro. I hope I get to meet everyone in the Madcast Gaming Community. Steam: Recommended by CoachRivers
  13. Nimdar

    Is water wet?

    Does anybody know?