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  1. Haha, thanks! I wanted to make an alternate called CharlotTheHarlotte but I think its 2 over the character limit
  2. Hi! I'm Allen, I'm from Boston, and I've been playing League for a while now, I cant really count how long. Since Hecarims release. I've gotten sick of making "friends" who only like playing with you when you're the 10/0 Bard running around 1v1ing the jungler and making sick plays but will scorn you the second you have a bad game, so I'm looking for a new community to join. Idk if I'm doing this right, so please dont hesitate to tell me haha. I read the whole intro thing so I think I'm doing it right lol. To clarify, I'd like to join, I think, but for right now I'd like to see if I fit in first, if that makes sense?