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  1. Got omega ruby a few days ago and just finished playing through it then transferred most of my XY stuff over.
  2. 3454-1878-8703 Mostly just playing pokemon right now, got Omega Ruby a couple days ago.
  3. The first one went fairly well so we are going to try for a round 2. No set date since it seems my last one didn't fit with a lot of people's schedules. Anybody interested post your availability either in this thread or by PM and i'll figure out what time works for the most people!
  4. Very excited to pick this up, not sure when I will be able to get it though!
  5. Going to do DKA - INN - INN tomorrow at 5 PM EST. If people have a good time, I will be happy to host another draft. RSVPs would be appreciated!
  6. A tentative time for this would be as soon as saturday, Nov 22 starting sometime in the realm of 5-7 pm EST depending on how that works for those involved.
  7. Anybody interested that hasn't used cockatrice before toss me a pm on wherever and i'll show you the ropes. You can download the cockatrice client from
  8. Hello fellow MadCasters, just making a quick post here to gauge interest in a MTG draft tournament. It would be hosted using Cockatrice and Drafts.In both of which are free! I would like to get about 8 people more than that and we would have to spl and do a swiss-style tournament after the draft. Which would involve 3 rounds each round consisting of a best of 3. 4-5 hours would leave a comfortable amount of time for the draft + 3 rounds. I haven't decided on a date yet, but anybody interested feel free to post below or send me a message on teamspeak / steam / league / through PM. I also haven't decided what set to draft, but i'm leaning towards Innistrad - Dark Ascension as that was one of my favorite draft formats.
  9. Welcome Cheng! We met on teamspeak a little bit, glad you posted an introduction
  10. I knew about the addon (and have it installed) but the actual lists are very nice.
  11. Looking forward to doing some dungeons with my fellow MadCasters!
  12. Excellent guide HyndeSyte, In addition here is a link to some useful infographics for classes and professions!