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  1. Unfortunately, I'm gonna withdraw my application. I only found you guys through the PoE guild, and I was looking for a more active guild. I've been the only one on for most of my playtime for the last week or two.
  2. I had it down to two guys (jonathan and evan) but not because of any stereotypes. The main clue was the interviews (the mole didn't have one, cause whoever made it didn't think that part through to have him still lie in a post-interview). But, in case they did and that wasn't proof, I thought those two both deflected questions a bit, or just had good vague responses to some stuff.
  3. The title is very misleading.. If you liked early 2000's pop and don't mind raunchy lyrics, you'll dig this. Imagine if britney spears was a coke whore (and openly sang about it) and then asked Daft Punk to help produce her songs, and thats sorta what this is. Also, if you ever watch tik tok compilations, they stole the chorus from it for a lot of videos. That song got stuck in my head for a few days. The last few nights, for some reason I was reminded of how good Scott Pilgrim was, and the Metric song 'Black Sheep', that they used for Clash at Demonhead has been stuck in my head. I actually think Brie Larson's version is much better. The song works better in her range then the original singer, and the production on the movie version is a little tighter. Even the singer/writer from Metric said she likes the movie version more. She wrote the lyrics in a stream of consciousness, and said she never knew what it 'meant' till she saw the movie. They made the lyrics actually mean something.
  4. That was pretty good. I'm impressed with the choreography and cinematography, as they did that in a single moving shot. Seems like the kind of song that would be a banger in a club, but think id get tired of it on its own. Do you know this one, dso? Tik tok made it blow up a little (they love to use the chorus). It's a trans woman that makes it/sings it, and she has some great pop song writing abilities.
  5. haha! That guy was great. I was afraid he'd be some kind of a caricature from the thumbnail, but he was very well spoken and eloquent in expressing his ideas. Especially what he said at the end.
  6. Enzee

    Map sharing

    Yea, I got dangerously close to getting fixated on the poison assassin again. Was using him to group with fancy and got a few levels. I still want to kill uber elder a bit with the necro before I swap to something else.
  7. Enzee

    My new home?

    Sure, but as a candidate, i thought i'd save you guys from it as long as possible and contain it to this forum... for now.. ¬_¬ :D
  8. Oh man, I'm so glad to see a thread like this. Kudos to you doublestufforeo. I saw the first posts on the front page when I first joined, and told Craiden in my initial interview that I was glad to see this site was more open minded (and, for lack of a better word 'liberal') than the last forum I used to visit. It was a forum I read/visited for almost 20 years, all starting from playing Everquest in 99. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the site has become a pretty heavy alt-right site, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I was so tired of the hate on gays, trans, 'the left', sjws, etc.. and being drowned out by the echo chamber of hate if I tried to voice any dissenting opinion. While i'm straight myself, I've come to the realization that if I found out a woman I was dating was born post-op trans woman, I don't think I'd have a problem with that. Some more traditionally minded men would likely balk at that idea, claiming it makes me 'gay', but whatever. I've also always had a fair amount of gay and/or trans friends and I've always been kind of intrigued by gay and trans culture. There's quite a few 'gay' things that I've been into or enjoy, such as music. I only mention these things to give you an idea of where I'm coming from in regards to the topic. I had to quote this, as it does reflect something I believe to be true. On one hand, there's people trying to break down the social construct of gender (i.e. pink is female, blue is male) but many trans people, especially among trans women, are infatuated with those same social constructs. They are fascinated by society's definition of 'female' or 'girly'. In a perfect world, where your biological sex didn't dictate which of those constructs we expected you to fall into, I think we'd see a lot less true 'trans' and simply more 'girly dudes'. Not that its very relevant to today's world, as that is a hypothetical fantasy world, but its an interesting philosophical question, none the less. I saw that this became a big discussion before, so I want to elaborate further to (hopefully) avoid any confusion. I am NOT saying trans people are 'confused' about actually being trans. What I am saying, is that I think their body dysmorphia and such, stems from the fact that their body doesn't align with what society says it should be for them to act the way they naturally feel. I.e. for a trans woman, if their body was naturally female, then it would be fine for them to be into those things. But, because our society looks down on boys playing with makeup, clothes, high heels, etc.. as that is not a 'manly' thing to do, it magnifies those negative feelings. If there were no preconceived notions of what a man or woman should 'be', then I think some portion of them wouldn't feel so strongly about changing their actual body with surgery. Again, not ALL of them, I'm sure there would still be many who simply hate their body and may not even be into 'girly' things at all. I've just seen or met a large number of trans women who are into hyper-feminine things and aesthetics. The whole drag queen culture is also based on these ideas, for example. As for the straight pride parade comments, I pretty much agree with everything you've said, doublestufforeo. Anyone who questions why 'we' (being a cis white hetero male myself) can't have 'white history month' or 'straight pride parades' is being ignorant of the fact that every OTHER day/month are basically those things. I'm half irish, so I might celebrate 'Irish pride', and that would be fine. No one would call me racist for celebrating my Irish heritage. Unfortunately, most black people had their ancestry stolen from them when their ancestors became slaves. They often have no real idea which country their families called home in the past, so 'Black pride' is a way for all of them to celebrate their history. 'Black pride' is the most accurate way they could describe their heritage and it doesn't have hatred behind the idea. 'White pride' is simply based on exclusionary tendencies, though. Similar thing with gay pride, its based on a mutual struggle that is shared among gay people, in an effort to combat marginalization. Straight people aren't marginalized, so there is no reason to celebrate it other then in an effort to mock gay people for doing so.
  9. A hawaiian style pizza (pineapple + ham), is great. Just pineapple on a regular cheese pizza? Meh, not as much. I agree with someone on the first page, saying pineapple can overpower the normal pizza flavors, especially if its large chunks. I prefer much smaller pieces, as the taste isn't quite as overpowering then. A mixture of sweetness from the pineapple with the normal savory flavors of pizza, is a good combo, imo.
  10. Enzee

    My new home?

    Just noticed the title of this forum. The place to act like an idiot? I feel like I should just bookmark this forum as the main page i load to visit the site..
  11. I did send you a friend request, btw. I'm enzie5 on LoL.
  12. Enzee

    Map sharing

    Tonight was fun, getting those unique maps out of the way. If anyone else is still working on clearing their atlas, lemme know if you need any maps. I've got at least 1 of almost every white/yellow map, and the early red ones. After most of you logged, me and fancy finished out the rest of his white maps and that was fun.
  13. I don't understand this word.. 'casual'.. j/k But, I do tend to get a bit hardcore into whatever game I'm playing, hence why I like deeper games that give me something to continuously do or explore as I play. That said, I have been playing TFT kind of casually, mostly in the last month or so of each PoE league (they last roughly 3 months) when I'm starting to get bored. So, in a few weeks I may be taking you up on that offer.
  14. cue obligatory "Hi Enzee!" So.... hi. Where to start? My real name is Nolan, and my initials are NZ, hence 'en-zee' cause I lack creativity when coming up with nicknames. I've been playing games for 20 years now, but generally I get really into one game for a long time. Everquest back in the day, WoW for the first 3 xpacs, League for awhile, and now Path of Exile (PoE). In the last year or so, it's been mostly Gwent, then MTGA, then TFT and now basically just PoE. I used to be the 'best guy at the shop' level of player in magic: the gathering, and I helped run a physical game store as well as my own online card singles store for mtg. I got away from paper cards when MTGA came out, but after War of the Spark, I lost some interest in playing again. I'm sure I'll go back to mtg at some point (you never truly quit playing magic :D you just take real long breaks sometimes). I just joined the PoE guild a few days ago, and so far I can only really pick out Craiden, Luna and Red's voices in a crowd, but looking forward to getting to know more people. I've played with a few others, especially last night, just can't remember the other people's names yet (Sorry!). Craiden suggested posting an intro thread, even if I didn't apply for membership, and I'm still slightly hesitant on applying. Everything I've seen so far has been great, its just I didn't expect this to be a whole multi-game community originally. This is only my 2nd full league in PoE, and I wasn't in a guild for the first one. I tried out a different guild before this, but their discord was dead after day 2, no one ever responded when I tried to organize groups for things like map sharing, and then the one time a few people DID come to the unique map I was sharing for them, one guy decided to keep the exalted orb that dropped. That was the last straw, as I just found that incredibly rude when someone is already doing you a favor to save you time/money. I'm a pretty generous guy, I didn't mind people grabbing any other loot, and I probably would have let him keep it if he offered it to me, but that the idea never crossed his mind was aggravating. Again, that alone wouldn't have been enough to leave, but combined with the other issues, I didn't see the point of being there anymore. So, I was just looking for another PoE guild and saw a recruitment post in the official PoE discord. As I'm mainly playing PoE right now, I'm a little concerned I won't meet enough full members to garner the votes for membership... Question mark? I skimmed over the process, and it seems that if that happens, I'm able to re-apply immediately anyways (barring a ban, ofc) so I suppose there is no harm in applying, then. If I'm correct and that's the case, then consider this my application for membership. Thanks, and look forward to meeting some more of you! Enzee (Kirloken account name in PoE)