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  1. MailMan

    PC for 1000$

    I have a decent rig myself but I know someone who is trying to get a computer. He has about 1000$ to spend, are there are key components that he should look for when buying a PC (I would assume for gaming ) ? I can get him some ram but don't know too much about processors, motherboards, Case types and fans. If you would like to compare to this one he found online that would be great. Any help or knowledge is greatly appreciated. EDIT: this is the PC he was looking at:
  2. I would say CSGO should be the tie breaker, or even something like pummel party if everyone has access to a game like that.
  3. @MadCast: Ascent has anyone gotten close? Who has attempted such a challenge so far? I know its only been a few days but im curious.
  4. I love strategy games (settlers, codenames, etc.) however I don't play too much. Weekend night sessions are best.
  5. Hmmm I need to practice my 1v1s anyway, maybe ill give it a shot...
  6. I'm sure @MadCast: Ascent will love to see that happen, we just have to wait and see.
  7. I keep hearing about this League match vs Rocket League players and I want to say I can't wait to beat all of these League players >:). GLHF! (P.S. I hope its on the weekend sometime)
  8. I would be interested in starting something. My favorite thing about games is an economy system, so if the server ended up having one I would be in for sure.
  9. I would consider myself an editor with not the best tools. These are some montages I made from my other discord if anybody is interested:
  10. I am down to play if we have enough people. I haven't played spleef, have only watched it, but it should be a lot of fun.
  11. If anyone is wanting to play other games that aren't as popular on this discord like: Factorio Unrailed Risk of Rain 2 Towerfall Ascension Artifact Dungeon of the Endless or Age of Empires, Just hmu.
  12. I would call that a clip for sure.
  13. I noticed Madcast had a tabletop section but I never saw anybody playing anything on the discord. I was wondering if anybody had tabletop simulator on Steam and wanted to setup board games, card games, even some poker if we had enough people. I am part of a family who are huge fans of board games; however, they don't love the long and strategic games like Risk or Settlers of Catan. If we had a group that had tabletop simulator and wanted to get on once a week or even once a month to get a long game going I think that would be awesome. I am fairly new to most of the long games but I would love to learn and set something up.
  14. Hi my name is MailMan and I have been an active user of this discord for about 2 months now. If you have seen me on here, you would have seen me in the Rocket League, OSRS, or Minecraft channels. I was brought here for RL mafia at first but ended up staying for the people and active community MadCast has to offer. I was a decent editor in my old discord; however, don’t have the good programs to edit any videos together. I would like to apply for membership as I am in here for hours every day. Recommended by Nimdar.