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  1. Hey there. I just downloaded POE. I loved Diablo 2 and waited a million years for 3 to come out, only to be disappointed. I hear that POE is the true predecessor to D2. Tips for newbies? Maybe we can play together! Hit me up. My steam name is also Heynowcloud.
  2. Yeah i'm not going to say league champs are unoriginal buuuuut lots of them are taken from tropes/ mythology. Nasus is an abacus/ amumu a mummy from Egyptian mythology, wukong is the sunking from chinese mythology. Ali as a minotaur, shaco is the trickster trope. Mermaids, a yeti. Diana even shares her name with her moon goddess. League would have to prove their idea was original first.
  3. I know its an opinion but you may be right!
  4. Classic song that I have recently re-fallen in love with. The Kinks- Strangers More modern, lesser known band called Tennis. They are a husband and wife. Tennis- In the Morning, I'll be Better
  5. Made this little survey- First champion that came out after you started the game: Jinx First champion you played: Janna First Penta kill: Brand Favorite Champ: Nami Cutest champ: Beemo Champ that needs nerf'd: Pyke? or undo Blitz buff, maybe Yas.. Champ that needs a buff: Lulu Hardest champ to play: Azir Easiest champ to play: Yuumi
  6. This is a pretty cool (physical) tabletop game. It's like a League of Legends knock off. There are different hero deck to choose from and build a deck of 5 heroes. They have a 3 lanes, minion, towers to push and even neutral monster/ dragons. The art is so pretty!
  7. I'm coming for the crown. Even if I can't take the title, I'll take the glory.
  8. This ones a tough one especially on a budget. I can offer a cooking technique that helped me: Instead of using butter or oil on a pan, use water and salt/ pepper. You can pan fry chicken, or tilapia, or whatever lower fat meat you choose. When you heat it quick enough the water will evaporate and leave crispy salty char on your protein without oil/ butter.
  9. I am a master at cooking on a budget. I unfortunately WING most of my recipes, measuring by what looks good. The recipe below is very malleable, but I also added two actual recipes links in there. Modify it the way you like. HMU if you have questions. Buffalo Chicken
  10. The best part is you didn't want to play/ weren't confident on Sona, then BOOM penta kill.
  11. I've been painting minis about half a year now. I started on zombies from a random board game and 50 cent paint. I finally got some Vallejo. We started on terrain last weekend! Here's some of what I have going on for Legion. Minis. @MadCast: JigglesTheFett
  12. Hey, there i'm applying for membership. A few people know me by now. I'm heynowcloud, you can call me Cloud or my real name, that's Stephanie. I'm married, work full times. I'm passionate about my pets and love animals in general. Click for cute animals. Games: League has been my main game for about 6 years I take breaks but always come back. Lots of Madcast members should recognize from league games (mafia). Racer made me apply. I like my Switch, pokemon, zelda etc. I play mostly single player games. I am always impulse buying games as long as i have people to play with. Other than video games, I love playing tabletop/ board games and painting miniature/ building terrain for them (d&d/ star wars legion).