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  1. My Roommate is a Cat- episodes are short and sweet. It will give you the feels. The last few minutes of the episode are told from the cat's perspective, which is actually really funny. Here's a clip from cat's perspective. The whole episode the main character had been depressed/ being busy novelist at his computer, and also didn't know why he kept stepping on cat food.
  2. These are so gooooooood @LizzieJay
  3. This is cool and gross. Imagine how many millions of life forms that 16ft whale ate and now how many millions of things are eating it... Its like "oh whats that shadow" worms... "oh whats that hair" worms...
  4. She's as crazy as she looks
  5. This was a lot of fun! I'm glad I made it out even if I was late. Thanks a ton for hosting!!
  6. I have d&d at 4PM tomorrow , Who knows how long it will last. If it doesn't last too long i may jump in late. It's been a nightmare working out the d&d schedule. It is super exciting to have lots of candidates and id be down for playing some social games! I also want to see a movie night and stuff happen to meet more people since I basically only play League these days.
  7. Few years worth of pumpkins I've carved. Share yours if you do them! The kitty-cat was this years. Other years in this link --> Pumpkins!!
  8. Hey there. I just downloaded POE. I loved Diablo 2 and waited a million years for 3 to come out, only to be disappointed. I hear that POE is the true predecessor to D2. Tips for newbies? Maybe we can play together! Hit me up. My steam name is also Heynowcloud.
  9. Yeah i'm not going to say league champs are unoriginal buuuuut lots of them are taken from tropes/ mythology. Nasus is an abacus/ amumu a mummy from Egyptian mythology, wukong is the sunking from chinese mythology. Ali as a minotaur, shaco is the trickster trope. Mermaids, a yeti. Diana even shares her name with her moon goddess. League would have to prove their idea was original first.
  10. I know its an opinion but you may be right!
  11. Classic song that I have recently re-fallen in love with. The Kinks- Strangers More modern, lesser known band called Tennis. They are a husband and wife. Tennis- In the Morning, I'll be Better
  12. Made this little survey- First champion that came out after you started the game: Jinx First champion you played: Janna First Penta kill: Brand Favorite Champ: Nami Cutest champ: Beemo Champ that needs nerf'd: Pyke? or undo Blitz buff, maybe Yas.. Champ that needs a buff: Lulu Hardest champ to play: Azir Easiest champ to play: Yuumi