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  1. I'll try and make it out! I've been having a good time playing and shooting the shit with y'all.
  2. At the expense of replying too long after this post was made, how closely does the film follow The Killing Joke?
  3. This is my boofer, Biggie. He's a good bear and very photogenic. ❤️
  4. Yo! It was cool chilling with y'all even if it was just briefly. My introvert tendencies were doing a sick flip in my head tho. I definitely won't be a stranger and I really do appreciate you having me.
  5. Dope! That's excellent to hear. And if you don't mind me name dropping, I'm into stuff like Converge, The Ocean, Between the Buried and Me, Daughters.... I'm kind of a nerd about it lol!
  6. Hi! My name is NastyTaxi, and I'm here because my clan is effectively dissolving and moving here. I was referred to here by another candidate from my clan @RyneB. It was kind of a bummer when a few core members left my clan, but I'm hoping we can build a stronger sense of community here (If you'll have me, of course!). My main game is Destiny 2, but I also dip in and out of Borderlands 3 from time to time. My style of play in D2 is mostly casual, but I'm aiming to change that and to actively get better at the game in terms of high level PVE activities (now that they're actually difficult) and the Crucible. I would like to become a full time member. Outside of gaming, I'm really into metal/hardcore and love to sing. I also write but I haven't done it in ages. What else...my name is a glorified Death Grips reference! Also very important. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Thank you.