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  1. As one of his recruits, and now candidate, i second this motion. He made it super easy for me to familiarize myself with this community and im really glad to be part of it now.
  2. Nice work, it looks really neat. My dad does a lot of stuff like, he made a bunch of furniture for their house. Sadly i never picked any of his crafty skills
  3. Oh yeah, i will definately be there this time, couldnt attend the last one because of work but not for this one. Cant' wait to join you guys and get to know more Madcasters. One thing though, im familiar with Jackbox PP but not the others. For the other two, do i need to print out the free version ? And is there a F2P Jackbox ?
  4. I am honnestly a bit shocked that this issue arose in this community, being as it is very well organized on many aspects and with a clear code of conduct. I just cant understand why some people would come here and liberally discuss their drug usage or whatever they may have said. Especially in the presence of someone else who doesnt want to take part in this convo and is made uncomfortable by the subject. I do smoke week from time to time but i keep that stuff private, i would never discuss my usage, let alone promote it to someone else. Thats just a plain lack of respect towards other people's beliefs and just overall morally wrong. Normally, its one of these inherent rules to a community like dont be racist, or dont be rude, etc, you just dont do that shit, period, it just doesnt belong here. Its just common sense.
  5. Hello there guardians, im Docteur-Stup, freshly arrived from the southern fields of France, im come to provide lethal doses of hilarity, stupidity and all other kinds of ity. Im a 31 years old lazy piece of shit because i grew up with videogames from an early age. Nowadays i play Destiny 2 and some other shooters. In game, you can count on me to save you by throwing my body in front of a hail of bullets. My motto "Die first so you can live longer", Dont come for tetanos or flu shots, i dont got none, the only thing i know is self medication. That will be all for the moment, see you crazy people out there. I'm applying for full membership and was recruited by MadCast: Doublestufforeo.