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  1. Signed up and they gave me a excellent rating for chosen to be in beta...I am pretty sure that means dick all but yaaaa...though I did max out the amount of games I could put down that I beta tested and a very long but awesome text of why I should beta test for them
  2. Whoa this game looks cool. *Edit* Oh yes I remember signing up for beta for this long ago...just watched some videos of it from the site looks balling...bought the 20$ founder member to get in.
  3. This is the reason why blizz takes years for their games to be released I swear.
  4. Yea been in beta for some time...its fun game...love the concept that regardless which class you play you can spec/build them they way you want with the massive skill web.
  5. I need a few willing bodies for a heist for Jobotoo's bank
  6. So a few months back a ex blizzard gm did a ama on Reddit. He knew stuff about titan but couldn't say anything. Though I did ask him if he knew when blizz was planing to tell the public about stuff in titan and reveal or something like that...He said last he knew if they didn't change anything blizz was planing on unveiling in 2015.
  7. Well either way with her lease ending...we can legaly not renew her lease...we just cant give them the reason why or they can sue us for bullshit and what not...Property management is an interesting field lots of things to learn.
  8. Yea we still haven't informed his mother...Shes a bad tenant as is...We are trying to figure out really how to bring this up...But all is good her lease is up in May and we aint renewing hers sick of her and her damn kids
  9. I wish he would have just pulled up his pants and let go of his dick.
  10. So it comes to the end of a long 13 hour work day. Me Mr. Maintenance man of my apartments who knows who all 108 unit tenants are walking into my building ready to just get inside home have a drink dinner and settle down for the night. All would think yes another good night time to rest. I walk up to the second floor and start heading towards the end of the hall to enter my castle of a 900 sq ft apartment I call home when I notice half way down the hall the one hoodlum shit 15 year old kid from up stairs that has known to causes problems. At first I think now what could this little shit be up too but I am tired and not think much of it. As I walk down the hall and get closer to this kid I realize his pants are half down his hand grabbing his cock and a cold shock stare looking into me as some one has just walked on him jacking off onto one of our attractive young gal apartment door. I stop...Dumb founded, I look at him and I ask him simply "what are you doing?" the only response I get from this little shit is "huh" again...I ask him with a more serious tone because he knows who I am...I am the eyes that knows all in my building..."What are you doing?" again I just get a simple "huh" the whole time his pants still half down while he just there with cock in hand. At this point I have nothing I want to do with this I simply just go into my apt call my manager who even says...I have no idea how we are going to handle this we will talk in the morning...Still dumb founded what I ran into. 30 seconds later I run down to the office to grab a package for my woman I check all the floors quick the kid is no where in sight... So thought I would share with you all my little fucked up story for the night. Uhh Edits for being tired and kinda drunkish I think I fixed all typos
  11. Me and my buddys played that for hours and hours on end with custom maps doing terrorist hunt...Black mesa map was the best ever!