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  1. This happens tonight!! Hope we get enough players for two full games.
  2. Thanks man. Feels good to be back. Work was eating my life last year. Looking forward to more events like this.
  3. I would like to join this. Picked up Tabletop Sim not long ago and really enjoy the dynamic of it. Just downloaded some .json files from another forum for this game but am unsure of where to incorporate them into the steam files or if I even need to.
  4. I was looking into this for some time as well. It potentially looks like a whole lot of fun! (assuming it doesnt attract the 'play-it-my-way or hit-the-highway' groups that took over the majority of the L4D servers) Either way, I've a good feeling Ill be enjoying this game very much. Ill most likely be playing this on first launch when the time comes. Maybe we can get a couple parties going in TS.
  5. That week being now. Its amazing how many people down here don't understand the concept of ice on bridges. The signs aren't there for aesthetic reasons. Few days back the roads froze over here in San Antonio. left for work at 7:05AM, after defrosting the barrier of ice on my car, driving inch by inch past a 5 car mash up, and navigating through the downtown parks because the main highway was closed, I made it in at 10AM. (Usually the 25 mile drive takes me about 40 minutes).
  6. Congrats man! I sell GMC Terrains and the Escape is always a competitor. But to be honest, its a great deal! One of the safest in its class and you can't beat the fuel economy as I'm sure you've noticed. Its affordable and saves gas, so kudos on the pick! Hope it treats you well. I always like to use to double check consumer reports on specific year and models. The 2010 Ford Escape hybrid really didnt have many complaints. (all vehicles will have a few here and there, but its when you see over 20 or 30 in the same category that you should keep an eye out). Seems like you made a great buy.
  7. Yeah Jalisco region is the place to be to check out the distilleries if we had the time. But due to our demanding work schedules, we will be dropping by the small area just west of Matamoros where there are a couple of bars and distributors to compare our 'connected' brand with other Mexican exclusive tequilas to finalize who we want to invest in. According to my connoisseur colleague, the connection he has down there makes tequila that puts Patron to shame. But we shall see. Im particularly curious to see the difference between highland agave tequila and lowland agave tequila. Granted they are both blue agave, but I hear ones a sweeter taste versus the natural earthly flavor of the other. And you nailed it on the head Tort. Down there, they laugh at Americans who take shots of tequila. It's really meant to be sipped so you can taste the natural flavors on your palate. And thanks guys, I'll be picking up Cazadores next.
  8. Spread the word and sent out a few links as well to online acquaintances. Keep up the good work man, this stuff looks really promising in many aspects.
  9. Both my bottles of Cabo and Cabrito have bubbles for a fraction of a second when I shake them up then it clears. When you say bubble formation are you referring to bubbles that stay formed for a prolonged period? Im looking to compare silver (blanco) tequila by the way, and not mixtos. I forgot the exact area. My colleague has lived in the region for some time and knows a bit more of where to find some authentic makes. I'll keep you posted. And thanks Saiyan. Ill be keeping an eye out for Cazadores.
  10. Picked up a bottle of Cabo silver. Thanks for the recommendation Lister. It has a rich agave taste. I want to pick up a few others in due time and have a drinking comparison one of these nights. Ill let you know how Cabo holds up in my opinion. Ive been recommended to to try El Jimador. Any other suggestions good or bad?
  11. So a couple friends and I are planning a venture in the tequila importing business. One of which is a connoisseur of sorts and has some jimador (agave tequila plant farming) connections and claims they make a tequila much smoother and tastier than the stuff we have in the US. We are heading down to Mexico in the next month or so to test varies popular tequila brands and decide who we want to invest in. So my question is... do any of you guys have any recommendations of tequila brands I should try before making the trip down there so I have something to compare to? Im mostly looking to try absolute BEST and WORST 100% agave tequilas. Any thoughts? Lay 'em on me. Figured we have a hell of a cultured community here.
  12. This one went viral in a heartbeat. Was at around 8 million views at about 2pm today. Double within 6 hours!
  13. Im a couple marks under your CPU with the X4 965 and will be looking to do a similar upgrade in anticipation for The Witcher III. Keep us posted Lagg, and let me know how it goes.
  14. One of my immediate family members got this for Christmas. I've yet to play it with them, but I'd like to try and be there for this as it's on the one day I actually have off work. *marked on schedule* EDIT: Played it for the first time today with four other newbies. Good stuff. It was more exciting than everyone had anticipated once the rules were understood of course.
  15. Its TBA still. Was scheduled for an end of the 2013 year release, so I'm sure it's well into development now. Im pretty stoked about it. Loved the original and would always take turns when I had the siblings over to see who would get the farthest. It seems that at the time of release the co-op will be local only though. But it's probably nothing Hamachi couldnt remedy.
  16. Its been too long since I've been on let alone played a game consistently with the new job and all. But I'm going to make an effort with the dawn of the new year. The few minutes I get time to play ive been playing Amnesia: Machine for Pigs since its usually late at night. Will be playing Dying Light and probably Nether when they are released. OH!! And the new co-op Binding of Isaac when it comes out!
  17. For anyone who cares enough to look into my profile to see where ive been, I snagged a job at a buick/gmc dealership and am working 60 hour work weeks. Hope all is well and I look forward to the time I get to join you guys in game again.

    1. Oliver


      Good Luck to you bro!

  18. Look into getting a Sager from Xoticpc's site. (the site sells cheaper) I did the gaming laptop homework not too long ago for my kid sister in college. XoticPC does cutom builds and the Sager brand is top of the line. (not to mention you can skin it which is pretty cool). Just my two cents. I personally bought an Alienware back before Dell bought em out and it has been running some decent up to date games even after FIVE years. (did an easy gpu upgrade and put TWO new HDDs in it) It was pricey (about 2 Gs), but I couldnt be happier with the buy. But like I said, that was before Dell bought out the company. anyways, hope you find what you're looking for.
  19. Good work on the site gentlemen. It has a nice 'feel' to it. I did have a couple questions though. Are all my profile albums gone? I mean I know no one probably gave two shits of my albums let alone browsed my profile, but I enjoyed making my page a little more... individualistic. Also, are community groups still a part of the big picture? Oh and I probably just over looked this the first time, but is there still a 'new posts' list on the front page, or at least something to link to most recently active threads? Scratch that last one, just noticed the public/private thread list.
  20. If you take the subway often, you can really relate to this one... Sorry for the link, I guess Vbulletin is youtube or bust.
  21. I would like to make this. I enjoyed playing the last time.
  22. Beautiful 2 game list there Zan. I'd say only one, Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  23. 5 central is 6 eastern. Im central as well. Hope you can make it man.
  24. First Find courtesy of OmNom