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  1. You just realizing that now, Jobo? xD That was back when we were playing the PlanetSide 2 beta. Good times.
  2. Yeah, definitely. Though it's more that I've been busy than shy
  3. I gotta say I feel bad when I look at my post history and see that my last post in anything was back in... freaking May. I've had basically zero participation in playing stuff with you guys too, but that's mainly due to me sticking to Dota 2, Factorio, and Path of Exile lately. So for pretty much all the new members since the beginning of this year (if not before that too) probably have no idea who I am or of my existence. To those of you who've never seen nor talked to me I say, hello! I am Himntor, and yes, you pronounce the n. It's a hard n. To those of you who do know me and may or may not care about an update of what I've been up to, lemme tell ya, life is interesting. Finished the physical print of my book, started online college, actually have somewhat of a social life now, though I am teetering on the brink of losing most of it. Got addicted to building virtual factories and slaughtering aliens/undead/the corrupted. Am in the beginning stages of a Dota 2 tournament, and my team has won 4 out of 6 games so far, so that's pretty cool. Turned 20 back in July. Still haven't gotten a girlfriend (lol), and sadly the one girl I really liked went away on a mission for a year and a half, but it's aight, I'm pretty confident she'll come back to me. Soooo... yeah! Life's a fascinating thing and it's finally picking up the pace for me. How you guys been doin'?
  4. That ending... "Can we get a loop of the moaning?" Ohhhhhh my goooooosh I'm crying.
  5. Halo 1 & 2 were my first, unless Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire also counts as an FPS, but I always played that game in third person cause first person was weird. I still love the first two Halo games, though these days PlanetSide 2 reigns as my favorite FPS and probably always will.
  6. We Log Horizon now.
  7. I ban Jobo because... I can't really think of a reason to ban him. Actually, you know what Jobo, that signature is too big. Banned!
  8. Oh boy this is gonna take a bit to get used to. Everything's all fancy lookin'. RIP all Signatures.
  9. I was hardly being serious of that pertaining to me (I mean, kill entire enemy team in 350 radius? Pfft, realistically the radius would be bigger). I actually have no idea what sort of hero I'd be in any case.
  10. Well I could go with simple terms, like, Q: Stuns for 5 seconds, no exceptions. W: Slows and deals 500 damage over time. E: Gives 35% Chance to do a 250% damage crit and 40% chance to bash for 2 seconds. R: Kill entire enemy team in a 350 radius.
  11. Can't I be a Dota 2 hero? You know, so that I'm actually powerful and stuff.
  12. For once I actually have a few paintings to post. Voila, my oil landscapes. http://imgur.com/a/lbH7k
  13. Maturity starts when one can admit they are wrong and work on improving themselves. Rude behavior/personality traits can develop from a variety of reasons, but what's most important is recognizing that it's happening and search for answers on how to fix the problems, to rewrite your personality, so to speak. I used to be very anti-social and stayed inside all day, but now I can't stop jumping at just about any opportunity to get out of the house and go talk to people (which is partly why I'm hardly around playing with MadCast these days). Not trying to compare our situations or anything, but I'm trying to say that we determine our personalities. We write our own stories. They do not write us. If you let them write you, you're being acted upon instead of acting yourself. It's good that you recognize what you've done wrong and admit it. I hope it's a learning experience and you can work to change yourself for the better. Free agency and adaptability are two of the greatest gifts we have.
  14. Dang, got sucked into it again for a few hours and eventually wondered what those stupid 9.6million CPS were worth to me. Shakes fist at screen never again!
  15. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!