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  1. I guess the big question is how monotonous is the grind looking and does it look like a better start off as a game before DLC content? I ask this because the 1st game got particularly stale for quite a while and was sorta rescued by later DLCs and raids.
  2. it seems to be that Friday night league was designated as the name before the tournament started, the name is not indicative of when all or any matches will and have been played. Since we can all respect schedules can be busy and days need to be alternated to work with everyones schedules where applicable (obviously if 9 are free on a Thursday night then a sub will probably be required) I'm sure we understand the name is more "weekly night league" as oppose to specifically Friday.
  3. Its a dilemma I'm struggling with atm. Have friends locally urging me to get destiny 2 for the PS4, but I enjoy shooters much more on the pc. Being a part of this community now leans me towards waiting for the PC version, however I'll likely pick this up for both knowing the way i am -_-'.
  4. I have read and accept the terms of full membership. Thanks for the congratulations and to those who endorsed my candidacy to be apart of this great community.
  5. welcome! good luck with ur application!
  6. Is this a members only thing or is this something those who aren't members can participate and listen in on?
  7. where were the wards? poor show.