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  1. I hope your shoulder recovers quickly and easily! I have an elbow surgery on my dominant arm in a couple of weeks which has me nervous so I understand how obtrusive and disabling it can be to daily life.

  2. I just bought it from best buy for $40. Sale still ongoing, fyi. I won't get it until the 5th, but that's fine considering my current condition of only really being able to use one hand to operate my comp. Shoulder surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and hasn't quite gotten to a decent place to start using that arm to do any serious gaming. Surgery was done on the right shoulder of which i am right handed so that makes for an interesting time of things in and of itself, lol.
  3. XII. Illegal activities. You will not discuss, suggest, advocate, engage, or encourage any illegal activity. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are expressly forbidden. Do not post messages that violate Federal, State, or Local laws or anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or anything bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). XIII. Warez/CD Cracks/Key Generators. There will be absolutely no links, requests, suggestions, or any discussion about warez. There will be NO discussion on how to obtain CD keys, cracks, serial numbers, no-CD patches or key generators for any form of software, game or application on any part of this website or forum, whether you own it legitimately or not. If you have a pirated version of anything, we don''t want to know about it.
  4. I changed out a couple parts as to what I would go for. Basically switched over to a Ryzen chip. Swapped Motherboard to an AM4 chipset to support the cpu and changed over to ASUS. Also kept the same grade of GPU but with a far better company meaning changed out the gigabyte card to a EVGA card. Comes in cheaper and that Ryzen chip is going to get you more than that Intel chip can. AMD retook a lead finally with their Ryzen chip over the Intel I-chips. Plus the parts I have in there are $150 less, which frees up even more room to up that Power Supply if you wanted. Or even gives the opportunity to change over to a M.2 SSD.
  5. Razer Naga Hex V2 on sale this weekend for $34.99 I picked one up since my my normal MMO Naga is randomly losing it's tracking now and then. Plus, I don't really MMO much anymore.
  6. I can understand their further adjustments to Mercy. The big change is to the team mechanic and not Mercy herself with her current PTR changes. The fly in and res is one thing when it's where your team is currently fighting on an established line. It's another for Mercy to fly right through both lines and do an insta-res on a flanker that died behind the enemy back line. This will be a much harder concept to grasp for flanker mains that their free res behind enemy lines is likely to be slim or not safely possible to do. Good Mercy's won't have much of an issue with this as the higher skilled Mercy's usually have better team positioning down very well and will even now not bother diving to res the flanker behind enemy lines. The change won't mean much if your team has at least half their sense of protecting their supports. So many teams are easily dismantled in a hurry if their team pays little attention to their supports given their supports are in proper team support positions. Additional useful advice overall: Proper team positioning: Tanks should see the enemy team and their fellow tank if more than 1 > Offense/Defense characters should see each other but also be behind how many tanks > Healing supports should see everyone in front of them but not from a far away distance. There's really only room for one flanking character on King of the Hill style maps. You want characters that can fight on the point primarily. If half your team is dive and flank characters then typically you won't be spending much time on the point attacking or defending said point. Avoid shooting Zarya shields. Sadly people shooting and feeding Zarya shields exists even within Plat ranks. Rein or Orisa shields = shoot and destroy them damn things! You only have limited magazine size and unlimited overall ammunition (except D.Va who has no magazine limitation either). Take down them damn shields! If an enemy dives into your team behind your tanks you and your team need to take the free kill said diving character is willing to give. Allowing a dive character to dive into your back line and kill 1 or 2 people and still dive back out something is either ineffective about protecting your back line or attention is not being given towards the diving enemy fast enough. I'm typically always up for grouping up for games when I'm around so feel free to message me when I'm around.
  7. Growing tired of the solo Q experience and looking to do more group Q's. I'm a Mercy main, but I've got my comfort picks across the other roles as well, but Mercy is where I just perform best on a consistent basis. I'm usually around weekday evenings/nights and usually afternoon or better on the weekends. I placed around 2075 but have fallen to around 1850-ish. So sadly I'm silver now when I was gold. Looking for peeps to group with to at least be able to shoot the shit with fellow community comrades.
  8. Teamspeak should be online once again.
  9. MadCast has backup servers that exist for issues like this: Twitch App: Discord: I am in the process of getting TS3 back online.
  10. For those that have the Twitch desktop app. I have created a home for MadCast within their system. CLICK THIS LINK This is simply an optional community gathering point within this specific program/application. Teamspeak 3 and our website are of course still our default means of full community communication. Also will serve as a nice redundancy in the event Teamspeak happens to be down. Membership permissions and abilities are the same as with web and ts style permissions.