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  1. Now that it's been 2 months, I think I would stand by my position that inhouses are generally better for learning than normals. When we played normals, it felt more like we were playing for fun, there was no real postgame analysis, almost everyone just played their normal stuff. On another note, last week we had an amazing 2nd game that was very close and well played by everyone. I felt like we could have spent at least an hour dissecting that game, and it would have been helpful for all involved. When playing inhouse games, I feel like 10% of the games are incredibly close and well played by everyone, whereas in normals I find that maybe 1 in 100 games is actually like that. I think it would make sense to have another session, or just spend a long time going over a particularly close game should one occur in League of Learning. Doing extra analysis weekly doesn't seem like the best use of time when some League of Learning games turn into stomps.
  2. Pretty glad I timed the ult correctly. EDIT: Also, where would we be without my unparalleled escaping skills:
  3. Everyone has some sweet outplays or big moments. Post your big plays here! Everyone can make highlights by recording from a replay, then something like to post your highlights to. Aatrox vs team: Camille outplay vs team: #MaokaiThings:
  4. Thanks everyone! Glad I can contribute by flaming Namflow providing feedback.
  5. Darren Coach is no longer a member of our community. I could probably help you at some point to review your gameplay. I would also try to come to League of Learning, which takes place each Thursday at 9 PM eastern. It's a weekly event where we get together to play some games and review them after.
  6. I think she's overall fine, but a bit of a niche pick. She needs to be picked with a safe ADC into a lane without a lot of hard engage/knockups. She works well with Ez, Trist, Sivir and the like, and is pretty terrible against the hook supports. She scales very well into midgame, and supports diving champions extremely well.
  7. Pretty sure I can actually make it this time. I'm sure everything will go great and nothing bad will happen.
  8. I think that a month is a good period of time, at least for the games that I think would best fit the rotating game mode. My guess would be that most of the games are fun coop or multiplayer games that are fairly cheap, often go on sale, or many people likely already own. As an example, I would guess that Don't Starve Together is a good example of a monthly game, I suspect that you can get a good feel for the gameplay in the first ~10 hours. Other options for games might be something like L4D2, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Helldivers, Risk of Rain 2, Terraria, Minecraft, or Factorio to name a few. I think it would make sense to allow a game to win multiple months in a row. If it's popular enough for a long enough period of time, potentially some of these monthly games could even become an official game if there is enough buy-in and prolonged interest from the community.
  9. Having played 1 game so far, I can't say it was the best game. It does narrow the range of skill to about 3 divisions, compared with the 4-5 we get in mixed ELO inhouses, but the teams were not particularly fair (2 plats/3 golds vs 2 silvers, 2 golds, and 1 plat) and the game was quite one-sided (29-5, game ended in 21 minutes after all the enemy lanes lost and their jungler fell behind). Discussion on the topic was pretty minimal (talked about warding to avoid the inevitable level 2 jungle Twitch gank, and then Twitch started blue??). Wasn't much to be gleaned from that game that I could not already get from playing a normal (ran an experimental jungle path on Hecarim to rush level 6, got it at 7:00 from getting 2 crabs. Would have been ~7:30 off 1 crab or ~7:45 off 0. Should be doable on most AoE clear champs like Shyvana, Karthus, Kayn, etc). Talking with @MadCast: Namflow after the game, he brought up a point I didn't really think about. I think some people view League of Learning as a place to learn new champions and such, but to make the most of the 5v5 inhouse format, the focus should be on having a deep dive on mechanics, teamwork, and communication rather than learning a champion. The normal game format is better than inhouses for learning new champions/roles, but is worse for reviewing your personal mechanics, and generally has less pressure on your teamwork and communication abilities. Also, this may sound elitist/gatekeeping, but I think League of Learning inhouses is not the best place to hop back into League if you don't already play it a decent amount. It ends up being a fairly competitive environment, so if you are rusty, you are re-learning the game while other people are focusing on improving their mechanics. I did think that the idea of having most weeks be inhouses, and 1 week per month as normals was not a bad way to go about doing League of Learning.
  10. Wish I could make it, but I'm busy that day It's a great game, though.
  11. Replying here instead of the other thread: I think that these answers are generally just not good analysis. If you lost because you couldn't CS well, even though the lane was even, etc. then you found where you are weak and can improve. I don't mind this answer much, because you found something you could work on. If the bottom lane poked you out, was it a draft problem and you picked a losing matchup? Did you not play aggressive enough with a strong all-in bottom lane? Saying 'we got poked out' doesn't explain why you got poked out. If you lost mid post-6 were you able to stay even on farm? Could you support jungle ganks? Could you at least get vision on your lane opponent so they cannot snowball other lanes? Could your jungler not help you? Again, saying 'I lost post-6' is saying what happened, and not explaining what you tried to do about it. Early jungle gank set you behind? Why did that happen? Were you pushed up too far? Did the enemy jungle come from an unexpected angle? Did you not place a ward? What will you try to do about it if you had to run the matchup again? In the jungle, if you are continually getting invaded, is it because your laners have no priority? Is that a draft problem or is your team just simply not pushing up? Are you picking a fight with the enemy jungler just because they showed up, not waiting for your team to collapse? If you can't answer why something happened, you can at least try to guess, or guess what you can try to do about it. Failing that, you can ask another player what they would do. When you can talk with your opponents, they can often tell you what they have seen work against their champion, especially if they are very familiar with their champion. This is something lost playing normals. A lot of the game is educated guessing on how to play a matchup, and learning from the results of your guess. Shoutout to @MadCast: StargazerLilli who took me up on at least a quick look-over of one of the League of Learning games. I don't think immediately going over the game is the best idea. The amount you can get out of a game will vary greatly, sometimes it might only be 5-10 minutes if the game was one-sided, and sometimes you can spend an hour or more to determine what happened in each lane, what led to each teamfight, etc. I've considered just following up a game by analyzing and providing feedback for everyone via the forums. While I like the idea of doing a follow up event, realistically, how many people would actually be able to make it. It's primarily useful for people who were attending League of Learning, needs the same people to show up at a different time on a different day. I just can't see it working out. I could still probably review the normal games that get played if people are interested in that. I think there's truth to the ban phase being the same, but we end up with different team comps every week in the higher ELO. There's enough bans to keep people off their absolute best champs if that's needed, but not really enough to fully ban someone out without letting anyone else get their absolute best champ. There are things you can do to mitigate a strong player on a champ. Playing tanks top lane like Sion or Maokai generally limit how much can be done. Passive farming midlaners with strong waveclear are difficult to push off. Disengage heavy supports and mobile ADCs can prevent your lane from falling too far behind. Safe pushing lanes can neuter the ability of a jungler to invade. It's not really about only picking your main so much as not making everyone play in unfamiliar matchups. You don't learn a lot when neither player knows how a trade is supposed to go, and both people play it incorrectly. If it is actually the case where Luna and Baal are so game warping on any of their top 3 champions compared with every single other player in the game, then there is a balance issue. That said, I doubt that is the case. When you play, I think you see Morgana banned against you the vast majority of the time, even if you are on the same team as Baal and Luna. People ban Baal and Luna because they don't know of better uses of the bans, not because it's impossible to deal with them on those champions. There are ways to fight Baal's split pushers, whether it be picking a champion with strong wave clear, a jungler with long range gank pressure, or enough hard engage to force fights. People ban danyo's Darius all the time too. Yeah, unfortunately it's the case in both groups where everyone has comments about how bad the balance was after the game finishes. Likely because no one wants to be the guy who claims the teams aren't even when they are close. Not much that can be done, but when there's a lot of uneven players, nailing down roles and having people follow those roles is pretty important. I think the solution here is to have a pair off + an off role vs a decent player (could even have all 3 off role). Could have me against Namflow top, and then Maesen on a non-jungle role. It's not like any of us are as dominant on roles we don't play as much. We might have our pocket pick (I can play a decent Vlad mid, Namflow's Jhin bot is fine too (can't compliment him or his head might explode)), but beyond that, there are not too many true fill players in MadCast in the plat+ group. Doing this still means that the plat+ players are tryharding and learning, but they are not as effective as they would be in other roles.
  12. I am not a fan of this change. There's a number of reasons why I think 5v5 custom games are more beneficial than just playing a normal game. I'll try to outline the main points of why I think it is the case compared to queuing normal games: Your opponents can give you feedback on what you are doing wrong in the matchup. I may be proved wrong, but I doubt many opponents will be hanging around postgame to talk about what your mistakes in lane were. Some excellent games occur when players are on familiar champions in the lane, and are able to hash out how the matchup works by talking through it. For example, I had a good lane against @MadCast: Namflow ~3 weeks ago when he was playing Swain top into my Aatrox. We were able to work out who wins trades, power spikes, taking advantage of cooldowns, etc. I've had some great games and discussions after playing against @MadCast: kyro when I support. I highly doubt I will be able to have a similar discussions playing normals. You are a group of 5 up against another group of 5. This means that both teams theoretically have access to the same communication avenues. A 5 man normal/flex queue is not guaranteed to run into another 5-man queue, meaning your team might simply have an advantage from communication. Tight shotcalling and communication provides a massive advantage in League. I know that me and several others have complained when playing alongside someone without a mic. You have to play differently when the other team communicates and executes calls well. The fact that people do ban your favorite champ on occasion means that you will end up on different picks. I suspect that we will see players playing similar picks 2 games in a row, unless a ban forces that to change. People in normals are generally not picking to win, they are picking to have fun. Handicapping yourself by playing unfamiliar champions is not a good way to improve at the game (more on that below). That said, I feel like the quality of games recent weeks has been lacking. I'll outline my opinion of why it has been the case: Mixed ELOs are not the best for learning. This one can't really be solved unless we get more people, but it still definitely affects the quality of games. I get that you are trying to solve this since we seem to get ~15-20 people available most weeks. Playing games without tryharding with your main champions is not as valuable for improving. When everyone is trying new stuff, there is a wide range of skill that becomes impossible to balance, especially when there are only 10 participants in League of Learning. This leads to one-sided games where no one learns anything. Additionally, if you are practicing a pocket pick for specific matchups, that's one thing, but being forced to play something you are less familiar with against someone else who is unfamiliar with their champion means that no one is learning much in the first place. Both people don't know the limits, power spikes, lane matchups, etc of their champions. If you are looking to climb or get better in general in League, you should generally play champions you are familiar with. This is because you can focus more on the general league skills such as trading, teamfighting, positioning, etc, without worrying so much about things like mechanically playing your champion correctly, or building the correct items. This is incredibly common advice when people ask how they can get better at League. There has been very little postgame review recently. At some point we switched from focusing on getting good postgame breakdowns as the primary focus to getting 2 5v5 games in before 11 PM EST. I get that people want to be in bed, but there should be more focus on reviewing games again. I think you learn more by properly reviewing 1 game than by playing 2. Additionally, due to rushing to start the game, I've felt like the teams had some pretty major balancing issues. Particularly in mixed ELO games, lane matchups should at least be moderately even, otherwise the game tends to turn into 'which lane that stomped is better than the other lane that stomped?' This again, offers very little learning value beyond the first 15 minutes of laning or so. This can probably be partly attributed to (2), since if no one knows their champion, it's really hard to offer meaningful feedback. Who is supposed to win a trade in top lane at level 3? Can your jungler actually contest the scuttle? Another nice thing is that you just don't get to do 5v5 custom games too often. Getting 5 people into a normal game is not difficult in MadCast, getting 10 together to play a custom on SR is much harder. It's also exposure to a different format, since Tournament Draft plays somewhat different from Draft Mode due to how the draft is organized. It's a mode you don't get to play outside of a league/tournament (such as MadCast League or the upcoming tournament), or if Crash Clash ever gets implemented. The 5v5 higher ELO games have generally been of very good quality, and focus on skills you don't get to practice when you just queue for a normal game as 5 or play solo queue. I've mentioned it before, but reviewing replays would be beneficial to everyone. Having another set of eyes who was not participating in your lane is quite beneficial, since they can point out opportunities or inefficiencies that you may have missed, especially if they also are familiar with playing your champion.
  13. If you can stream with little/no delay, I could give you live feedback. I'd also be happy to do replay analysis, or i can spectate some games if you want sometime and I can give feedback.
  14. Also, I highly recommend this channel: Covers a huge range of topics, and explains concepts in depth.