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  1. Intro - 3footmonkey

    I don't know of any other L5R players in MadCast. I'm mostly a Scorpion player, but I'm currently experimenting with the new roles. KoW Crab is fun. I'll be back in like a week, we can play some games then.
  2. Intro - 3footmonkey

    Glad to see another board/card game player. I don't play Netrunner anymore, I'd be happy to talk about L5R or play some games on when I'm back from vacation. What's wrong with getting stuck against my Aatrox?
  3. League of Learning Feedback

    I think part of the issue is that drills can be done solo for the most part. Stuff like CSing early (I occasionally hop into a custom and see how close I can get to 43 CS at 5 mins, which is perfect CS with no jungle or TP involved when in a side lane). You might be able to simulate some basic mechanics like kiting just by using the practice tool and a practice dummy, same with some of the complex ward drops (ward over the top lane blue side wall near the first turret to land it in the bush, ward over dragon or baron wall to land in the tribush, etc). You could potentially open a thread on what drills people practice, but when it comes down to it, some things are moderately difficult to practice. Otherwise, it's hard to simulate a real game. 1v1s in the top lane are rarely realistic, because the person with better all-in pressure has a big advantage because they know there is no jungle intervention possible. If you do add a jungler, it just turns into 'which jungler is camping top more' since that's the only lane to gank. A lot of the concepts we have talked about in the past are very nebulous. To use objective control as an example, it contains elements of shot calling, vision control, teamfighting, wave management, etc. Drafting is another topic that I don't think we've covered heavily. Do you draft favorable lanes? Do you draft for a teamfight? Do you draft for a split push composition? How do you mix everything together? All of this takes understanding what each champion brings to the table, lane matchups, etc, and is impossible to really do without playing the game out. Fantasy drafts tend to not work out as well, since people will disagree on which picks are stronger very often. In the last few weeks, instead of attack move, I would argue that the upper ELO group has been focusing on communication, since whoever is trying to make a call needs as much information as possible to make the best possible call. It's also not a skill that's really possible to practice if you play solo queue, although you can still communicate to lesser effectiveness with pings. I think that in some cases (like attack move), some topics should be a weekly or biweekly topic. Alternatively, really nailing down a narrow focus within a broad topic for each week might be good. To use shotcalling as an example, week 1 could be related to making and following decisive calls. Week 2 could be devoted to communicating important information so that calls can be made. Week 3 can be about some of the small calls that are made throughout the game (can you help me with Scuttle/can you help me invade for their buff, etc), and week 4 could just be a summary week. A topic as complex as laning could even be used across 2 months, with topics such as vision control/gank paths, trading/harassing, wave manipulation, back timing/making good buys, drafting lane matchups while fitting a team composition, making roams, item/level power spikes and more.
  4. League of Learning Feedback

    I definitely liked skipping lane matchups in the higher elo group today, I think the first game laning was a little weird naturally (swapping Viktor/Darius vs Irelia/Malz to get favorable lanes), obviously neither team should have given up the solo kills in laning phase, and it was obvious what the favored matchups were. Allowed us to talk more about the draft as well as mid/late, which was where the gameplay really happened anyways. 2nd game just turned into one of those 'all 3 lanes and jungle wins' games, so I'm glad we got to skip 'well mid won... then bot won... then top won... then we grouped... and won'. We had good focus on communication in the first game. I think we did ignore the attack move theme (Boo to Epic for playing Malz and ulting me every fight, CLEARLY not allowing me to attack move ), but I don't think it mattered that much, the first game was an excellent game and we got some pretty decent analysis out of it. P.S: Buy your pink wards.
  5. League of Learning Feedback

    I would agree that we spend a lot of time talking about every lane. I feel like unless we are focusing on laning, or unless someone wants to explicitly comment about how someone did something maybe incorrect in the lane, a lot of the time the commentary from everyone is like 'eh we farmed the lane and that's everything' or 'I died to that gank when I should obviously have had that warded or played safer.' or 'I died a lot when I should have played safer'. Maybe this only applies to the higher ELO group, but I can't think of many times where going top to bottom has really had some insightful feedback that couldn't be covered really quickly. I can generally call out the important decisions. I think talking about the macro play and decision making is much more important and helpful than talking about laning mechanics. It can be good to quickly talk about who won lane and why (was it matchup, jungle ganks, mechanical mis/outplays etc?), but a single sentence from each player can generally cover most laning phases such as 'I won lane because Zac ganked my lane 6 times.' 'Yeah, I didn't ward deep enough.' I would agree that a text channel to talk about things while people are talking, allowing the discussion to go on tangents would maybe help speed up analysis, instead of waiting to go on tangents. I do think that a mic should be required to participate in League of Learning, it's a pretty huge disadvantage to not have the instant communication you would want. I do know that @MadCast: Support Welfare was talking about maybe trying to do something involving replay analysis for a much more indepth look at the game at a separate time, but I did have my reservations about it (replay analysis is not a quick activity, and it's hard to get everyone to commit to another time). I wouldn't mind looking at replays, but my analysis would likely be in the form of a post rather than anything else.) That said, it could allow us to play the games with more minimal postgame discussion if we knew that there would be additional analysis done later.
  6. League of Learning 10-4-2018

    It is Aeryx's work of coming up with a focus that is being attacked. Lokenn's position comes off as 'We need a focus so that we aren't just playing inhouses. Come up with one for us,' followed by 'This focus sucks lol.' It's not constructive, adds nothing to a discussion, and puts down Aeryx's work. Obviously not an admin, but I think the first 2 comments from Lokenn are fine, but the last one is not. If you don't think coming up with a good focus is work, why not suggest several, and/or find some resources on that focus? For what it's worth, I do agree with Lokenn's sentiment that most people in the higher ranked group already incorporate this mechanic into their play, but on the other hand it's a topic that is vital for a newer or less experienced player to learn, in any role. It's possible that this topic can be expanded into mobility and ability to engage/trade as a topic, for example how item differences such as Phage vs Boots 2 affect a top lane matchup, how GLP can affect the enemy mage's ability to engage in a trade, or how things like RFC vs Phantom Dancer/Shiv affect the ADC's survivability or kiting ability.
  7. League of Learning 10-4-2018

    Are you telling me that you do not keep moving between autoattacks, which is the core of kiting/orbwalking? Some obvious melee examples: On Cho'Gath, you will keep walking at someone between E empowered autos to make sure that you land all 3. On Darius you want to walk at someone while autoing them to maximize the bleed stacks and duration. It's absolutely worth developing a habit to use attack move.
  8. League of Learning 10-4-2018

    How is it not relevant in every role? It's pretty obviously useful for ranged champions. For melee champions, especially with red buff, it allows you to get several extra autos off while chasing someone. Even when trading in melee with someone, walking backwards when in a slightly unfavorable trade can pull more minions to attack your lane opponent.
  9. New Ranked Tiers

    Maybe I'll actually bother with ranked again.
  10. Replay Analysis Thread

    Updated OP with info on how to save/run replay files. Looks like everyone has a global ~25MB limit on attachments across the site, so while you can attach replay files, you can only fit about 1 replay before running out of space. 3rd party file hosting is still a reasonable alternative.
  11. Patch 8.18 Notes

    Vayne buff is pretty big. Means that W max is probably much better than Q max now.
  12. Replay Analysis Thread

    It would be best to use the .rofl file for this, rather than a recording, since it makes it easier to do things, like check how much gold people have, what items people have, etc. EDIT: Looks like you can attach all but the largest replays to posts.
  13. Replay Analysis Thread

    Step 1: Download the replay from the client, if you click on the match in your match history, there will be a download button. Step 2: ??? (Not sure how you want to share the replay... Google Drive, maybe as attachment here, any file upload site, Dropbox). Step 3: Profit.
  14. Replay Analysis Thread

    Thought I would put a thread like this up again. If people want to post replays where you just weren't sure what you could have done better, are just unfamiliar with a role and want general tips, or if you want advice on how a group of you as a team could have played better, I am willing to take a look at it and offer some feedback. If other people want to also step in to provide feedback, that would also be great. I'm probably best at giving advice on top lane and bottom lane, but I can provide some feedback on general gameplay on all the roles. I know @MadCast: Lunalesk posted a thread gauging interest in replay analysis a little while ago, but it didn't really pick up much steam. If people just want me to look over the weekly League of Learning games for them, I can do that too. EDIT: To save a replay, go to your Match History, then click on the button next to the match: Once finished, it will create a replay in your Documents/League of Legends/Replays folder. In order to run someone else's replay, you need go to your League of Legends client (by default C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\[latest release, currently]\deploy). Right click on the executable and create a shortcut. Then go to the replay you want to run, select it, then hit Control-C. Then right click on the shortcut you made. Under Target, go to the end of the quote, press Space, then hit Control-V. This should paste the replay's path. Then double click the shortcut.
  15. League of Learning Feedback

    1) A lot of that is communication, there's a difference between "Camille is top" vs "Camille is coming top". If you hear she is coming, it means you have a few seconds to get that cannon, then back off, but if she is top, it's time to back off NOW. Pings are even better, it can tell you what direction the gank is coming from and how much time you have. Some common communication is stuff like "Camille is coming top." "Sejuani can you countergank?" "No, I'm too low." There wasn't much in the way of shotcalling here, just communication between players, the only call was to look for a countergank, but the jungle could not support the call, and they have the most information about whether they can make the play succeed or not. So top lane suggested a play, but it was not a strict call because top lane did not have all of the information needed to make the call. Who was the shotcaller there? Was it top lane by asking for the countergank, or jungle for making the final decision? 2) The higher group is full of calls like above, we trust most people to have the basics of their champ and understand limits, communication is key here. Stuff like "If you can hold them mid, I have top inner [turret]", or "3 top! 3 top! Let's drag" Macro stuff is usually open to whoever wants to fill that role (often it's just playing around the people doing well), and even then it's usually decided as a group, stuff like "should I split or group?" Jungle will often call many of the shots early because they are the ones ganking, but it's on the lanes to let them know information like ward locations, summoners used, how gankable the lane is, or how badly they need a gank. Someone will sometimes take charge for rotations, but what's worse than not having a designated shotcaller is having a designated shotcaller who isn't calling shots. There is rarely arguments over calls because people understand that a decisive call executed quickly is often more important than the best call executed with a delay.