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  1. AP Tryndamere

    I'm surprised it came back (season 3?? IIRC). Build hasn't changed since it got nerfed (heal on Q used to not have AP scaling based on fury, it was a flat amount, so you could basically heal for half your hp every ~10s). Once people remember the counters, I imagine it won't work as well. Key was to clear the wave over damaging Tryndamere, get sustain and expect a really boring time fighting minions and hoping your jungler has a brain.
  2. Champion pool question

    In terms of straight climbing in ranked, focusing on 1-2 champions is probably the best way to do it, but in terms of getting better in general, playing a variety of champions will improve your overall skill level, since you will touch on more mechanics than what your 1-2 main champions need to focus on.
  3. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    I would say absolutely, I disappeared for like 2 weeks after I picked this up because I was playing this. Fatshark (the devs) absolutely nailed the melee combat and it feels very satisfying. The gameplay is awesome. The downsides are that this is just like most games that release these days, it is effectively still in beta/early access. There are some noticeably missing features, such as a lack of dedicated servers (If the person hosting the game leaves, everyone disconnects), although it's coming soon (tm).
  4. Support Main ~ Hmmm!?!??!

    A 'main' is more a measure of what you play most. I am split between playing a lot of support and top, but in ranked I tend to play support. When you are outside of your 'main' lane, you are not as comfortable or don't know how the lane plays as well. This means that while you might play at a gold level in your main role (say... support), you might end up playing like a bronze player in other roles. @MadCast: kyro is a support main (he plays Alistar and Braum mostly), and while he can play other roles, I don't think he is a master ADC or jungle player. If he were forced to not support, I think he would end up out of Masters. I joke about this a lot of the time, since support is the least mained role in League in general, yet somehow in MadCast probably 30-40% of us are support mains. Support mains simply means players who most commonly play support on the rift. It's not meant to be derogatory, but when you note that you have 3 support mains in your game, that means that at least 2 of your players are playing the roles that they are not best at.
  5. Tangental Rant/Advice?

    I can't really give you great advice regarding picking/staying on a role, but I can give you some general solo queue advice. Until you get to diamond, the meta really does not matter that much. A well played champion is almost always better than a flavor of the month champion played mediocre. Playing 1-2 champions and really learning them well is far easier to climb with than trying to play the flavor of the month picks. It helps if you can pick a strong champion initially, but you can climb with almost any champion if you can play and build them right. This season I've played almost exclusively Taric in ranked. In other seasons, I played almost exclusively J4 or Janna and put up a 55-60% winrate on them. As long as you are a stronger player than your enemy counterpart consistently, you should expect to climb. This does not mean you will win every game. You will have games where you are crushing, but your team will fail you and you will have games where you get crushed, but your team wins the game for you. One important skill is simply risk management. If you are already winning, you don't need to make big flashy plays, you just need to keep building on your lead. Learn to play safe and consistently, and you will win a lot of games simply by not feeding while someone on your team pops off. At the low bronze level, I think the most common issues are collecting gold, picking useless fights, and building the correct items. Too often people tunnel vision into pushing a lane while another lane is pushing against them, and they lose 10-20 minions to the tower without gaining anything. 20 minions is equal to getting a kill. Even when you go mid as ADC in the midgame, watch for when a wave starts building in the bottom lane, and arrive before it reaches your tower. Another common trend is picking fights that have very low chance of having a beneficial outcome, or not taking advantage after winning a fight. Just because you can beat someone in a 1v1 does not mean you should take them on whenever you see them. You know exactly how much support your team can provide you, since you can see all of your teammates on the map, but you don't know how much support your opponents have, unless you can see all of your enemies on the map. When I'm pushing bottom and an enemy Thresh shows up in the lane, I'm not usually scared of dying to him 1v1, I'm much more scared of the fact that he can hold me in place while his teammates can kill me. Next, after winning a fight, the default move should be to push the lane to the turret. Whether you stay to damage the turret is a different choice, but the initial push is usually fairly safe, and denies 3-10+ minions to the enemy. This is what really builds you a lead in your lane. Lastly, I see all sorts of odd things in bronze and low silver. It's generally worth at least checking out a site like and looking at the most common builds. They are usually the most common for a reason, and that is that they work well. I would like to challenge you when you say "I've always struggled with melee champions regardless of role," since learning to play a melee champion can teach you a lot about how to play against melee champions. I would highly recommend trying to at least learn some relatively straightforward melee champions like Cho'Gath or Leona. If you want an intermediate between ranged and melee, learn short ranged champions like Thresh or Graves. Even if you don't want to tackle a melee champion, it shouldn't stop you from playing top lane. There are a number of strong top laners who are ranged, such as Gnar (although he is melee for part of the time), Urgot, Heimerdinger, and Vladimir. Pick one and start learning how to play them if you want to learn a top lane champion. Lastly, don't be afraid to feed like crazy in a normal to learn things. Sometimes I just decide I want to learn a champion (this season it was Camille) and I will just play 10 games where I do awful things and feed all the time. Eventually, I start doing OK more of the time, and finally, I start to understand that champion.
  6. MadCast League Season III Offseason Feedback

    I feel like that's covered pretty well by the attendance policy. My opinion is that at the end of the day, you are signing up for a league, where you know what time an event is each week. If your life is so unpredictable to the point where you don't expect to be available for even ~50% of the games, you should not sign up on a team. It just does not seem fair to your teammates who have to deal with you continually dropping in/out. With more lenient sub rules, you could instead offer to be a sub when you are available. If you had to drop from the league due to being unable to attend future matches, and you know it, I think talking with the admins/team captain and finding a replacement can work out fine. The communication just needs to happen. People can work around someone communicating when they are unavailable, dropping off the face of the planet is much more difficult. On the other hand, if you keep team rosters large, you can lower the attendance requirement. I guess I lean towards smaller team rosters with a pool of subs available. The big problem is communication, teams need to be able to work out who will attend a match at least a day before the match, so that there are as few last minute surprises on attendance as possible. Regarding Bo1 vs Bo3, I think that 2 matches/week of Bo1 can also work just as well as 1 match of Bo3. It's not hard to just reserve the 2-3 hour block of time on Saturday for both of the games, similar to how the Bo3 is already played on Saturday. Just because they are 2 matches does not mean they need to be on separate days.
  7. MadCast League Season III Offseason Feedback

    I didn't participate in League of Learning, and that's mostly because it's at a bit of an awkward time for me on the west coast. 9 PM EST works OK on weekdays (I can make events at 9 PM EST if I make the effort), but 9 PM EST on Saturdays doesn't work for me, and I would have been available for only ~25% of the games or less, so I declined to sign up. An earlier time on weekends would work better for me, possibly something like 3 PM EST or even 12 PM EST would work much better for me. I don't know how other people feel about the timing, but I imagine most people don't work Saturdays, so events do not need to be at night. That said, I watched a number of the games, and yeah, one team was quite stacked. Back when I was in college (~3-4 years ago), we had a league of 8-12 teams of 5. You signed up by entering your highest rank achieved (rather than current), and top 3 roles. Everyone was assigned a point value based on rank, Bronze 5 = 1, Bronze 4 = 2... Silver V = 6... Diamond 1 = 25, and then teams were balanced based on everyone's ideal positions and to keep teams to a similar point value. Teams were only 5 people, but the only rules on getting a sub was that they had to be a member of the club, and lower rank/point value than the player they were replacing. They also could not be a member of another team. There was a max of 1 sub per game. Subs had to be approved by the admins before the match. This setup worked quite well, and matches were generally quite close. Given the size of the MadCast League, automatically generating teams may be worse than manually creating them. I would be against the idea of captains, since building a balanced team is quite hard, you must have captains of similar skill, since obviously if Kyroo was a captain, and Mike was another, Kyroo's team is likely to be stronger simply on basis of Kyroo being a better player than Mike, to put it bluntly. Next, the captains need to make sure they have players who can cover every role, and then they need to think about how often that player can attend the matches. I also think there needs to be a minimum attendance policy. You should need to be available (IE be on Discord and at least checked in with the captain to determine if you are not needed) for at least XX% (50% or so?) of the matches, and enforce the standard attendance penalties as if you signed up and failed to show up to an event if you have not made enough matches by the end of the season. I think with easy subbing rules (max 2 subs, must be equal or lower in rank, can be any candidate/FM+) and a roster of 6, it would not be too hard to get the games in. People who cannot commit to 50% of the games can sign up as a potentially available sub (although anyone is suitable) if they still want to play. I don't think super serious subbing rules make a lot of sense. As long as people don't try to abuse the sub rules, having a game played is better than having a forfeit. People also need to respond if they can make the game or not, about a day before to allow time to find a sub, but that's generally the job of the team captain. If real life happens, it happens, but getting a sub would help with this problem. I think most of the time there would be a suitable sub within the people watching the games. With this community, this league will not be a super serious league, since the range of skills between members is just quite large, since we have people from Bronze to Diamond Masters. At the end of the day, I think the league is about having fun playing with a consistent team, getting better (especially at playing/communicating as 5), and getting bragging rights (obviously the most important), not about stomping the competition. I would view this league as a League of League of Learning, where you are learning how to play as a 5-man team, with a consistent 5-man team, and playing around your individual player's strengths and weaknesses. I wasn't on a team, so I can't say much about how people were taking losses, but if you can't keep your cool when playing with/against other MadCast members when you start losing for 2 games, this league is probably not for you. If we want a focus on improving, it may help to review replays of some particularly close games in the League, point out where things could have gone better, which decisions could have been made differently, etc, but this requires everyone involved to be able to take constructive criticism well.
  8. Great Games Go!

    Sometimes you just have to do more damage than the rest of the team to win. Bonus points for making Zed complain about how Camille is OP.
  9. Opinions on Pyke?

    I haven't been impressed. He has a strong earlygame, but it seems he just can't get tanky enough to survive into mid and lategame teamfights, and he doesn't really get the damage to straight assassinate someone.
  10. Great Games Go!

    Sometimes you just get those games where you just snowball... and then it doesn't stop. Always great when you don't need executioner's against Aatrox because you just burst him 100 to 0.
  11. TotalBiscuit passes away

    TotalBiscuit, the gaming personality/content creator passed away today from cancer. Really unfortunate and a big loss to gaming.
  12. Chess Tournament!

    I too, can aim for the lofty goal of avoiding self embarrassment.
  13. I'm Happy (MSI Spoiler Warning)

    I'm happy for Uzi, I've felt that he has been the best ADC in the world, or at least in the top 3, since Season 3, glad to see him finally add something to the trophy case.
  14. Do you believe? (MSI)

    I mean, they picked a protect the DoubleLift (tm) composition, but I guess decided that they wanted another damage threat? Vlad theoretically has a winning lane against GP. The problem is that Impact never looks amazing when not on a tank. Shen just makes so much more sense to protect DL, since they ended up without anyone tanky on their team (AP heavy Gragas is not tanky).
  15. Do you believe? (MSI)

    Yeah, even after fnatic got kabum'd by evos, they subbed out cauttious for rekkles to win the tiebreaker.