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  1. If you can stream with little/no delay, I could give you live feedback. I'd also be happy to do replay analysis, or i can spectate some games if you want sometime and I can give feedback.
  2. Also, I highly recommend this channel: Covers a huge range of topics, and explains concepts in depth.
  3. Muh Aatrox Happy to see J4 buffs. Seems like jungle will get even more gank focused for XP.
  4. Awesome video. @MadCast: Epic
  5. So, League has their annual Year In Review up again, what are some interesting stats from your YIR? Naturally I like my Aatrox stats. Apparently I win games against Rammus (85% winrate) and tend to dunk Darius while dying to Lee Sin ganks.
  6. Pretty sure Olaf can. Does this mean there is no League of Learning this week, and the next one is on the 10th?
  7. I'd be down to play Don't Starve Together again, the last time I played it, it was in early alpha still, and didn't have a lot of the biomes implemented compared to the base game. I also would recommend Helldivers (see my other thread)
  8. Have you ever had the urge to spread Freedom, Democracy, and Prosperity throughout the galaxy via copious amounts of bullets, lasers, and explosions? Sign up and defend Super Earth today! Helldivers is a top down shooter where you and up to 3 others complete missions against various aliens. Friendly fire is certainly on, everything can and will kill you. Fortunately, throwing bodies at a problem is a perfectly reasonable solution. This game is absolutely hilarious and everything will ALWAYS go according to plan. If you want a game like the Starship Troopers movie, then this is it. Last time it was on sale, I convinced @MadCast: Epic and @MadCast: Icarus to pick it up, but I'd love to get a full crew of 4 to go through some disasters missions together.
  9. The big difficulty is getting 8 teams for Riot to offer prize support. That said, I think MadCast has run at least one of these in the past (I don't recall if the MadCast event where I first met @MadCast: Epic also had prize support... But the following year did.)
  10. To put it bluntly, I don't think I would participate in next season's League under the current setup. Part of it is the time, 6 PM PST is tough on a weekend if I want to do anything with friends (or a lot of things in general, I was late to the finals today because the L5R tournament I was in ran longer than expected by more than half an hour -- because people didn't show up to that on time). Mostly it was the inconsistency of the schedule. Most of the time we were not sure whether we had a game on the day until roughly the Friday before, because all teams rescheduled games very often. This means I couldn't really plan things in advance with other friends for Saturday, since I had to keep my Saturday nights open for MCL. I'd also be happier if the games happened much earlier in the day (say 12 PM EST?) (or later than 9 PM EST, but I highly doubt people would be up for that...). Going over the rules in the registration thread, just some comments: Sundays as the backup day rarely work, since anything i schedule with RL friends will be for Sunday instead of Saturday. In practice, the match generally was pushed back to the following Saturday, which was good because the game actually got played, but bad because it meant the MCL season dragged on for a very long time. I really doubt that the 'reschedule by Thursday' thing was religiously followed, I think there should have been a lot more forfeits from various teams needing to reschedule and finding out on Friday/Saturday that they did not have a full 5 players. I would really make the 'be out of a game and available 15 minutes before' as a rule, and actually enforce forfeits if a team is not fully online say... 5 minutes after the start time. It could also be that you just give each team like 5 minutes of pause time for issues (that should be enough to cover a computer reboot/router reset), and time spent waiting for that player comes out of the pause time. Opening up dynamic scheduling for rescheduling a match should work if both captains can agree to a time. This naturally takes good communication with all participants of both teams, which seemed to be lacking. Perhaps forum support could help with this, where all players from each team must post to confirm (or work out with an admin if they are completely unavailable) that they will be available/unavailable at the specified time by midnight Thursday. Failing to post could count as 'not attending' the event per the MC terms. Rescheduling should not happen every week like it felt like this season. Failing to have 5 posts from 1 team means that team will FF. It should be up to the captains to agree to work out a time. I think everyone in MadCast is reasonable enough to try and work out alternate times, provided enough notice. Many of the MCL participants are online for League of Learning on Thursdays anyways. In this season, it seemed like the draft was subverted because there were a good number of fairly influential players that were added to teams in the middle of the season. I believe every single player who was plat+ who joined after the draft was placed on Luna's team. It needed the help, but you can argue that it got 'too much' help, since it ended up that 60% of the team was not drafted and that team took first place. Not saying there was a better solution, but I would say that it is unfortunate that the draft, in my opinion, did not end up fulfilling its stated purpose. I think that the better alternative is to have some admins work over the teams to balance them. It feels sort of bad that a decent number of players joined midway through the season (or later), and generally got assigned to whichever team looked worst. I think going off of the initial draft, I would still have put the teams in order of rank of captains, with Kyro having the strongest team (if by a very small margin), followed by Maesen, then Icarus, then Luna. From a strategy perspective, first pick doesn't matter too much if all roles have the same range of skills. One team can pick the best mid laner, the next can pick the best jungler, then the next picks best top, etc. Naturally, the downside of building the teams is it requires the players to trust in the ability of the organizers to build balanced teams. One thing I would like to point out is that bigger rosters will not make for balanced teams. If one team has 2 people who can play mid, one Diamond player and one Bronze player, the 'power' of the team will vary wildly with who is playing in that role. Sure, the games will occur more often, but the quality of the games will be generally worse under the stated goal to get parity between teams. Overall, I think I would be much happier with just a single day tournament (just have a full day of League, for example, run a groupstage-like double round robin BO1 into top 2 play in a BO3 finals if there are 4 teams). Attendance becomes very easy to track, you either were there for the start of the event or you weren't. Someone who has been playing League with MadCast for a very long time like Epic probably can recall how the old MadCast tournaments used to work back in like S1-3, where you signed up and showed up at the start time, then there was a draft of the players from the various captains (or the admins could generate the teams). an hour later everyone was off playing game 1 of the tournament, and games would start on the hour going forward. This avoids the cat herding problem that captaining a weekly league has (this was also an issue with the League club when I was in college).
  11. Personally I get home typically within 5 minutes of 6 PM PST. I have missed games due to traffic on the commute back, because I get pulled into a late meeting, or a meeting goes long. I could not reliably sign up for LoL if you expect everyone to be on 15 minutes before. As I've said before, starting 30 minutes later is much more doable for me, but people want to end before 11 PM EST.
  12. I don't know of any other L5R players in MadCast. I'm mostly a Scorpion player, but I'm currently experimenting with the new roles. KoW Crab is fun. I'll be back in like a week, we can play some games then.
  13. Glad to see another board/card game player. I don't play Netrunner anymore, I'd be happy to talk about L5R or play some games on when I'm back from vacation. What's wrong with getting stuck against my Aatrox?