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  1. Do you believe? (MSI)

    I mean, they picked a protect the DoubleLift (tm) composition, but I guess decided that they wanted another damage threat? Vlad theoretically has a winning lane against GP. The problem is that Impact never looks amazing when not on a tank. Shen just makes so much more sense to protect DL, since they ended up without anyone tanky on their team (AP heavy Gragas is not tanky).
  2. Do you believe? (MSI)

    Yeah, even after fnatic got kabum'd by evos, they subbed out cauttious for rekkles to win the tiebreaker.
  3. Do you believe? (MSI)

    Ah, I think you are correct. The good news is that TL will need to be 2-0 against RNG, so if Evos pulls out their Kabum card and beats RNG, TL can move on if they also beat FW.
  4. Gaming Slump

    I have this happen, often I'll play a game that either has sat in my library for a while, or an Early Access game I haven't touched in forever, or look for a new game.
  5. Do you believe? (MSI)

    I believe if TL wins both and fnatic go 1-1, they play a tiebreaker. Not sure what happens if KZ loses both, since then TL and KZ are 5-5.
  6. Do you believe? (MSI)

    Can't get between TL and 4th. Really hoping for some craziness where somehow TL fights Kingzone for 4th.
  7. Whats your favourite book?

    A few of my favorites: -The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Unfortunately, he may be the only author slower than George R. R. Martin at writing, but someday we will get the 3rd book in the series (The Wise Man's Fear being an excellent sequel) -Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. All of Sanderson's work is worth checking out, but I think this remains my favorite. -The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. -The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.
  8. LF Advice/Coach

    I'm happy to help you on Support, since Epic tries to carry from every role I could give some pointers on jungling and ADC, but I'm not as familiar with those roles.
  9. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    Totally down, add me on steam (I can't find you under your listed steam name?) I'm usually around during the late evenings on weekdays.
  10. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    Picked this up in the last month, and have been playing the crap out of it. It's an excellent game, it's a mix of L4D/Diablo 3/Skyrim.
  11. Stellaris Apocolypse

    Even without the expansion, Apocalypse came with patch 2.0 of Stellaris, making the game very different. The game is now Hyperlane only, but there are still wormholes that take you across the galaxy, and you can later build Gateways that can allow you to rapidly move your fleets around. Borders have changed so that instead of having planets and frontier outposts, you build stations in systems that you want to 'claim'. These also upgrade into your Spaceports. Warfare has been redone, you create claims on your opponent, and once you have taken your claims, you end the war. To prevent wars from going on forever, there is now War Exhaustion, which causes a war to end with whatever partial claims have been taken if a war has a lot of losses on both sides. Ships now have a chance to retreat when they take critical damage, so empires do not lose their entire fleet in the opening battle of a war. The game is possibly a little slower, but wars are more tactical, armies matter more, and overall I like the game a lot more. Apocalypse adds Titans, which are huge ships that provide an aura to your fleet, as well as some serious firepower, and Colossi, which are basically the equivalent of Death Stars and can destroy entire planets, or erase all life on planets. It also adds Marauder Empires, which are small raiding empires that demand tribute and raid nearby empires. You can hire them as mercenaries, or hire generals and admirals from them. It also adds a few new perks, such as the Life-Seeded starting perk that replaces your homeworld with a size 25 Gaia planet, but makes your pops only able to settle on Gaia planets. Right now I would recommend playing on the beta patch (right click->properties->betas->2,0.2 on Steam) since it fixes a number of bugs, notably an issue where tradition costs scaled up more quickly with how much space you took than intended.
  12. League of Learning 3-1-2018

    Should be around in time for the second game.
  13. taric support question

    Taric main atm. Skill build is E-W-Q-Q, then max E, then W. 2 points in Q because his passive will give you both charges back, but unless you cast something else, no more. You are melee, take Relic Shield. Mana is a huge issue on Taric, usually you want to either go Tear of the Goddess (never upgrade it, purely for mana and mana regen) or get an early Frozen Heart. The key to Taric is to take advantage of his passive. Usually if you use Q, you want to get both autos off if possible, on anything, minions, champions, etc. This makes it so your Q is up again, so you can cast it again, repeat. W outside of laning should go on your engaging ally, so you can stun after that ally engages. Otherwise it's a shield. Items are usually Eye, boots 2 (tabi/mercs), locket, knights vow. Generally I go relic into tear, then targons, boots, eye, boots 2, then work on locket.
  14. LoL - Patch 8.4

    It's funny that I don't think supports should be taking Biscuits in the first place. Futures Market is just insanely helpful on supports, since you are tied around your ADC for back times, not when you complete your items. Next, potion duration has to compete with 300 gold with boots. I don't use 3 or more potions every game, but I do buy boots every game... 20% duration on potions is also laughable. 5 potions and you have gotten a whole potion of value from it... I'm strongly considering switching to Domination for Zombie Ward and Ingenious Hunter. Lowering the cool down on Sweeper is huge, not to mention Locket, Redemption, Glory, Twin Shadows, etc.
  15. League of Learning Feedback

    Really good analysis of a bottom lane matchup and minion management in the bottom lane. Really good info on our current topic. One interesting idea would be to /pause after the game starts, and then bring all 10 together to discuss lanes in-depth, who has the favorable/unfavorable trades, where each side wants the wave, etc.