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  1. New Ranked Tiers

    Maybe I'll actually bother with ranked again.
  2. Replay Analysis Thread

    Updated OP with info on how to save/run replay files. Looks like everyone has a global ~25MB limit on attachments across the site, so while you can attach replay files, you can only fit about 1 replay before running out of space. 3rd party file hosting is still a reasonable alternative.
  3. Patch 8.18 Notes

    Vayne buff is pretty big. Means that W max is probably much better than Q max now.
  4. Replay Analysis Thread

    It would be best to use the .rofl file for this, rather than a recording, since it makes it easier to do things, like check how much gold people have, what items people have, etc. EDIT: Looks like you can attach all but the largest replays to posts.
  5. Replay Analysis Thread

    Step 1: Download the replay from the client, if you click on the match in your match history, there will be a download button. Step 2: ??? (Not sure how you want to share the replay... Google Drive, maybe as attachment here, any file upload site, Dropbox). Step 3: Profit.
  6. Replay Analysis Thread

    Thought I would put a thread like this up again. If people want to post replays where you just weren't sure what you could have done better, are just unfamiliar with a role and want general tips, or if you want advice on how a group of you as a team could have played better, I am willing to take a look at it and offer some feedback. If other people want to also step in to provide feedback, that would also be great. I'm probably best at giving advice on top lane and bottom lane, but I can provide some feedback on general gameplay on all the roles. I know @MadCast: Lunalesk posted a thread gauging interest in replay analysis a little while ago, but it didn't really pick up much steam. If people just want me to look over the weekly League of Learning games for them, I can do that too. EDIT: To save a replay, go to your Match History, then click on the button next to the match: Once finished, it will create a replay in your Documents/League of Legends/Replays folder. In order to run someone else's replay, you need go to your League of Legends client (by default C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\[latest release, currently]\deploy). Right click on the executable and create a shortcut. Then go to the replay you want to run, select it, then hit Control-C. Then right click on the shortcut you made. Under Target, go to the end of the quote, press Space, then hit Control-V. This should paste the replay's path. Then double click the shortcut.
  7. League of Learning Feedback

    1) A lot of that is communication, there's a difference between "Camille is top" vs "Camille is coming top". If you hear she is coming, it means you have a few seconds to get that cannon, then back off, but if she is top, it's time to back off NOW. Pings are even better, it can tell you what direction the gank is coming from and how much time you have. Some common communication is stuff like "Camille is coming top." "Sejuani can you countergank?" "No, I'm too low." There wasn't much in the way of shotcalling here, just communication between players, the only call was to look for a countergank, but the jungle could not support the call, and they have the most information about whether they can make the play succeed or not. So top lane suggested a play, but it was not a strict call because top lane did not have all of the information needed to make the call. Who was the shotcaller there? Was it top lane by asking for the countergank, or jungle for making the final decision? 2) The higher group is full of calls like above, we trust most people to have the basics of their champ and understand limits, communication is key here. Stuff like "If you can hold them mid, I have top inner [turret]", or "3 top! 3 top! Let's drag" Macro stuff is usually open to whoever wants to fill that role (often it's just playing around the people doing well), and even then it's usually decided as a group, stuff like "should I split or group?" Jungle will often call many of the shots early because they are the ones ganking, but it's on the lanes to let them know information like ward locations, summoners used, how gankable the lane is, or how badly they need a gank. Someone will sometimes take charge for rotations, but what's worse than not having a designated shotcaller is having a designated shotcaller who isn't calling shots. There is rarely arguments over calls because people understand that a decisive call executed quickly is often more important than the best call executed with a delay.
  8. To those I've played league with....

    In the interest of helping you out, I will be completely blunt about my thoughts about you/advice to you, apologies if I hurt your feelings. Hopefully I'm not out of place, since advice on why you failed your candidacy is usually reserved for the RFMs/SFMs. I also don't mean to come across as condescending in any way, I myself need to improve in many of these areas. You like to throw shade (especially at MajorHoward). This is fine. Giving each other crap is a time-honored MadCast tradition. We give each other crap about our misplays, mistakes, etc. It's all in good fun. Just know that when you start giving someone crap about something, you are marking yourself as a legitimate target for crap being thrown back at you. It's all in good fun. However, it seems you get defensive when people throw shade back at you. When you get defensive, it's a lot less fun for everyone (people worry that they've offended you), and in some ways you are implying 'I'm allowed to give you crap, but you aren't allowed to give me crap.' If you are being sarcastic about being defensive, you need to make it more obvious, because I for one can't tell. Learn to recognize when you are tilted, and don't play if you are tilted. After the game ends, take a short break to do something else, get a snack, play a single player game, whatever you need to do to calm down. Everyone who gets tilted plays badly, and tends to spread their negative attitude to other people. When you are super frustrated with the game, you play badly, blame others for your own mistakes, and don't learn anything. Come back with a fresh perspective. Some people either don't tilt, or are able to quickly get out of a bad mental state after the game, but I don't believe you are one of them. You say that you can't recognize when you are tilted, but it's a vital skill to learn both in game and in real life. Some obvious tells are when you know something is a bad idea, but you are doing it anyways, blaming your team or someone/something else outside your control for just about anything, greeding super hard for kills, and more. You get negative very easily, and stay very vocal when you are in a negative state of mind. If you can't stay positive, stay quiet. If you can't stay quiet, mute yourself. This is something that I know a few people will do when they get tilted, even within MadCast. As the saying goes, 'if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing.' Instead of griping about how far behind you are, talk about what you need to do to get back in the game, whether it be a successful gank or roam from another lane, just some time to free farm, etc. Add positives to your negatives, so instead of 'dammit I died to a gank', go with 'dammit i died to a gank, bot has no flash. Can we get a gank when we are back in lane?' This is something I know I need to work on, especially when I am tired. Avoid cracking jokes on touchy subjects. Using words like 'rape' can make people uncomfortable. Some people are okay with it, but within MadCast, most of us are not, and jokes about touchy subjects are seen as tasteless and immature. An innuendo on occasion is par for the course, but sometimes enough is enough, and it's on you to learn what the limits are within MadCast, and read the social cues that people are becoming uncomfortable. Think before cracking a joke. If you would not make the joke in front of your boss/professor, it's probably not a good idea to make the joke in MadCast. Don't offer advice on people's play often unless asked for it. This was something I had to learn back in my candidacy. It's frustrating to people when they are performing poorly, and someone is trying to micromanage their play. If you really have the need to offer advice to people, start with something like "I think/feel like you should have done X" or "Next time you should do X", or "Maybe it would have gone better if you did X" it comes across a lot better than saying "You should have done X." Saying "You should have done X" can come across as admonishing someone, rather than offering helpful advice. If someone gets defensive about your advice, don't argue, stop giving it to them entirely. I am breaking this rule with this post. Own your mistakes, both ingame and out, especially if you are also giving advice to people. If you don't own your mistakes, you come across as potentially one of those people who can do no wrong, but blames their team for everything. You clearly aren't like that, but you don't want to give people that impression. Owning your mistakes also gives others the chance to offer you advice in turn, which can help you improve your skills. You get excited easily. There's nothing wrong with this. You are also very vocal about your excitement. Nothing wrong with this either. The problem is that you will often dominate the voice chat. I know a lot of people complained that it can be hard to get a word in when playing with you, especially if there is someone else who is very vocal in the channel as well. When 2 people talk at once, the only people who understand anything are the 2 people who are talking. For this reason, most MadCast members will quiet down if someone else starts talking, generally assuming that whatever the other person is saying is more important than what they are saying. Talk about actions ingame takes priority over talking about stuff outside the game. If you want to just chat/complain about champions, chat between games or go to a different channel. It's clear you want to be a member of MadCast. This is a good thing, but myself and many others view you as currently too socially immature to be a person who represents MadCast. You are learning and improving, but the SFMs vote on your candidacy shows that they did not believe you were fit to wear the MadCast tag yet. I have nothing against you, and I don't think anyone in MadCast harbors ill will towards you. It's just for many people, it can be frustrating or tiring dealing with you as you are learning social skills. I for one think that if you stick around, improve your social skills, then reapply, you can successfully join MadCast.
  9. League of Learning Feedback

    League is a game that is too complex for 1 person to be making all the calls. You can decide on one person who has overall authority when making calls (so that when you win a teamfight and are deciding between trying to push for mid inhib or trying for baron, you have a tiebreaker), and you can have one person make most macro calls (whether to 1-3-1, 1-4, who is getting which side wave, etc), but calls need to be a team effort. Early in the game, the support will call most of the shots in the bottom lane because they have the most ability to engage. Jungle and mid (and top) need to communicate as to how to get successful ganks, where wards are, etc. It's difficult to tell a jungler to gank a lane immediately, since it will disrupt their pathing. Strict shotcalling is really bad for that reason, no player can remember to tell everyone exactly what to do, and no one is going to truly follow the rule to not rotate and take sidelane farm when nothing is happening. Are you going to call out general strategies for each lane, such as you want mid to shove in constantly? Are you going to let a Rumble in the top lane ult the wave before recalling? What about teleporting back to lane? What about flashing after kills in the bottom lane? It's impossible to draw a line to say that the shotcaller should call certain things and you cannot do them without the shotcaller telling you. Split second decisions like deciding to stay when you know the jungler is trying to gank you because your teammate is available for a countergank, or backing off and showing to the enemy jungler that you know he is coming, are not things that you can do with strict shotcalling. One thing that has been discussed but never done is doing replay analysis on some of the League of Learning games, I could try to do this for the lower ELO group immediately following League of Learning. I would be happy to watch a replay and give feedback on it, Could even be extended to people's ranked games, but would probably be most beneficial to do games where everyone is playing, and everyone remembers playing in. I could also do replay analysis by post, which might be better, since doing analysis can be time consuming, and you miss a lot the first time watching a replay if you are trying to look at how each player did.
  10. Mediocre Shoutcasting?

    I'd say you did a good job, I know that I suck at shoutcasting since I get too distracted by one thing or another in the game. I enjoyed it, but some criticism since you asked for it: Keep the scoreboard open almost all the time (maybe turn it off during teamfights). There's a lot of information that can be gleaned from who is up in CS, who has completed what item, etc. For example, until about 8 minutes, Jhin had a massive lead over Xayah because he had a BF sword and Xayah had a dagger. Knowing when someone finishes an important item like Stormrazor is important, because it means that the ADC has a lot more playmaking potential, especially if the opposite member does not have an item completed themselves. Pressing 'X' (by default) toggles the scoreboard to instead display gold, which can help highlight who is doing well compared to their counterpart, who has a massive amount of gold and needs to buy, etc. If you are trying to be a color commentator, it helps to know a lot of matchups and builds. For example, In this game, Aatrox deviated from most standard Aatrox builds, opting to build a Serrated Dirk first (which seems questionable into a Malphite who plans to stack armor anyways), rather than building towards a Black Cleaver, or a Caufields Warhammer then Black Cleaver. Aatrox should be able to bully the Malphite early, since Aatrox has a lot of damage against targets without dashes, and Aatrox can push fairly well. Fleet Footwork on Aatrox is a bit of an odd choice, but it can at least help keep Aatrox's heath topped off against Malphite's Q harass. Bottom lane is very weak for red side given the picks, Sona (and Jhin) has a lot of poke damage, and Poppy brings no sustain, and not a lot of engage potential as long as blue side does not stand next to walls. Both ADCs should be rushing Stormrazor, so the first person to complete it has a big advantage until the other finishes theirs. Also for color commentary, you might want to talk about the strengths/weaknesses of team comps, as well as what to watch for in each lane, and what the win conditions are for each team. This game, blue side has a dive comp with Malphite, Akali, and Nocturne able to dive on a single target. Red side has more of a snowball comp, and Xayah is actually a good pick to counter the dive comp due to her ult getting her out of trouble if she is fast enough to dodge Malphite or Nocturne ult. This is a difficult thing to do while shoutcasting, but you might want to take control of the camera a bit more, particularly when action is happening on the map. As I'm sure you noticed, directed camera has a habit of deciding that someone clearing a ward in the toplane is more important than the gank happening in the bottom lane.
  11. Intro - Apoznaxaa

    Holy crap it's Apoz. Welcome back man. Good luck on your candidacy!
  12. League of Learning 8-16-2018

    I'm glad it's a half hour later than usual, I'd be late to the normal time. Should be there on time today.
  13. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Also a big nerf to Trox, but it's pretty much as expected.
  14. Game suggestions for detilting / unwinding?

    A few of my favorites: For basebuilding games, I like Factorio, Rimworld, and Oxygen Not Included. Factorio is a game where you are building an automated factory to launch a rocket (or several) into space. It is great because most of the problems are caused by you, and not bad RNG, but it sometimes takes a lot of thought and planning. Helldivers is a fun top down shooter, it's a 4 player coop where something goes wrong constantly, but it's completely expected (or unexpected in how wrong it goes). People get blown up by their own air strikes they called in, get crushed by ammo drops, or even by their own allies being revived. Slay the Spire is a great single player card/deckbuilding game, you fight enemies, and craft your deck throughout a run. Can sometimes be a little frustrating if you can't find a card that you need, but a great game overall.
  15. Play Diplomacy

    Diplomacy in person is generally an 8+ hour affair.