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  1. Sea of Thieves News

    First Expansion Trailer is here!
  2. Intro - Parmejon Cheese

  3. Report for Booty

    Was a freaking great time. Can't wait for next week!
  4. Report For Booty 5/16 @7:30PM Est

    Very noob friendly. We split it up based on experience. Different "competition" each week. Looking at doing something kind of biggish tonight. Hop in, we will get you a spot. Lots of experience people to get you those secret tips.
  5. Report For Booty 5/16 @7:30PM Est

    Report for Booty tonight! The hunt for the Skull Fort is on!
  6. Sea of Thieves News

    Patch 1.0.7 is live. Private Crews are live. Thats big time!
  7. Pyke: The Bloodharbor (Revealed)

    Depending on his ratios, he looks more Jungle/Mid to me.
  8. Pyke: The Bloodharbor (Revealed)

    Dibs maining him
  9. Sea of Thieves News

    Sea of Thieves will be offline tomorrow from 9am-2pm BST while we conduct scheduled maintenance. Patch 1.0.7 brings with it bug fixes, plus Open and Closed Crews! Full Patch Notes will be available during the maintenance window tomorrow. Open and Closed Crews! <--- This is BIG
  10. Report For Booty 5/16 @7:30PM Est

    Call of Booty Wednesday Nights 7:30pm Eastern/ 6:30pm Central The point of this event is to get a group of people together at a specific time to take the ocean by storm. With new content coming out a great rate, Sea of Thieves is an awesome option for serious and non-serious gamers alike. Come, hang out, play music, drink grog, slay Krakens, and earn shiny gold with fellow MadCasters. If you are new to Sea of Thieves, shoot me a message, and we can help get you started! Last Weeks Winners: Shattered, Bigdommer, Sneptune, Draxx Comments Concerns
  11. Whats your favourite book?

    Cell, By Stephen King. I read it in High School, and for some reason I was never able to put it down. Loved it. I don't think a lot of other people like it, but I really did.
  12. MCCS 05/21/2018 RL

  13. Intro - ParadoxicaL

    Welcome mate! Had a blast playing with you the other day!
  14. Snapchat Codes!!!

    Every form of communication is important
  15. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    Adding more roles, until it hits a stupid number, couldn't hurt right? I am freaking excited. Good job guys!