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  1. Mini St Louis meet up

    Talk to Parmejoncheese. He is like a venue manager/promoter in St Louis. He has lots of sweet deals for stuff like that. I live in Texas, I'm just passing through
  2. Mini St Louis meet up

    We are going to play Catan tonight/ tomorrow and catch the zoo. C'mon.
  3. Mini St Louis meet up

    Shattered, ParemjonCheese, Coach Rivers, Llama, and Draxx all met up in St Louis for a ball game and Drinks. This is shattered at First Pitch. Parmejon is taking the pictures, but it won't let him upload pics Right to Left Parmejon, Llama, Shattered, Draxx, and Coach Rivers
  4. College Football

    The Red Raiders are picked 8th in the Big12, and I HIGHLY doubt they end up that low. Should have a top if not the top defense in the conference. Return 10 starters from a "stingy by big 12 standards" defense, also return all 5 o lineman. Just have to find a QB, but we usually breed those, so we should be fine. Best overall MENS athletic program in the country. Football was a bowl team, basketball made Elite 8, and baseball made CWS. Mens track team was well represented at nationals. The women's side is sad right now, its getting fixed.
  5. Intro-Abex

    Ayyyy atta boy Abex!
  6. AP Tryndamere

    56-10 in challenger... I'd say people are having trouble beating it.... lol
  7. AP Tryndamere

    Ya, hes 55-10 right now on one account. Yesterday he and Valkrin funnelled it also. Was pretty crazy. I think if you could force it to late late game, its not as good as AD Tryndamere, but the level 9-12 spike is rough.
  8. AP Tryndamere

    Have you all seen how high of a win rate it is getting right now? In Challenger at that. Fogged has about an 80% win rate, Goodguygarry was also doing really well in Diamond. Conqueror, with nashors into lichbane, maxing e, getting CD. Less than 4 second CD on E at max. Its pretty impressive to watch.
  9. Tips n Ticks for training a dog

    My in laws train service dogs, labs she uses positive reinforcement and consistancy. I have a dog now we've taken to trainers, drove everything, and hes still a knuckle head. Hes a mutt. Had a blackmouth cur that I would say we tastefully negatively reinforced. She was easily the best dog we've ever had. She did everything with us, and went off the leash everywhere. She was a tad defensive of us in our home, was kinda nice
  10. ROCKET LEAGUE (7/1/2018)

    I will be on vacation during this one unfortunately. May the RL gods bring you Luck competitors.
  11. Sea of Thieves News

    They are really hyping up the summer "Cursed Sails" update. I hope it adds more re-playable content. The Megaldon was awesome, but its kind of a one-shot johnny.
  12. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    Started a Guild.
  13. Conan Exiles

    PVP Yes X1 I think Inventory Drops on Death No 40 Its an official server. There are 3 of us right now, Shattered, Lurama, and myself. We know people in the "Alpha". They aren't defending us, but they shouldn't be wiping us for fun, so we can compete for a while and have fun.
  14. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    REALLY Big fan so far.
  15. Sea of Thieves News

    Can confirm, the Hungering Deep Quest was exciting. Can't wait for more similar updates! For Megaladon summoning, you will need to make friends with another pirate crew, and follow the clues left behind by Merrick.