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  1. Giving 1 key for every NEW friend you bring to Mafia next week!
  2. Looking for someone to compile clips to throw into a Rocket League Mafia commercial on the RLM Youtube. I think @MadCast: Silencer would be willing to help with editing, but if you want to do the entire project that is fine too. No experience Necessary.
  3. had quite a few randoms using the bot last night. They found it through the Website/Youtube video. Exciting stuff.
  4. Looking forward to a big crowd tomorrow
  5. As posted before. If you pick up Old School Runescape and finish the f2p quests, I will buy your first 2 weeks of membership
  6. We added a few to our ranks. If you don't want to buy the membership, I will get you your first 2 weeks of membership if you complete all of the f2p quests.
  7. Numbers have dipped last few weeks, need to get that word of mouth going again!
  8. We have a group of 3 that are playing together now. JOIN US. I can even hand out memberships in game if people are interested in playing with us.