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  1. Silencer is compiling video of some of our Mafia games, and posting them to youtube. I will also share the posts here. The Channel Is found here. Ep. 001 Ep. 002
  2. We are keeping it hot on the mobile scene
  3. I already told you. Let me take care of these jokers then I gotchu. Kappa.
  4. AYYEE, @MadCast: bigdommer , @MadCast: MailMan , and I are loving battlerite again, feel free to come join us. Free on Steam!
  5. Oh. I'll play TFT, CsGo, Destiny, whateva whateva
  6. After we dominate the LoL heathens, we will come for the Destiny 2 Tribe.
  7. Hit us up tonight. 8 PM Central. Bring a friend.
  8. I am down for either. I would actually consider atlas again. I am also partial to Official Servers.
  9. Can we stop pretending the Big 10 is good at football at all?
  10. We almost felt bad for how bad they just melted internally. But then, they were total punks trying to start fights and everything, worst I've evr seen in a varsity game, so I didn't feel bad.
  11. So, I am at a new school this year Coaching Football. (I am the Running Backs coach and special teams coordinator). I followed my mentor to the school, as he is the head coach. The school hadn't won in 17 straight Varsity games until last night. Down 31-7 at half, we came back in the second half to win 50-38. On Homecoming. Big time win. Biggest comeback I've ever been a part of. On the left our Head Coaches son, also the QB, and on the right my son TJ(5)
  12. Giving 1 key for every NEW friend you bring to Mafia next week!
  13. Looking for someone to compile clips to throw into a Rocket League Mafia commercial on the RLM Youtube. I think @MadCast: Silencer would be willing to help with editing, but if you want to do the entire project that is fine too. No experience Necessary.
  14. had quite a few randoms using the bot last night. They found it through the Website/Youtube video. Exciting stuff.
  15. Looking forward to a big crowd tomorrow