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  1. Hey all, I've been playing on the regular since BFA launched, I have a 120 bm hunter and 120 disc priest both Horde BE's on Turalyon Server both nearing ilvl 340, we should set up an in game Madcast Community so we can communicate and group up across servers... you can do everything but Mythic Raids thru xrealm... anyone interested? Maybe even get more MC peeps to play if they knew we can group regardless of server now...?
  2. All of them, lol. They buffed the $h!t out of so many. I assume it was to balance everything to keep up with the Necro. Also I just saw a video from Bluddshed, apparently theres a huge new thing for getting a jump this season- If you are fortunate enough to have not done the Challenge Rift yet this week... It's a HT Garg run which you might be familiar with if I recall you were doing WD? You make your seasonal character FIRST. Then exit the game and do the challenge rift, then go back in game on your new seasonal character on master difficulty (not sure if this matters or if it's just part of the guide and its for leveling or w/e but I'm just gonna follow that either way...) When you receive your reward cache for the challenge rift, you get 10 DB's, 475 bloodshards, 4.6 million gold, a crapload of crafting mats, and 15 of each bounty material !!! This will allow you to use the cube to extract legendary powers! Also max out artisans, which will make it possible to roll a level requirement reduced lvl 70 weapon for use at lvl 40... huge boost! Here's the link to the video if you wanna check it out--->
  3. Yeah I just tested the Uliana's EP build with the set I had in stash... quite tanky and T13 packs just go boom... and if they don't, you actually get to see those "extra 7 strikes" you get from the Lion's Claw fist weapon... with this set being the season journey reward, I plan to use it to farm for my Sunwukos set for LTK/TR/WOL builds... Imma probably use Tempest rush (tailwind) build for fast farming bounties (great for covering large distances at speed when you cant find a pack to proc your in-geom dash) I am so excited to be able to make viable builds out of so many options now, so cool what they've finally done.
  4. Yep, Thursday night 8pm eastern (EST), which is 5pm pacific(PDT)
  5. So who all is ready to come out of the gate hot Thursday night? I love the challenge of solo leveling, but by like level 30, I wouldn't be against grouping... Monk is looking real good for multiple choices this season, and my go to Sunwuko set is killing it. Plus we get the free Uliana's set (season journey cache), which I'm interested in checking out for that SSS/EP build that's doing great now too. The patch is live and stats on gear have been adjusted, so you can see whats up already. I will most likely be running my solo routine for getting into the 20s, by 30 mins after the season starts, so anyone joining late feel free to find me for some lowbie power level assistance if you need it. BTag is Spoonofdoom #1322 Maybe someone will have a discord up and running too?
  6. Musta been a bastion triple kill at some other point in the match I also saw a youtuber the other day do this move with Genji... double jump to dash (or w/e its called)
  7. Just picked the game up yesterday, haven't gotten to play all of the characters yet, but I finding a fondness for Soldier 76, Symmetra, Mercy, and Reinhart so far. Bnet is Spoonofdoom #1322 if I'm not on your list yet. Also Spoon#3678 on Discord.
  8. Spoontoof


    Just came to the forums to ask this very question, will stay tuned
  9. There are a bunch of us playing on another server as well... maybe we can get a roll call and figure out how to get everyone together?
  10. The server is called HolyCityGaming, but you can just join our game through the Steam friends list, just look for us to be on (not me for the next 5-6 days because I'm going camping ) My current steam name is Jockey, NO!!, and there's also Damiano and Cowboy Bebop... and I chatted with Osiris recently and he's going to get the single player experience a little longer before he may join us. The server has some boosted settings: much increased resource drops while harvesting, and seemingly faster taming (either that or I've gotten better at it) The lvl of dinos is still low (highest I've seen so far is like 29) but the peeps in the other tribe in charge of the server have been discussing raising it. XP gains are very quick I've been playing just a little while and I'm already lvl 68. Were not much for pvp so this place is good for us, no battles going on- but they have talked about having organized battle games of one sort or another... Feel free to check it out!
  11. So yeah..... anyway..... Damiano, and Cowboy B, and I are on a server together now starting a lil village... anyone interested let us know, you should be able to just join off one of us through steam! The server has some settings boosted- resource gains are redonk and leveling is very quick, taming seems a little faster too. Come play with us!
  12. A sugar momma is good Just make a DK tank or 2 as well... they can cap fast since you can get instant ques for tanking randoms... once you have a lvl 100 dk you can farm firelands on 10man heroic for several hundred gold per run just kill trash, not bosses- run out n reset... I was able to unlock my cancelled account without paying any money because I had enough gold between my characters ( it will pool it for your initial token purchase to get game time- so i didn't even have to pay for a month to get in and starting making the money) Also the garrison thing- Get the inn, so you can pick "treasure hunter" followers and eventually unlock the treasure hunter missions as well... with the right 3 follower mission you can get a 500g reward in an hour (epic mount trait is awesome for cutting turnaround time). There are definitely ways to make it happen. I just got bored with it, farming for gold and playing "garrisonville" on 5 toons wasn't much fun...
  13. Hey all! Loooonnnnngggg time no post... How's everyone doin? I've been keeping busy running down my check-list of hair brained schemes... currently back on the east coast, organizing my parents house so they don't end up on an episode of hoarders- o_O So that's part of my excuse for being MIA for so long, the other being of course just social laziness... Any ways-- So I picked up this early access version of this game ARK... pretty neat stuff- hi-def minecrafty gather and build concept, but set on a dino infested island... pretty much all of which you can kill and harvest for resources as well as tame to add to your hunting party and/or ride as a mount! anything from Dodo's to T-Rex to Bronto's and Trikes... and flying mounts on Ptera's and ocean mounts (dino-dolphins/sharks/nessies) pretty wild stuff. You can form tribes and build bases for PVE or PVPVE... depending on server choice. I've been playing on Single player mode just to learn the game a bit, but I've been watching lots of youtube vids on the game and it looks like a blast with friends. I noticed a few of you have the game, just wondering what other impressions y'all have, and if there is anyone playing together on a server yet or plans to make a private one- etc?
  14. Yup... been doin lots of "settling in" stuff out here in Colorado... busy busy! Just noticed the game got a new patch and saw the thread about a vanilla server, been rekindling a little bit in single player. and thanks!