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  1. LEAGUE OF DRAVEN and other things I guess

    Just makes me think of the League of Draven parody of that Maroon 5 song, good stuff.
  2. I don't want to mention any names

    What delightful nonsense. xP
  3. Overwatch Release Date

    Gimme that open beta already.
  4. Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns, New Champion Teaser

    This here is gonna be awesome, I hope.
  5. New Website This Weekend

    Really awesome change!
  6. 3DS Games

    I used to play MH4U before I sold my 3DS, really fun game.
  7. Random Comedy Thread

    Hey there everyone! We all need a laugh every now and then, hopefully this thread helps. The aim is to post short clips, funny jokes, anything of that ilk. Let's of course keep it appropriate to the forums.
  8. March Madness 2016 Tournament

    Oh this was always fun.
  9. HotS ARAM 2.27.16

    Disma Disma DISMA DISMA
  10. Ongoing Overwatch Beta Invite Waves

    No invite for me. Sad day.
  11. Game of Thrones....

    Martin needs to release Winds of Winter, but the show is really good too.
  12. HotS Dojo 2.25 @ 9 p.m.

    Bring on the pain.
  13. HotS Trash Talk Thread!

    Always remember, Disma is love, Disma is life. Also Zeratul.
  14. Looking for am art buddy

    I may be interested in this...I gotta break out the pencils again.
  15. Happy Birthday Stan!

    Happy birthday!