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  1. Clearly Push and I are going to duo support bottom. Back off plebs
  2. I just recently started playing the new expansion. I'm leveling to 120 on a gnome priest atm if anybody wants to do stuff
  3. It's pretty fun. Having issues with quest completion registering and augments appearing though.
  4. Was fun playing two rooms & a boom w/ u. Nice to see you apply
  5. Thanks for the games! Had a lot of fun getting back into league with weird builds
  6. Looks very interesting. I'd totally be down to participate if there's space.
  7. I have just about a year and a quarter before I'll be graduated + credentialed. My university's pre-clinical + student teaching portion part of the program is what takes the longest, but it'll be worth it. Thank y'all for the warm welcomes
  8. Howdy, I'm Apoz and I've been away from MadCast for a while. I'd like to re-apply for full membership and enroll in the [C] process. I enjoy playing League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dead by Daylight, Vermintide 2, and a random assortment of other stuff on Steam. Outside of games I'm a full-time student pursuing a B.A in Special Education, a part-time paraprofessional in Sp. Ed. classrooms, and I love running and going on long day hikes. Feel free to hit me up if you'd like to play something.
  9. *Support Alistar Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Armor x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 *Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x9 >Masteries: 0/12/18 *Cunning: Wanderer --> Secret Stash --> Meditation --> Dangerous Game *Resolve: Recovery --> Explorer --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight --> Legendary Guardian --> Bond of Stone >Summoner Spells: Flash/Ignite, Flash/Exhaust >Items: *Beginning: Relic Shield, Health Potion x3 *Core: Eye of the Equinox, Mobility Boots (Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi situational) *Options: Righteous Glory, Locket of the Iron Solari, Mikael’s Crucible, Dead Man’s Plate, Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, Iceborn Gauntlet >Skill Order: Q at level 1, either W or E at level 2 depending on enemy harass, and the other at level 3. Max Q always for higher AOE damage in skirmishes and a lower cooldown on your primary CC. >Explanation: Alistar is a hard CC machine and very reliable support, but can have trouble early on, especially during the laning phase. The only powerful engage we have is our Q + W combo, but that has a significant cooldown, and doesn’t take full advantage of Alistar’s abilities in skirmishes. This build helps maximize Alistar’s early game threat and keep him from getting punished too much for his opportunistic playstyle. *For Marks and Seals we’ve chosen armor, because we’re going to get auto’d a lot, plain and simple. These runes ensure that we can take more harass, and survive through damage in early skirmishes. Glyphs are typical magic resist, and our Quintessences NEED to be movement speed to give us the ability to open up with a Q as opposed to requiring a Q + W every time we need to engage. *With masteries, starting in Cunning, we take Wanderer for more movement speed (which = more threat), Secret Stash, Meditation (to help keep mana for a Q), and Dangerous Game over Bandit because we intend on brawling with folks. Following that in the Resolve tree we take Recovery for sustain, Explorer for more movement speed in brushes, Veteran’s Scars for early chunkiness, Insight, Legendary Guardian to help with mid-late game durability, and Bond of Stone as a tanky support. *For summoner spells we’ll always want Flash for its value as both an initiate and escape, then either Exhaust to lockdown a large enemy threat or help in early 2v2s, or Ignite for kill potential. *Items don’t carry Alistar very far after speedy boots and Eye of the Equinox for warding because his ultimate is very powerful as a survival tool, and can soak up a lot of enemy damage. However, as the game progresses, your ultimate will not be as strong against your enemy’s scaling damage. The item options afterwards need to be suited against your particular opponents. Need to pick off overextending enemies? Righteous Glory. Hard CC messing with one of your carries? Mikael’s Crucible. Lots of magic damage? Locket of the Iron Solari. Enemy ADC a big problem? Randuin’s Omen. >Gameplay: *Early – Even though you don’t have poke, make sure you are using your positioning to help zone opponents and give your ADC a chance to farm. With your movement speed quints, wanderer and explorer masteries, your speed will give you the opportunity to open up on your opponents with a Q if they get too ballsy. If you need to defend your carry, don’t be afraid to blow your Q + W combo. *Midgame – Alistar’s strength is in his CC, so while you’re roaming around the map warding, look for openings to catch out enemies or gank other lanes. Your Q + W combo is only avoidable with either a well-timed dash or a Flash. *Lategame – Be careful, as you’re ultimate isn’t enough to keep you alive anymore. However, it’s still very possible to catch out vital enemy targets. If you’ve bought Righteous Glory, abuse it whenever you see a good opportunity to engage, but don’t go getting your team killed. In lategame teamfights, your priority should be either peeling for your carry, or locking down one of the opposing carries, depending on the level of threat they pose. Tips: 1) If you W an enemy into a wall, they will be stunned for the distance that they would have moved had you knocked them back in an open environment. 2) If you’re having trouble doing the Q + W combo, take Q off of smartcast! 3) If possible, save your ultimate until you start being focused/cc’d because it removes most crowd control. Remember: Violence solves everything. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, leave them in a comment below!
  10. *AP Jungle Cho'gath Guide - 2016 Season* >Runes: *Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x9 *Greater Seal of Armor x9 *Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 *Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x9 >Masteries: 0/18/12 *Cunning: Savagery --> Runic Affinity --> Merciless --> Dangerous Game --> Precision --> Stormraider's Surge *Resolve: Recovery --> Tough Skin --> Veteran's Scars --> Insight >Summoner Spells: Smite/Flash >Items: *Beginning: Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Potion/Health Potion x3 *Core: Stalker's Blade w/ Enchantment: Runic Echoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Sorcerer's Shoes (Situational options also include Mercury Treads or Mobility Boots) *Options: Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass, Abyssal Scepter, Morellonomicon, Nashor's Tooth, and 1 situational defensive item if needed (I.E Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel, or Frozen Heart) >Skill Order: Take E at level 1, Q at level 2, W at level 3, then choose between maxing Q or W depending on what you expect to be able to do. Maxing W is less damage than Q, and higher cooldown, but is very reliable damage and comes with an increased silence duration (it's also my preference). Maxing Q is higher damage and lower cooldown, but not guaranteed to hit unless accompanied by a slow and silence. >Explanation: Cho'gath is a deadly champion to be reckoned with. His massive burst and CC potential in both single target and AOE forms make him a formidable assassin or disruptor if built as such. My favorite way to play him, and the way I'll be explaining him, is as a terrifying nuke-monster that neutralizes his opponents before devouring them *The runes we've chosen are pretty self-explanatory. We're taking hybrid marks for maximum damage on jungle monsters without sacrificing much magic penetration, armor seals for reduced damage from jungle monsters, ability power glyphs for more damage and early game threat, and the same for quintessences. *As far as masteries go, in Cunning we're going with Savagery for easier monster kills, Runic Affinity as a jungler, Merciless because of its synergy with both our burst and Feast, Dangerous Game over Bandit, Precision for damage, and Stormrider's Surge because most of the other end-game masteries will not do us much good, and it's fun to eat somebody and zoom away like some kind of demonic hamburglar. Resolve will be our secondary tree. As much as I'd like to go into Ferocity, Cho is not particularly durable early on, being fragile to monsters, and susceptible to counter-jungling measures. We'll take Recovery over Unyielding because we're not planning on building much if any armor/magic resist, Tough Skin over Explorer for reducing the damage we take from jungle monsters, Veteran's Scars because it will beef us a up a little, and Insight over Perseverance. *With our summoner spells we have the common combination of Smite and Flash. Smite for jungling, Flash because it's wonderful for get-aways, surprise eatsies, and we're not gonna be chunky enough to warrant ghost. *Items we purchase are meant to help our CC, and maximize our burst damage. Hunter's Machete will give us more damage early in the jungle, and whether or not you grab Hunter's Potion or Health Potions x3 depends on how comfortable you are. On our first or second back we'll want to grab Stalker's Blade because it's slowing effect is highly recommended in combination with Cho'gath's abilities. A slow from SB + Feral Scream means our target will be both slowed AND silenced. A.K.A shit out of luck and ready to get hit with an undodgeable Rupture. Afterwards, our ideal core is Enchantment: Runic Echoes, Rabadon's, and Sorcerer's Shoes. If we've gained some chunkiness by building up Feast stacks on jungle creeps, we should be in a decent position to not get one-shot, and pose as a mega-threat to any and all enemy team members. If you are on a roll applying pressure early, you may consider Mobility Boots instead of Sorcerer's, and if they have sustainable CC that is stopping you from doing your job, you may consider Mercury Treads. Other options for big items include Rylai's for more consistent AOE slows and some chunkiness, Void Staff to blast through enemy Magic Resist, Zhonya's to live through massive spells, Abyssal against sustained magic damage, Morellonomicon for lower cooldowns to poke the enemy team, Nashor's Tooth (often accompanied by a large defensive item to allow it's continued use), in combination with a defensive item suited against your opponent threats. >Gameplay: *Early - Krugs is my preferred starting point, because beginning red buff will make Cho able to respond to an invading jungler, or counter any early cheese that may come up. This also means that by the time you have both Rupture and Feral Scream, you will have a sizeable mana pool to gank with for a longer period of time. Farm up and try to build up stacks with Feast, but remember that with Stalker's Blade and Feral Scream, you have a surefire way of making an overextending enemy's life absolute hell. *Midgame - Objectives, through and through. Make sure you have pressure and ward coverage around areas like Dragon, and maybe Rift Herald. With Smite and Feast, you have one of largest neutral monster nukes in the game, and it's almost impossible for the enemy jungler to outsmite you. Also, if you see a fragile enemy out of place, don't be afraid to lock them down and assassinate them with your slow + silence combo. *Lategame - At this point, the enemies probably have some Magic Resist, and they're tired of your one-shot bullshit. You need to be careful about your fragility, whilst looking for an opening to insta-kill an enemy target (Void Staff is amazing). If you can't sneak around without getting group-ganked, you need to poke, poke, and poke some more before engaging with your AOE burst. Tips: 1) If you're having trouble gauging the amount of damage your Feast will do, remember that there is a visual effect when your Feast will kill someone. 2) Don't be afraid to eat minions! Your Feast cooldown is lower when you do so. 3) Remember to AA your opponents as well if you can get away with it. You're a mage, but your E damage is nothing to scoff at. Have fun 'nomming folks on the rift! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, leave them in a comment below!
  11. You can't uninstall your true feelings, Munsa.
  12. Already kickin butts with a few MadCasters! (+ carrying LT)
  13. Hiya, I'm Apoz. I'm a League of Legends player that was pretty active back in the day. I'm recently coming back into the game and will be hosting as many normal draft games as possible over the next week or so before settling into a good rhythm. If you enjoy LoL, and want some MadCasters to play with, feel free to hop on and play! I'll be mostly on during either the late afternoon and/or evening PST, so don't be afraid to add me, and don't forget to join the 'MadCast' chat room on League! IGN: "MadCast Apoz" Chatroom: "MadCast"
  14. We've done Ultimate Bravery before, and you're right, it's hella fun! Might need to scrounge some folks up to have another go at it soon