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  1. It is what it is. One day, in like twenty years, maybe we can get a consistent game going Khaos
  2. PMs sent to the interested parties who made the cut. If you did not receive a PM, you may still get a slot if someone drops out. Thanks everyone for expressing interest!
  3. STuck in la traffic won't be home in time for this.
  4. Gonna beat you until candy comes out.
  5. Updated to reflect the standard MONDAY night gaming and the accurate use of AM/PM. Sorry for anyone who thought otherwise about the game's time.
  6. I'm going to see who is interested and what kind of crowd is around before I make any decisions on a final party. Also gotta give my Tuesday night crew the first bite at the apple. I'll send out a group PM to everyone who gets in as soon as I make a decision- probably in a week or so.
  7. Welcome to Kyen-Keil, the Forest World. Imagine a temperate rain forest, stretching to blanket most of a world not too unlike our own Earth. A world where instead of oceans, massive forests stretch down, down, and down- blotting out the sky and surrounding in darkness, mystery, and danger another world unknown to the dwellers above. Genre: Mystery-Thriller focusing on Exploration and Roleplaying Background: You will awake on the forest floor, in the 'Marianas Trench' of this world, with no memory of how you got there, or who you are- merely that you had some mission, that it was important, and you don't recall if you finished it. System: Sky Wars: Fantasy Conversion of Edge of the Empire Starting: Sometime in October Wanted: Brave Adventurers to take care of a Problem! If you feel you have the bravery to delve deep into the forest, indicate your interest below. Requirements: Available on Monday Nights from roughly 9pm EST to 12AM EST- likely extending to 1AM ESTish as often as not. Familiarity (even passing) with Edge of the Empire/FFG Star Wars OR a strong familiarity with Roleplaying Games generally A desire to focus on exploration and roleplaying over combat dungeon crawling.
  8. I'll be on shortly getting all my ducks in a row for no interruptions.
  9. Remember that 5 new runes are replacing 29 masteries, 27 runes, one keystone, and 3 quintessences. That's a lot of power. Also, you still only get one keystone and choose from max 2 trees so a chunk of those runes are exclusive. It's not just a grab bag.
  10. If this is intended to be a matchup of skill and determination and what not, an ARAM is only marginally better than a coin flip. Might as well not play at all, or play just one game. Could always just schedule the third game for a different day.
  11. A couple things I think could be improvements. 1. Have teams normally scheduled to face each other on a day people advocate for, say via a Survey Monkey of the playgroup. That makes more sense than just defaulting to Friday, which I think no games were played on. 2. Teams, if registration permits, should have deeper rosters. This forces less last minute subs. Most teams were signed with 5-6 players, where 7-8 might've made deep enough pools to make missing a person less problematic. 3. There needs to be some sort of organizing that makes planning for games more than three days out viable. Not sure what that looks like here.
  12. I am a teacher. I'm currently working at an education company while I am finishing my Masters in Science.
  13. ftfy
  14. The Immortal: You say you want a revolution, well, you know- that's literally a recurring, pointless theme and activity in a remorseless, dying universe where morality is a construct, life is meaningless, and there are no heroes and villains- merely victims and victors. I would be fun at parties, but literally everyone I ever knew in life I brutally murdered in an apocalypse that left me the sole, ageless survivor of an ancient civilization.
  15. I can probably make it. I'm roadtripping out of county early in the morning, but being home by 9 should be easy.