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  1. Wondering if you could summarize what an 'element on deck' was so I know what we are working with/trying to do.
  2. Need more data.
  3. Sounds good to me.
  4. good sunday.
  5. I could do threeish hours from 4 to 7 or from 10-1 EST today. just need to know when.
  6. Is referential humor game? Because I can do some things with that.
  7. I am actually a heel shoot fighter unless we want a baby face for party balance. Volkov can go either way.
  8. I can make it work for LT.
  9. I can try to make Saturday work. I have a current Saturday activity around that slot but I think I could slide it earlier or make it every other or what not.
  10. The Foreigner
  11. Civ 6 has a lot of new ideas and feels fresh. BE feels like someone at Firaxis was standing on the developers' neck saying 'But is it mainstream yet? But is it mainstream yet?' The game takes zero risks, hews too closely to the game it shares an engine with to the point of feeling like a retexture with a couple new things added, and doesn't deliver a new experience, or an updated alpha centauri one. If you can get alpha centauri to run, that's the space adventure- it's based on Civ 2 but far more ambitious. As an ancillary, If you never bought Civ 5 and you like sci fi, it's basically Civ 5 with most of the DLC 'built in' so it's a great buy in that specific circumstance. The complaints mostly stem from those who play each of the games normally.
  12. It's not
  14. Ye cannae break the laws of physics captain!
  15. Assuming flight is not desired and just a planeshift machine is desired. The Spelljammers of the namesake setting all were functional Airships to make intraplane travel more manageable and easy. I can't imagine The Immortal designing something that didn't also Fly easily. However, I can whip up the first attempt at a more... personalized description of a Spelljammer later tonight!