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  1. Gaming Slump

    Old favorites are also potentially of help. Official boilerplate yada yada don't condone using roms of games you don't have a physical copy in front of you of, but if you can get access to something that you remember fondly from your younger days- Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Secret of Mana as examples of RPGs, Starcraft or Command and Conquer, etc. etc.- revisiting a nostalgic experience can clear the palette. At least for me.
  2. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    I know I talk tough but thanks to all the administrators who were and are willing to engage in conversation and change things around. Change is scary and the status quo is comfortable; I understand the effort it takes to do what's happened in the last month and I appreciate it immensely.
  3. Dawn of War Club for Gentlepersons

  4. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    I'm not agitating for shutting down the forums, or website. Forums are a good place to have lasting, meaty discussions. That being said, it's not where people tend to congregate or focus nearly as much partly because of these other outlets for conversations. It's less likely that a lot of threads we used to have will ever show up again because discords' chat features make it more natural and convenient to have these discussions. We should acknowledge that and work with it. Streamlining the forums is one of those things. Discords' chats are already more interesting and more active since we channeled the conversations into 3+1 topical channels compared to the old half dozen+. Will trimming 50-odd forums down to a dozen do the same thing here? There's one way to find out. There may be a difference of opinion here. A candidate thread with spotty or lackluster comments should be the easiest vote: no. The forums, via the comment systems, are the best candidate quality measures we got. Not a question there. I can't think of a better system then having members agitate for anyone they think belongs. I don't think, however, holding a forum shaped gun to people's heads as part of what's become little more than a hazing ritual is really making a difference in the quality of our candidates.
  5. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    I've been here for a few years and admined a few of those as well, and I'd like to touch base on the forums. The purpose of the forums, as far as I can tell, was the following: To create a backbone, a hub for people to gather and interact; to make it easy to have cross-community conversations; to organize activities; to keep an archive of our important and not-so-important dialog; to create a space for associates to be introduced to our community;and to make it easier to suss out candidates (both via their posts and comments). I may have missed one, but I think that's the general gist. To be honest, it's not great at those things anymore. I'm old enough to remember Usenet. I think a lot of older members are too. And yet I don't think a single one of us would be advocating for us to keep a MadCast Usenet Newsgroup as the central end-all-be-all of our community in the 21st century. Microsoft's Zone Arcade is gone. The world turns, time's change. If I want to have a conversation with any Madcaster, Discord provides it. DM, Group Chat, or text channels- cross-community or not. I've stopped using PMs already. I go on the website every day to find things to read or comment on still because of habit, but I do 90% or more of my conversation on Discord. I don't think Discord has any meaningful disadvantage for organizing events, either- once people are taught where to look, it's fine at that too. To be frank, its likely superior at those things. It is not, however, a useful onboarding experience to a community. It does not keep good logs and archives, and it does not provide a meaningful history for an individual user to help SFMs vote. Those are things that are important to our community. But look at the site today. The front page is, compared to the modern looks, busy and difficult to navigate. We have four categories, with 19 forums, and 33 sub-forums (not counting 11 archive forums and the admin forums). The forum is a busy mess full of a ton of splintered data everywhere. I don't know if there is a right answer for how to organize a multi-game community forum, but we've clearly found the wrong one. Personally, I think we need to cut the chaff on the website. There needs to be like, 10 forums max, not 19, and we don't need 33 non-archival subforums basically ever. Or if we do, we need to have a Games Subforum area, and a 'Topical' Subforum area, where we can collapse the vast majority of these every now and then forums (like the tech forum, or a less popular game) into a side-bar on a specific forum. We just don't need the organization we have now for the size of our community, and for how much daily chit chat has migrated to discord. If the website was slimmer and spiffier, it'd be a good place to A) onboard new people and B ) have these kinds of discussions. The last thing, candidates, is a bigger problem than I can address on my own. We've been letting candidate quality be a real fuzzy bar for years now. I mean no disrespect to anyone who wears tags- most people who don't fit tend to ship out or fade away or get themselves banned anyway- but the buck has to stop with SFMs. If you don't know in your heart that the candidate is up to snuff, say no. Make MadCast exclusive- don't say it is and then let in anybody who didn't fly off the handle at their first lost game of league or hots. I don't know if better quality candidate comments are the thing to aggressively push, or event participation, or what- forum is an objectively better record of all things including candidates, but I 100% do not consider the forum integral to the quality of our candidates because the quality of our candidates has been a running average that looks like a rollercoaster. If the forum isn't doing that job, I don't consider that a good argument for keeping it.
  6. LoL - Patch 8.9

  7. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

    It's really buggy right now and crashing a lot. Unless you love doing the first week of stardew valley over and over with no mods, I'd suggest giving it a week or two to percolate and start working.
  8. LoL - Patch 8.4

  9. Champion Reveal - Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

    Oh look, Kassadin's daughter.
  10. Ridiculous siege cannons!

    Considering how underpowered riot considers baron right now, and how niche this use is, they probably aren't as worried about this as you'd think.
  11. Color Madness Item Chart

    Might want to do a little stretching and shave some red or blue into pink and white (if possible) since those colors are pretty short-shifted.
  12. Incremental Games

    Well technically, an idle game is any game that has an idling component, and a kind of idling game is an incremental game. In those, new options/gameplay open up over time (incrementally) and often the game has a really interesting narrative that the gameplay supports via its unfolding over time. One of the best early ones is
  13. LoL - Patch 8.2

    too much of his kit is in that w. Before they buffed the base damage on his w, he was broadly considered unplayable. 🙄
  14. LoL - Patch 8.2

    Jinx change is to normalize your attack coming out of the swap, so you can know how quickly your attacks are going to spool up and not have it be a different cadence every time you do it. Probably going to help with last hitting at low levels and maybe even trades/all ins. As for Ornn, I've played a bit of him and the unstoppable was among the most interesting and skill expressing things about him. It would've been better to hit the CD, Shield, or Damage to make Ornn less overbalanced in that skill- those are all boring things with little counterplay and a lot of his power (W feels like 50% of his kit). Without the Unstoppable, its harder for Ornn players to demonstrate mastery, outplay people, and make plays since you can CC him out of his primary damage/utility ability. A longer CD or less shield or both would've been a lot easier to swallow.
  15. What's your all time favorite story game?

    To the Moon or Choice of Robots, likely. Both excellent experiences focused on delivering a story with almost non-existent gameplay.