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  1. LoL - Patch 8.4

  2. Champion Reveal - Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

    Oh look, Kassadin's daughter.
  3. Ridiculous siege cannons!

    Considering how underpowered riot considers baron right now, and how niche this use is, they probably aren't as worried about this as you'd think.
  4. Color Madness Item Chart

    Might want to do a little stretching and shave some red or blue into pink and white (if possible) since those colors are pretty short-shifted.
  5. Incremental Games

    Well technically, an idle game is any game that has an idling component, and a kind of idling game is an incremental game. In those, new options/gameplay open up over time (incrementally) and often the game has a really interesting narrative that the gameplay supports via its unfolding over time. One of the best early ones is
  6. LoL - Patch 8.2

    too much of his kit is in that w. Before they buffed the base damage on his w, he was broadly considered unplayable. 🙄
  7. LoL - Patch 8.2

    Jinx change is to normalize your attack coming out of the swap, so you can know how quickly your attacks are going to spool up and not have it be a different cadence every time you do it. Probably going to help with last hitting at low levels and maybe even trades/all ins. As for Ornn, I've played a bit of him and the unstoppable was among the most interesting and skill expressing things about him. It would've been better to hit the CD, Shield, or Damage to make Ornn less overbalanced in that skill- those are all boring things with little counterplay and a lot of his power (W feels like 50% of his kit). Without the Unstoppable, its harder for Ornn players to demonstrate mastery, outplay people, and make plays since you can CC him out of his primary damage/utility ability. A longer CD or less shield or both would've been a lot easier to swallow.
  8. What's your all time favorite story game?

    To the Moon or Choice of Robots, likely. Both excellent experiences focused on delivering a story with almost non-existent gameplay.
  9. How did your placements go?

  10. How did your placements go?

    One thing to remember when doing your placements- they soft reset everyone's MMR, and people typically place lower than their last placement because you are competing in a flatter distribution of players if you try to place early season. All that matters is your total MMR after the first 20 or 50 games- if you try your best, play well and focus on your impact in the game and not your allies, you'll get to your natural current place in the distribution before fifty games. Focusing on how that 'Yasuo one trick' top lane is 0/3 is going to drop you more divisions than just focusing on your play and doing everything you can to support and carry your team to victory, regardless of Yasuos.
  11. Reminder :Spring Split:

    I don't know if I'm more upset the UoL toplaner (vizawhatever hard name) went to a brand new team and left my UoL, or that Hylissang went to the frickin' enemy. How could you join those scrubs on Fnatic?
  12. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

  13. LoL - Patch 8.1

    Skarner was in my go-to jungle core for a while, super recently. Like uh, 4 years ago.
  14. League of Improve: Season 8

    I'll hop in. - One champion I want to learn this season is: Ornn I think Ornn is really interesting as a champion and I've found him pretty intriguing to play. I've been experimenting with him in multiple roles, and currently, he's my go-to when I can't play singed or top. I think with enough practice I can be a pretty threatening Ornn with certain marksman in bot lane, or even as a jungler given his kit- I want to really explore his playspace. My preliminary goal is 75 normal games with Ornn, 25 in each position. I think I'm just going to play him every time I play for a while and 'get good.' - One mechanic I want to learn this season is: Skillshots I don't play skillshot champions, for the most part. I know Leona has an E and R, and Singed's 'W' is ground targeted, but it's nothing like playing Lux or Ezreal. I don't have a game plan yet for who to play to work on this, but I'm considering Lux or Ziggs. I've enjoyed dipping my toe into the artillery mage before, and maybe that'll work for me. My preliminary goal is to check out a few artillery mages when I need a break from Ornn and decided who to play. I'll update here when I do. - One game knowledge area I want to learn this season is: Dragon Control When I play Top with a Jungler I know in duos, I usually do a great job of helping that person control the dragon by being willing to back them up or by pulling aggro top lane, but otherwise, I tend to ignore it outside of paying attention to team calls. Dragon is one of the most important objectives, and I want to do everything I can from every position to recognize when it's available and to get it secured as long as its more valuable than anything we could be giving up. My preliminary goal is to help secure the first dragon for my team every game before 10 minutes, and if we don't, take the time to watch the replay or mentally overview the reasons why and if I could've changed it.
  15. Shot-calling - A Team United

    I'd say the finest example in shotcalling in the LCS is Unicorns of Love. Especially if you watch their matches last season; they have talented players but no one on that team is a Faker or Doublelift. They got to 2nd/3rdish in the EU LCS because they strategically learned how to win Red Side Draft (they have opposite win/loss percentages based on side compared to the rest of the LCS- early they had something like an 85% win percentage red side) and they have absolute faith and commitment to the shotcall. Casters spent the first part of 2017 besides themselves for every engage and teamfight UoL should've lost but didn't because they had complete faith in each other and the call. They would commit to and pursue an objective or fight with a single-minded determination that would beat better teams with more gold, time and again. There's no lag in the reaction- they turn almost as a single-minded hive on the enemy or the baron or what not. It's pretty amazing, imo.