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  1. my in person game got schedule for today again, so looks like we are going to be post townhall
  2. Haven't even mentioned some of the stuff Jenny found in the Gutter... heh.
  3. Nope, akali morde and Ahri were banned because you guys target banned Strykie. Go ahead and check the vid. I was always jungle because everyone was comfortable in the roles we rolls out.
  4. What OTP ban? Singed never got banned. I opted out because I wanted Danknee to get a chance to play.
  5. sure
  6. +1 on a Faith scale- Jenny has strong faith in her god, Hlal, though she's certainly not what one would considered a cleric.
  7. *checks Patch Notes* Snoged still in dumpster? Check. Move along, nothing to see here.
  8. Favorite Disney - Sword and the Stone for Retro, Meet the Robinsons for Modern Ghibli - Porco Russo Pixar- Brave Dreamworks - Megamind Bluth- The Land Before Time Anime- Do You Remember Love? (Macross movie set as an in-universe movie with the same kind of 'it's a movie' changes to the OG plot- it's really good IMO) Other- Song of the Sea/Secret of Kells (Same studio, related content but different stories, very great)
  9. Hope you're better at League than you and Scooba are at Spades. Might be a short match otherwise.
  10. You must be misremembering. He was never any good at her.
  11. Singed, Singed singed singed singed. Singed singed singed, singed signed. Singed, The Mad Chemist (Singed)
  12. I really want to participate, but 2pm on Mother's day is a deal breaker for me. Best of luck guys. 😞
  13. Dunno if anyone realize if anyone thought of this, but the league game is the same day as us Mother's Day. Can't imagine I'm the only person who can't make it but maybe it's a west coast problem. Maybe a reschedule?