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  1. Sour cream is essential to beer stroganoff, and that is the good shit.
  2. I don't really see the appeal of waffles or pancakes most of the time. When I do have such things, pancakes are superior for how they cook in ingredients. I go for blueberry chocolate chip pancakes and boy those are good.
  3. I've had ketchup on my eggs, and it still isn't bad. Personally, a hint of maple syrup from pancakes or bacon hits the sweet note better for me these days.
  4. If I recall correctly, a racist tangerine was elected. I don't trust nor expect anyone to operate against their best interests, which is why I don't hold a corporation itself accountable for influencing the political discourse and legislative process, but instead those who allowed it that power.
  5. If someone can't vote because the barrier is too high, how can they vote to change the barrier that is preventing them from voting? If someone gets to have a better vote outcome because they get to vote and others don't, why would they vote against their interests?
  6. Another question, then. What if the barrier to voting is too high? For example, closed voting locations and strict ID laws have been leveraged in many districts to disenfranchise specific groups of voters, by making it difficult or nearly impossible to vote (Arizona had 8 hour lines in the 2016 Primary in districts where the number of poll stations were cut 80% or more; ID laws in New Hampshire, Texas, and Wisconsin to name a few states made it difficult or impossible for students, the poor, the elderly, and others who may not have government-issued photo ID available or may even be unable to afford it let alone get to the DMV to purchase it- some counties in the southeast [such as several in South Carolina] have just one DMV in the entire county. For a non-driver 60 year old to bus across the county to get a photo ID seems to be more than a little bit of a barrier; for anyone living in poverty to do so at a cost of 100 dollars or more across paperwork, applications, fees, and fares it can be untenable). I do not in this instance argue that every person who does not vote has the same justification of righteous anger towards political actions that someone who votes does(however, I do think all citizens have every right to express their concern with the state of the Republic). I argue that the statement 'if you don't try to accomplish something, don't whine when someone else does' is needlessly reductive and misses a massive amount of grey in the issue at hand.
  7. Incumbent to your point, my friend, is the idea that voting does accomplish something, and that something is the direct intention of all those who voted for the winning side. Many districts are gerrymandered such that the primary mostly or entirely determines the winner in a local election. It can be legitimately difficult to know the real positions of two judges or two school board candidates, or exactly what they do. Beyond that, many voters feel powerless to affect change in the system because of ossified structures and perverse incentives in business, lobbying, political parties, partisanship, and a host of other factors. Can such a broad stroke of the brush be used to paint every abstained voter in every election as a feckless whiner who deserves to not like what is happening and has happened and therefore should learn to be better, where better is just 'vote for anything?'
  8. @MadCast: Baal I don't necessarily think so. Despite all that campaigning, you can't know if there is an issue the candidate will flip flop on; You don't know if the candidate is only blowing smoke up the public's ass when they mention an issue (and gracefully dance around any policy about it), or they don't have an answer yet, or if they never intend to follow through whether or not they make a promise (though most candidates at least attempt the majority/all of their campaign promises based on research, ironically). There's a lot of things Democrats and Republicans don't typically campaign on that are kinda part of their platform but they don't spotlight usually. Hypothetically, You don't know if a given Democrat or Democratic legislature is going to basically ignore gun control or instead try to pass an extreme bill to send to the Supreme Court as a constitutional challenge to District of Colombia vs. Heller. On the flip side, for a Republican majority or candidate, you don't know for certain if they will ignore or challenge Roe vs. Wade with an extreme bill. These and countless other things aren't campaigned on. What if you, pursuant to the current example, are okay with where the 2nd Amendment and Abortion rights are? There's no third party for you to vote for with any hope of even sending a message most elections, let alone electing a candidate. If you abstain because of those issues and then talk about those issues, are you whining?
  9. Suppose you were given the choice by someone of a dollar bill, a cookie, or nothing. If you took the bill, you discover that it is fake. If you take the cookie, you discover it's actually tampered with and is so hot as to cause pain. If you take nothing, you find you get punched in the mouth. Would you not have a right to complain in any or all of these situations? If you knew going into the situation that some, or all, of the bait and switches were true would you have the right to complain? By what magic does marking a circle on a piece of paper give the right to complain, or its absence abridge it?
  10. @Optifreakhas failed to achieve the necessary votes to become a full member of MadCast. Optifreak may contact an SFM for a brief explanation of the reason(s) their candidacy was unsuccessful via the #candidate-chat or by private message on Discord or the forums. Failed [C]'s may re-apply unless banned. If successful on their second try, they become tagged full members on a probationary basis for 20 days, with probationary status converting to complete full member status on the 21st day barring Staff objection.
  11. It's not specifically mentioned above, but this game is free as in beer and is an Action RPG a la Diablo 3. I'll definitely be looking to take a break from leveling in D3 to try this out in a few weeks. Hope to see you folks there.
  12. The right to vote is established in the Consitution of the United States (where Baal and myself are from, as are many members) In article XIV. It is expanded in several amendments. Each state in its own constitution establishes the right to vote. There is no argument I can think of that strongly challenges these laws. Every citizen of the United States has the right to vote without being abridged except where allowed under specific circumstances, all of which are related to losing that right because of criminal offenses. If there is a good argument for how voting in the United States is not a right, I am curious to hear it. As for the responsibility side- At what point does a lack of voting change the United States into an Oligarchy instead of a Democracy? Is that a change that should be allowed to happen? Can the United States be truly considered a republic in the absence of a strong majority of votes in the electoral process?
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  14. Narrowing the discussion to loaded fries vs. poutine being 'the same thing' is like saying 'I wouldn't call a Rueben a Po' Boy.' Of course, you wouldn't, but that's not the conversation being had. You wouldn't call a Lion a Tiger either, but you would call them both felines. Loaded Fries and Poutine are separate entities that don't have an over-arching classification, though I fail to see how they would not be related- both are fried potato slivers, sauced and topped. This is a taxonomical classification exercise- in the culinary world, are hot dogs a member of the sandwich family or a member of some other family, having evolved separately.
  15. Depends on your ranking in the hierarchy of the pedantry club.