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  1. I need to visit my grandma in the hospital today and will be going straight from my afternoon DnD game. I think I won't be too late compared to normal start time, but if you wanted to clean up any threads with not-jenny until i show up that's fine with me.
  2. we just need prince to weigh in?
  3. Same
  4. yup.
  5. I think I can commit to sundays after West Coast Dinner time (about our typical start time) and Mondays work as well. Although Monday would be a lot better for me so as to prevent getting double booked. For example, I have a birthday dinner to attend tomorrow.
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Things Jenny is doing at the end of these events and shortly thereafter- 1. Engaging Dr. Archo for some work. 2. Shopping Spree! Jenny goes out on the town looking to pick up the following-> +1 orbs for her gear and Horseshoes of the Zephyr and a Heward's Handy Haversack. This comes to 1800 + 1500 + 2000 = 5,300, if available. Certainly interested in Jeb's emporium if the list is getting updated. 3. Jenny drops off a Finder's Pot of 5,000 gold at Jeb's. Keep an eye out for anything exciting for her wolf or for her crossbow. 4. Jenny spreads the word that 'Alyssa's and (husbands) tailor shop' is where the good ol' boys get their goods. She also stops by and drops a hefty donation (1000) on them for a full set of duds for a variety of occasions. She tends to favor a green and purple motif, typically wearing green clothing with floral inspired purple, red, and orange. She encourages them to hire some talent and upgrade their shop and offers to spend up to another 1,000 for stakes in the shop and a portion of profits. 5. Jenny stops by their masterwork tools enhanced blacksmith apprentice friend, drops 2,000 on furthering his education/investment/shares as determined by Munsa, and if he has some obvious skill to the layman, sends out rumors that he's where the group goes for the work he can manage. 6. Jenny drops off 5,000 gold for whoever they nominated to lead day to day operations in the Shankers to invest in rebuilding the brand and getting on their feet. She reminds them that she expects loyalty and results. 7. Jenny spends whatever is left, to the last penny, on benders enjoying the new experiences open to her. As part of this, she works to join the Sensates as a member of whatever standing is available. 8. For training, Jenny specifically teaches the new recruits infil and exfil techniques. She actually takes to it fairly well and enjoys devising new problems for them to overcome and 'torturing' the recruits for their mistakes. Given the open nature of the guild as an organization, she even takes some of them to bed- promising punishments for anyone who is seen entering or leaving the site of their extra-curricular activities.
  8. Maybe I'm a little fuzzy, but I'm not completely remembering everything inquisitor horror-face told us. Can I get a cliff notes?
  9. Wasn't there two things the Butchers wanted Munsa?
  10. Was there any money or cogs for the buy, or was the only loot on them the special daggers and the masterwork ones?
  11. Hey Munsa... can we get a tally here of the score from that weapons buy we raided?
  12. We doing this at our normal time?
  13. I'm free Monday (got no school that day!) and free Thursday most likely. I am busy Tuesday.
  14. UOL UNDEFEATED! Any takers on when the casters give them any credit? I'm guessing not until the spring split tournament, even if they go undefeated.
  15. Spontaneous Human Combustion seems to make it clear- if you could just set someone on fire, the wick effect should give off good light for quite some time.