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  1. Intro - Apoznaxaa

    been too long Apoz! Glad to see you doing well
  2. Untilting?

    I call it and come back another day. sometimes its better to take a break instead of spinning my wheels and reving myself up further. plus I find it a lot harder to objectively look at my own faults when i'm already in a sour mood. That being the case its that much harder to correct my own errors under those conditions. chill games like stardew valley help a lot too as far as distracting me from continuing to think about those disappointing showings. hope this helps
  3. Conan Exiles

    yup yup should be on tonight to raise the ancient kingdom of Acheron or at least a majestic desert temple.
  4. Conan Exiles

    cool beans I'll bookmark the server might not be around much tonight or tomorrow but I'll definitely pop by and check you guys out
  5. Conan Exiles

    what are the server settings ? PvP/PvE body stays in game when logged : Y/N harvesting multiplier : X1 , X3, Xover9000 inventory drops on death/ all drop on death / nothing drops on death Mods : yes/ no size : 10-40 players? Just trying to get an idea what I'm potentially migrating to also how's the MadCast / super guild presence atm?
  6. Member to Member Award Nominations

    I would like to nominate MadCast: Epic for an upgrade from bronze to Silver Fellowship. Over the years regardless of positions he's held Mr. Epic has a run countless events official and otherwise , assisted/ headed in game training , been a kind soul who lifts the spirits of those around him (myself especially), gone out of his way to make sure others shine when they might be over looked , and figuratively bled MadCast blue all these years. He's been proven and badged as the glue that helps hold this community together. Hell his list of accomplishments speak to the body of the work he's put into this community and a promotion to silver seems well overdue .
  7. Music Festivals!

    currently looking forward to this little festival if anyone in the area is looking for something to do labor day weekend
  8. Gaming Slump

    That sounds amazing and now has me jonesing for some King of Monsters, Gauntlet legends ,or Rampage
  9. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    Congrats to the wolves on your victory. I'd agree This was a hard game to watch I was planning on playing the crazy old man in hopes of baiting more accusations but the wolves ate me before I had much of a chance on that. RP side of it quickly fell off and while at least there was some talk about who to hang nothing ever came of it. I really did appreciate the death blurb from Rife but I feel we could have done better by him with activity.
  10. Post MadCast Town Hall 5/2/2018 - Thread

    Admittedly I'm a bit of a fossil here. I join back in the TeamSpeak days. At that time of my arrival the biggest benefits to membership over being an associate were as follows: 1. expanded access to the forums. the member's only sections held a fair amount of history on the organization (which was something I found very interesting) and helped me get to understand some of the longer standing members better especially admins I didn't have regular interactions with due to being spread across different games. It helped me get a better understand of the roots of this organization where it came from and how it handled itself when hardship arose. (when you get enough people together drama eventually happens this was how I saw how said drama was dealt with in the past without having to grab a member of the old guard and lock them down for a Deckard Caine styled history of MadCast ). 2. The ability to influence change Be it getting my 2 cents heard on any candidate looking to join , who should take up the mantle of SFM , or qualifying to assist the community (being it through admin work or in the mentoring program) membership meant you had a say in the future of a community that you had a vested interest in. "Ask not what MadCast can do for you but what you can do for MadCast" 3. The ability to create channels in the voice client with #2 in mind FM+ were able to create temporary channels which made it easier ( imo ) to create impromptu events ( unscheduled arams , one shot game nights, or pick up games) without worry of cluttering pre-existing channels. In addition because FM+ could create these channels it seemed to promote associates and candidates to seek out an FM+ to make a channel if they wanted a channel for a pick up game. This organicly promoted interaction between the community and prospective new comers as an unintentional ice breaker. 4. preferential seating for events members took precedent when filling slots in events. Funny enough I remember this causing members being more likely to pass up their seat so that candidates could get more exposure and helped show the kind of community we were attempting to foster (one that considers others instead of instant gratification for oneself) . It also helped identify problem elements before they managed to take root in our hallowed halls. 5. Forum Flair Members could earn flair in the form of medals to display achievements (tourney winners) and in recognition or service to the our community. Getting recognized by and recognizing fellow members helped bond the community (again IMO) Admittedly there were other benefits like being able to change your avatar , have a graphic signature , the MadCash program , ect. which were phased out as the forums and community evolved. I believe the benefits listed above (except maybe #3) still hold true today even if they go unsung. With regards to "how essential the forums are in this day and age" I'm admittedly very bias as my primary form of interation with the community these days is via the forums. As was said before some people don't facebook some people have an un-dieing hatred of Discord that burns like the fire of 1000 suns (that may be a bit much). I'm admittedly one of those folks. Before there was facebook there was myspace before that livejournal. Before discord there was TS3 before that Ventrillo , Deadaim , IIRC , etcetera ad nausium . The point being how we communicate has changed and will continue to change, the constant has been the forums. Through said forums we can and have continued to find our roots instead of risking dissolution with the death of each generational platform of social media or chat client. I hear that the forums are too much trouble to be bothered with by some , I've heard that they are a barrier to people joining. I don't disagree but in the spirit of "ask not what MadCast can do for you..." do we really want to add new members that can't be bothered to integrate with the bones of the community that are already in place? I'm inclined to believe the people we find that can't be bothered to integrate are more than likely going to bail on the community when/ if their game falls out of favor. We aren't a clan or a guild for a game we're a community for gamers. Admittedly I'm not as "with it" when it comes to Discord but if possible and those more in the know of how to further/ better integrate discord into the website and forums feel they could improve ease of accessibility to the forums through discord I wouldn't be apposed to it. I'm just not knowledgeable enough in this topic to contribute more to that conversation but I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to say.
  11. I started a new hobby recently! (Miniature Painting)

    Solid work Jiggles back in high school I was collecting a couple buck painting figures for others and wasn't at your level of proficiency. as far as tips and tricks to offer streaks aren't always bad. on the second figure they add a 'weathered" look to the figure that I actually like a lot. With ridged figures like your parrot you can really make parts like it's body pop by using ink washes to darken the recessed parts which adds a nice contrast for faking shadows in those areas. This is also a really easy way to make parts like the ribbed hoses pop. if you were going for more of a mechanical look you could also highlight the rivets and screw points in the joints. the devil is in the detail but as they are still really great work. I especially like your color choices with the parrot and it's wing. they play nicely off each other especially with the red backdrop of the body.
  12. MadCast Werewolf Vol. 12

    At the abandoned church crazy old Naru can be found dressed in shredded rags and wearing a leash, proselytizing for his new faith, clearly driven mad by one too many seasons of the wolf. "THE END IS UPON US! REPENT YOUR WICKED WAYS AND RETURN TO THE CHURCH ! ONLY THOSE VIEWED AS GOOD BOYS SHALL BE SAVED AT THE PAWS OF OUR LORD DOGGO. IN HIS BORKS WE FIND WISDOM AND COMPASSION ! IN HIS ZOOMIES WE FIND NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL! Drink deep my puppers from the water bowl of his love!"
  13. deploying

    Come back safe.
  14. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

    Instructions on how to access the multiplayer beta towards the bottom of the article listed below.
  15. Werewolf Vol. 12 Signup Thread

    time to play Good Doggo /Bad Doggo and this village just ran out of good doggos. I look forward to seeing you all in game again sign me up please!