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  1. It is Tort

    That kinda sounds like sucess to me
  2. It is Tort

    salutations fearless leader!
  3. 101 reasons why mrepic is fail!

    145. after 5 years has still failed to stop the dread thread necromancer! brought to you by
  4. The very best Jungler!

    Remember to play toward your teams strengths. It's easier to snowball a winning lane and then re position your stronger team mates than it is to dig a losing lane out of a hole on your own. Biscuit does make a good point about keeping your team from tilting just try not to spend so much time babysitting a weak lane that you ended up falling behind too. That can turn into quicksand fast.
  5. Reminder :Spring Split:

    also a reminder the Academy teams started up last night.
  6. Who do YOU main, and WHY?

    That's because she has sooo much love to give. She just can't help herself
  7. Who do YOU main, and WHY?

    Leona because she gives the best hug
  8. Recommend me some shows

    If you like super hero shows I'll also add The Cape and The Tick (in both live action versions and the animated series)
  9. Recommend me some shows

    A series of unfortunate events was very nice and should be getting a second season early next year plot listed above Into the Badlands feudal 'Merica in a recovering post apocalyptic setting. good acting better fighting. Shameless if you are looking for a perpetual train wreck kind of show Orville from the creator of family guy this show does Star Trek better than modern Star Trek ( discovery , enterprise era) Honorable mentions to :Stan against evil (Dr. Cox from scrubs fighting witches and wereponies) or Ash vs Evil Dead (not for everyone but if you liked the evil dead series well worth the watch) Also I will second the following previously mentioned shows were amazeballs: Dark Matter , Black Mirror (spiritual successor to the Twilight Zone) , X-files
  10. MadCast Welcomes: Aeryx!

    congrats and welcome to the fold
  11. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    I was also thinking this along with the dense canopy I'm sure there would be a fair deal of heat just from the decomposition from so much organic matter once it hits the floor level and starts to build up like a compost. I also imagine that as you climb higher the heat would become more of an issue as it gets caught in the canopy as it rises until you get to the point where the canopy thins out making it easier to dissipate.
  12. Introduction - Uyeeko

    Congratulations on taking the first step toward membership! I'll be in touch shortly to get you all set up
  13. Introduction - Uyeeko

    Welcome to our cozy corner of the interwebz was great playing with you last night Uyeeko
  14. So i gave in Epic

    Having also recently relapsed into LoL I look forward to seeing you around
  15. League of Learning 8/10/17

    swiggity swooty good sir