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  1. have they released the start date for the new season? I may have just missed it in my searches.
  2. better late than never to show appreciation for one of our fearless leaders I figured
  3. congrats duder , I'll keep an eye out for ya
  4. been monkeying around for a little bit not really sure what I'm doing in game but it's been fun. feel free to hit me up if you see me on
  5. I'd love to hear a little more about your transition to bass and how it varied from your previous guitar experience. got 7 years experience on my guitar but it would be a lie to say I haven't been drooling over the G&L L-2500 that's taken up residency at my local music shop.
  6. looks like a game I might need to look at current go to card games at my house are: Pimp: the Backhanding (medium) Exploding kittens (short) Miskatonic school for girls (long)
  7. I like both clearly drawn lines and tasty food , I'm not above enjoying either just calling it pizza =P
  8. Pineapple pizza is a delicious misnomer as while it's tasty it's not pizza much in the way a cookie covered with a thin layer of ice cream and topped with candies and whip cream and chocolate drizzle can be delicious and look like a pizza it's not a pizza... looking at you dairy queen...
  9. Can't forget the aptly titled Shoot Em Up or Hotshots part Deux
  10. Good luck on your candidacy Monkey Not sure if you mean new L5R (fantasy flight games release) or old L5R. It's been a while but I back in the day rode with the unicorn and minor clans
  11. Happy birthday Red may today sparkle =P