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  1. thanks for putting this up though I may not have participated I still find these kind of video's informative for how to better approach the map as a whle and when I am playing its nice to be able to catch the replay with commentary.
  2. Hell and Back : a fun filled misadventure as a carnie attempts to save his friend from hell. Beavis and Butthead do America : the orphan offspring of the MTV generation set loose upon America what could go wrong? Sausage Party : a cautionary tale of following societal norms as told from the point of view of your next meal Coraline : meant for kids but they really hit the sweet spot on creepy with other mother.
  3. The MadCast guild is/was on Dark Iron Horde not sure how active they are but it's a start.
  4. lunara could work too but I figured legendary skin where blink gets a graphic rework to look more like a hop then a teleport plus the rippers were more melee oriented if memory serves
  5. only if I can get a ripper reskin for Zeratul
  6. Tort's League was amazing, sadly inconsistent attendance seemed to throw a pretty big monkey wrench in the works. my favorite part were the wonderful members who took the time to sit in and cast the games for us. if you're search skills yield better results then mine I'd love to see some of the old games again.
  7. a prime example why MadCast doesn't discriminated based on skill.Even if you consider yourself dirt tier you are still clearly a very welcome addition to any LoL events be it as reputable as Tort's old madcast league all the way down to a classic drunken ARAM session. As far as what has league done for me? I can remember a time when the league community was so toxic that I was hesitant to even play co-op vs AI because my team mates were likely to agro over the simplest thing (somone instalocked my role in a bot game time to hose my team). As a result before quitting the game entirely I found a welcoming post on the LoL forums by a long standing member of this community who's Christopher Walken avatar was as epic as his handle suggested. 4 years and countless games later I've had the privilege to meet and play with many wonderful individuals from all over the world.
  8. I really like that idea would maybe get me to play urgot again.
  9. Cheerleader Draven with pom pom's for axes and an incredibly perturbed look on his face in the splash art sort of an ," Are you F'ing kidding me with this?"
  10. I could have sworn there was a fox eared asshole you use to wreck face with I just can't place the name... maybe Babou?
  11. Thresh , Leona , and Caitlyn for me though out of practice I am
  12. for some reason that quote always reminds me of this lackey from Kull the Conqueror
  13. once upon a time n the land of my youth my cousin was having a party in his back yard paper steamers where hung everywhere with the greatest of care and a good time was had by most. That is until it started to rain... not being ones to let a little rain ruin a good time my cousin and I stayed out in the rain and as the streamers soaked up the rain water and began to fall within reach of our tiny grasps. Balling these up and throwing them at each other produced a satisfying splat and great fun . Until we realized the cheap dye they had used to color said streamers was now bleeding out onto our skin and into our hair. blues and reds yellows left us quite the sight until later that night when everything had to be bleached.... I had just grown out of being a platinum blonde and was finally done looking like a child of the corn until after the bleach. Most likely the reason I've never dyed my hair since.
  14. These 2 usually get me through most of my problems "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most" - Ozzy A good reminder that not everyone thinks as I do " The fuckin' you're gettin' aint never worth the fuckin' you're gettin!" - my grandfather And that sometimes you just have to recognize a poor investment for what it is and learn to walk away. He was a colorful person
  15. if you click on the pull down menu next to your name at the top of the page there is a section for signatures under account settings. Hope that helps and welcome back.