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  1. Recommend me some shows

    If you like super hero shows I'll also add The Cape and The Tick (in both live action versions and the animated series)
  2. Recommend me some shows

    A series of unfortunate events was very nice and should be getting a second season early next year plot listed above Into the Badlands feudal 'Merica in a recovering post apocalyptic setting. good acting better fighting. Shameless if you are looking for a perpetual train wreck kind of show Orville from the creator of family guy this show does Star Trek better than modern Star Trek ( discovery , enterprise era) Honorable mentions to :Stan against evil (Dr. Cox from scrubs fighting witches and wereponies) or Ash vs Evil Dead (not for everyone but if you liked the evil dead series well worth the watch) Also I will second the following previously mentioned shows were amazeballs: Dark Matter , Black Mirror (spiritual successor to the Twilight Zone) , X-files
  3. MadCast Welcomes: Aeryx!

    congrats and welcome to the fold
  4. Kyen-Keil, The Forest World

    I was also thinking this along with the dense canopy I'm sure there would be a fair deal of heat just from the decomposition from so much organic matter once it hits the floor level and starts to build up like a compost. I also imagine that as you climb higher the heat would become more of an issue as it gets caught in the canopy as it rises until you get to the point where the canopy thins out making it easier to dissipate.
  5. Introduction - Uyeeko

    Congratulations on taking the first step toward membership! I'll be in touch shortly to get you all set up
  6. Introduction - Uyeeko

    Welcome to our cozy corner of the interwebz was great playing with you last night Uyeeko
  7. So i gave in Epic

    Having also recently relapsed into LoL I look forward to seeing you around
  8. League of Learning 8/10/17

    swiggity swooty good sir
  9. Warhammer Table Top

    I'll concur minis aren't cheap but on the plus side you get tons of mini's for other tabletop games like D&D or rifts over the years I've played 40k, warhammer, Clan Wars ,Mordheim , bloodbowl , chainmail as far as entry level the first question you should ask is what style of combat you are interested in. If you are looking for grand scale with massive armies. I'd suggest either getting a quitter set off Ebay or getting your faction book and then start by picking up a few small battalions that you can expand on later when finances allow. if you are more interested in small scale skirmishes ( fighting street by street on an individual level) I'd advise going more for something like mordheim (warhammer fantasy) , chainmail (D&D) or Necromunda (Warhammer 40k setting) If you are looking for just some silly fun Bloodbowl (warhammer fantasy football) the second question to ask What's popular in your area. Around where I am warhammer ,40k and mordheim are easy to get a pick up a game the others took some doing to find players. Personally I enjoy the detail painting the most so I gravitated toward the more small skirmish games where I can make each model shine on thier own. Large uniform paint schemes for battalions turned me into a bit of a nutter.
  10. The Secret World

    thanks for the heads up fayea not sure if I'll be back but would hate to let my toon get lost below the sands of Cairo.
  11. Introduction - PwnyXpr3ss

    Welcome to our friendly corner of the internet please enjoy your stay and thank you for inadvertently getting me to go back through my old LFG comics
  12. Stardew Valley

    also as of current just like harvest moon this is a single player game. There has been a lot of talk about this eventually becoming multiplayer which I think would be amaz-balls but until that is actually implemented I wouldn't count on that as a reason in your decision.
  13. Stardew Valley

    stardew valley is a delightful game if you have played and enjoyed Harvest Moon from the days of the SNES and you enjoyed that you will adore this game. if there is any specific detail of the game you would like feel free to ask but a basic run down for you. you're beloved grandpa died in obscurity in a small town on his farm. He leaves you the farm (a relaxing low stress environment) and it's on you to develop it as you see fit. you can play how you like some people like the adventure club ( they fight monsters in the mine) some like to focus on the farm ( planting and managing crops) some like fishing and scavenging for wild resources others will focus on the social aspect ( getting friendly with the rest of the townsfolk) controls weren't super intuitive in my opinion but once you got them they are actually very simple and straight forward. the game is broken up into day/night cycles as well as seasons. for a retro style farm game I give it a perfect score of 5/7
  14. League of Learning 5/18/2017 vid

    thanks for putting this up though I may not have participated I still find these kind of video's informative for how to better approach the map as a whle and when I am playing its nice to be able to catch the replay with commentary.
  15. Your Favorite Animated Film

    Hell and Back : a fun filled misadventure as a carnie attempts to save his friend from hell. Beavis and Butthead do America : the orphan offspring of the MTV generation set loose upon America what could go wrong? Sausage Party : a cautionary tale of following societal norms as told from the point of view of your next meal Coraline : meant for kids but they really hit the sweet spot on creepy with other mother.