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  1. Recovery of an mmo junkie was awesome and is totally worth an honorable mention
  2. Love me some anime and I'll have to try to dig up kids on the slope. Is that subbed or is there a dubbed version ( I know filthy casual here =P) Counter recommendations Given - the daily struggle of 4 high school students and their band. Solid music great story only 11 episodes. =( Carol and Tuesday - A runaway and a refugee united in their love of music . brought to you by the creator of such inspired classics as Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy this is an absolute must see also the musical score is again out of this world Himoto! Umaru-chan - an anime about the duality created by societal expectation centering on the perfect student who becomes the most lazy creature when no one is around to put up the show for. a Light hearted comedy fun and easy to digest. Future Diary - a dark Battle royale between 12 individuals who are gifted diaries that let them see the future. viewers be advised this series while at times light has no issue and frequently dives into darker subject matter and would probably have done well to cut the last episode or 2 otherwise a great watch. Chobits - in a world where your personal data assistant has become more human than tablet we follow the story of a poor high school boy and the persicom he dug out of a trash heap. If you can get through the first couple episodes which are incredibly fan service-y you will be rewarded with a sweet ,sad ,and heartwarming story of personal growth for both characters. And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - An mmo junkie proposes in game only to find out that the player on the other end is crossplaying. He swears off online relations convinced its a sea of men until his guild arranges for a RL meet up. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist - its dirty ,it's cringy, it's hilarious not giving ya anymore then that =P
  3. I'm really happy it's helped you and personally I don't care what folks do as long as they do no harm to others. However and respectfully with that in mind it's not a universally accepted substance. As such having talk of the devils lettuce on MadCast resources could make it more difficult for event organizers to garner official support or prize support for their tournament. It could also be misconstrued by nonmembers visiting the site for these events as a double standard. I don't think anyone is here to say ,"you're bad and you should feel bad" for this however for the sake of making life easier on staff and to avoid any potential future issue it may be better to adopt a don't ask don't tell stance when using functions specifically related to MadCast. Its also not just for marijuana , I could discuss my experiences with controlled substances that I was prescribed as a child however this platform is for a gaming community and not really the place for it. Respectfully, Naru your friendly resident forum troll
  4. First champion that came out after you started the game: Shaco (earliest I can remember) First champion you played: Fiddlesticks First Penta kill: n/a Favorite Champ: Leona Cutest champ: Gentleman Chogath Champ that needs nerf'd: Akali Champ that needs a buff: Miss Fortune Hardest champ to play: Jungledinger Easiest champ to play: Caitlynn
  5. :: fingers crossed :: come on Howard the Duck
  6. Minion Masters might be feasible.
  7. Congrats Mike and Best of luck carrying the torch forward.
  8. you just reminded me of this bringing up inkers and it made my day Baal
  9. me too but since not Marvel or DC I didn't go for the deep dive on him but it covers a lot of my favorite things in a comic book character. Tortured soul , Irreverent humor ( mostly from the rogue gallery but also from him) , one hell of an atmosphere , and variant character development arcs depending on the media used ( the character story varies between books, cartoons , movie, and games keeping it close but new) . to quote a Joker , " If I'm going to have an origin story I'd prefer it to be multiple choice!" How about you though Loki where do you sit on the dc vs marvel -verse?
  10. Personally I feel these 2 are really just opposite sides of the same coin. With DC their heroes fall flat for me never completely horrible but often uninspired however the company really shines through it's villains. Good heroes : John Constantine | Booster Gold I'm a sucker for a tortured soul or an irreverent joke the 2 listed above fill those needs pretty well for me Batman isn't a bad fit but a little overspun at this point relying to heavily on his rogues gallery to stay entertaining. and Man-Bat good joke bad spin off to emphasize the point. low hanging fruit heroes : Superman | Green Arrow Superman the alien prince charming feels more alien in its aim to be such a perfect human that actual humans kinda just suck. He goes right up there with South park Cartman's Ninja persona Balrog, "my super power is to have all the super powers" Green arrow : how many times are we going to recycle the " I'm a billionaire vigilante" Gave batman a pass on this as a progenitor of the trope. Conversely I find the opposite to be true with Marvel. The heroes are empathetic and enticing however with limited exceptions the villains often come off as a monster of the week antagonist that even Elvira would be ripping on at least when compared to their DC counterparts. Favorites: Howard the Duck | Gwenpool Weak heroes: Scott Summers (cyclops) | Morph Scott Summers not a terrible character but the unwaveringly Lawful/stupi... I mean good lawful/good approach just grinds on me and Morph a quirky funny personality slapped on a Megaman power base of I shape shift into you and get your powers is pretty uninspired (Lets just fuse mystique and rogue and see what we get). Still There are also some prime Heroes from smaller labels like Image and Dark Horse Honorable mentions: Hellboy (dark horse) Spawn (Image) Bra-Man ( Blind Ferret)
  11. My cabinet is a mix between Pampered Chef and All Clad as far as brands. most of it I've had almost 15 years at this point the papered chef stuff is holding up but starting to show some wear the all clad is still going strong despite some of the stupid "could have burned my house down" stuff I've done with them. They weren't cheap and while I wouldn't recommend repeating the stress tests I've accidentally put mine through I would recommend the pots and pans.
  12. bump as a reminder Townhall meeting is tonight (also it appears to be missing from the calendar on the forums. )
  13. have they released the start date for the new season? I may have just missed it in my searches.
  14. better late than never to show appreciation for one of our fearless leaders I figured
  15. congrats duder , I'll keep an eye out for ya
  16. been monkeying around for a little bit not really sure what I'm doing in game but it's been fun. feel free to hit me up if you see me on
  17. I'd love to hear a little more about your transition to bass and how it varied from your previous guitar experience. got 7 years experience on my guitar but it would be a lie to say I haven't been drooling over the G&L L-2500 that's taken up residency at my local music shop.
  18. looks like a game I might need to look at current go to card games at my house are: Pimp: the Backhanding (medium) Exploding kittens (short) Miskatonic school for girls (long)
  19. I like both clearly drawn lines and tasty food , I'm not above enjoying either just calling it pizza =P