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  1. I'm glad to see someone else mentioned the charmingly romanic series high school of the dead. thanks punisher was a little suprised to see some of the darker faire overlooked like : fushigi yugi chobits mystic knights rayearth Tenchi muyo it took a long time after these to get my brain working right again. honorable mentions to dominion tank police and vampire hunter D now there is a story as old as time the love between a man and his hand.
  2. prolly better that he didn't with the state of the nation as it is when he called the cops to do the right thing they would have arrested him for child pornography and let the kid off scott free to tag the door handles of the rest of the tennents.
  3. I miss my Yuengling they won't sell it around here for some dumb reason...but for those of you who like "beer" might I recommend a little brew by the name of tactical nuclear penguin. its not cheap but its worth it!
  4. favorite adc: ahri,caitlyn /Clinkz / cupid support: soraka,kayle / keeper of the light /cupid mid: Lux, ziggs / death prophet / hel top-lane: riven, mundo / necrolite / Sun Wukong jungle: warwick/ lycanthrope /Loki I couldn't help but be baited added smite champs for anyone playing that
  5. Was pretty simple My computer died about 5 monthes before I movied to florida. with only my faptop to game with I needed a game to corrupt my friends with before I moved so I'd stay in touch. free to play with low system req. was the perfect sales pitch. Finally moved back replaced my derelict computer rig and started playing SWTOR. When that got old I came back but the friends I brought into LoL had gone rank crazy and weren't suitable to run with anymore. I'm rusty I'm not going to make thier elo suffer for that.
  6. Mid:anivia, akali , ADC: ezreal ,graves, miss fortune Top: riven, mundo, singed Jungle: amumu, tryndamere, xin Support: thresh, sona, caitlyn (don't mock me =P)
  7. Not at this time although I'd be more then happy to run a few games with you folks after I get out of work. I'm trying ot work on my support champs atm and I've been noticing its a lot easier to work with an adc when your familiar with thier playstyle and expectations. randoms tend to miss a lot of last hits or are just too agressive early on for me to keep alive
  8. I've been trying to get back into supporting but I'm curious if you wait for 950 gold to go back so you can afford a philosipher stone and 2 wards wouldn't you be better off just grabbing a sight stone? it may not provide the extra flat gp5 but thats 4 free wards every time you go back to base plus a little health. assuming you started with mana regen you might be a little slugish getting to lane but it should be harder to push you out at that point. then again I may be off base here so any feedback would be great!
  9. Summoners spotlight Narucabra, the perminent probie As of currently aside from rising to leadership/represenitive positions and acolades I'm not really sure what's the difference between an official member and a new recruit. I look forward to seeing you all IG and with that a little about me. Games currently played: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, DotA 2, World of Tanks, The Secret World, Smite Never been good at writing about myself so if you have any questions feel free to ask away I'm not easily insulted. I can usually be found around 6pm EST on LoL exceptions being 4th saterday of any given month 3rd thursday and 1st/5th thusday of any given month. I run a local LARP those are reserved for plot meetings and game night other then that I'm flexable.
  10. hola new addition to your community and if there is still room I will be in attendence