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  1. To quote XIAOWEIXIAO, "Balls he rumble good" WHY WOULD YOU EVER LET HIM HAVE THAT CHAMP? He's 17-0 on it in LCS now. and I think his equalizers won them the game. Especially his TP toward athem at Baron pit and the equalizer across the team. The god.
  2. AndromedaCat


    I think you mean... with a set-up similar to what League has. You don't want their ACTUAL client. Because fuuuuck that.
  3. That is wonderful. Something you could consider is this:
  4. My favorite one is Zed
  5. Not gonna lie I only even clicked on this thread because "outfit designer" and now I sorta want to try Kotor, lol.
  6. That match did not seem played well at all but holy hell it was fun to watch. NON STOP ACTION. I loved that game, heh.
  7. I'm supa supa supa excited. I love me some X-Files. I just hope they get some of the excellent writers from seasons 1 - 7 of the show.
  8. It's suuuuper pretty. I was watching a video on this game the other day. I know it's not for me; I would enjoy the heck out of the early levels and when it got more intense platformer-wise I would get too frustrated but man is it pretty!
  9. What I expect to be banned every game: Sona
  10. I looooove how he looks like a character from Studio Ghibli. Do want.
  11. Just finished my placements! Placed into Silver II
  12. Reeeeading! and some writing too But I would read ALL of the books
  13. I just want lady Rek'Sai. She can wear a fancy hat and have a tea-cup and a pretty dress.
  14. Our leash was FANTASTIC. Any fault lies with you.