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  1. To quote XIAOWEIXIAO, "Balls he rumble good" WHY WOULD YOU EVER LET HIM HAVE THAT CHAMP? He's 17-0 on it in LCS now. and I think his equalizers won them the game. Especially his TP toward athem at Baron pit and the equalizer across the team. The god.
  2. AndromedaCat


    I think you mean... with a set-up similar to what League has. You don't want their ACTUAL client. Because fuuuuck that.
  3. That is wonderful. Something you could consider is this:
  4. My favorite one is Zed
  5. Not gonna lie I only even clicked on this thread because "outfit designer" and now I sorta want to try Kotor, lol.
  6. That match did not seem played well at all but holy hell it was fun to watch. NON STOP ACTION. I loved that game, heh.
  7. I'm supa supa supa excited. I love me some X-Files. I just hope they get some of the excellent writers from seasons 1 - 7 of the show.
  8. It's suuuuper pretty. I was watching a video on this game the other day. I know it's not for me; I would enjoy the heck out of the early levels and when it got more intense platformer-wise I would get too frustrated but man is it pretty!
  9. What I expect to be banned every game: Sona
  10. I looooove how he looks like a character from Studio Ghibli. Do want.
  11. Just finished my placements! Placed into Silver II
  12. Reeeeading! and some writing too But I would read ALL of the books
  13. I just want lady Rek'Sai. She can wear a fancy hat and have a tea-cup and a pretty dress.
  14. Our leash was FANTASTIC. Any fault lies with you.
  15. Baron got me a tea box for Christmas! I'm having a cup of an orange blend right now. So yum.
  16. I'm excited to see Xmithie in the scene again. I thought he was talented. It's pretty exciting all told.
  17. I've been curious for a while, what do people's gaming/desks/etc. area that they play at look like? Here's a picture of mine, with a bonus picture of Baron's (we sit right next to each other, lol) and a picture showing our two little set-ups side by side. It's not really anything exciting, pretty standard, but I thought it might be fun to see peoples' areas! The white shelves above my monitors are cat shelves oh and the fuzzy thing on the back of my chair is a fuzzy blanket. I always like to have one handy because I like to keep toasty!
  18. Happy Birthday Sleiph! As a birthday gift maybe Baron and I will give you your balls back... maybe...
  19. I've never played The Witcher but my goodness I want this shirt It has a unicorn on it guys! ;p I wish it had a womens sizing. It looks like some of their stuff offers womens sizing and some doesn't which is a bummer. The portal scientist coat is freaking amazing though. If I hadn't JUST gotten a new good winter coat I would seriously consider getting that for myself.
  20. well I think he was more aiming at getting someone to talk about the changes in the current expansion, what they like, don't like, etc. so he can figure out if it might be worth it for him
  21. Curious, why do you have 3 3DS's? Also, I have one! ;D My friend code is: 4828-5942-0549 And the games I have that have a friend-capability (I think) are: Bravely Default, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Fire Emblem Awakening